Saturday, November 2, 2013

Notoriously Morbid Halloween '13 Coffin Set

Hi everyone!  I know I'm posting this a bit late since Halloween is over, sorry!  Notoriously Morbid is another indie company that I had yet to try out.  I had seen a lot of good reviews on them from various bloggers and redditors.  You can visit their store here.

I was reluctant to purchase from them at first because I'd been buying so much indie makeup recently and put myself on a no-buy.  After seeing a lot of reviews from the lovely Estelle, she gave me the push I needed to order from NM.

I would have waited a little longer, but NM came out with a new set for Halloween and they came in adorable little coffins (while supplies lasted).  The set comes with five full sized eyeshadow samples and one Coffin Kisser (lip balm) for $20.

The order came with a beautiful, fancy paper as a thank-you note as well as an invoice underneath.  In the special notes, I had asked her to send me her best-selling jewel-toned shadows as samples since I didn't know what to specifically ask for.  She wrote me a note above apologizing for not being able to send me blush samples.  It amuses me because I didn't actually ask for it but I had mentioned in comments to Estelle that I thought her blushes were beautiful :)  I don't know if it's a coincidence, but it seems like the owner reads reviews and comments and I find it awesome that she remembered me!

Free samples and Halloween goodies :D

Free samples:  Spiteful Jas and Andorian

Amazing handmade coffin with Halloween set inside

Removed from coffin + free skull candy

Each eyeshadow comes individually shrink wrapped

I like that the shadows come shrink wrapped to prevent spillage because sometimes lids get loosened during transit.  However, I have one complaint about the eyeshadows.  It seems as though the eyeshadows were not poured in the jars too carefully because I had shadow ALL around the rim as you will see in the pictures.  The jars do not come with sifters so it's even messier.  It would be extremely messy to open and close the jars because loose shadow from the rim would get all over the lid and fall onto my hands.

Flash:  Bitten 
Daylight bulb:  Bitten
Bitten:  black shadow with red and gold sparkles

Flash:  Orlock
Daylight:  Orlock
Orlock:  dark, sparkly silver

Daylight:  Bram
Flash:  Bram
Bram:  sheer, light gray with multicolor shimmer

Flash:  Lugosi
Daylight:  Lugosi
Lugosi:  brassy red with multicolored sparkles.  Honestly, I only bought this because of the name since I'm a fan of the original Dracula and Bela Lugosi.  I was the most excited for this color because I've been looking for a blood red.  While this isn't blood red, it's still very pretty and a great true red eyeshadow to have.  

Daylight:  Lioncourt
Flash:  Lioncourt
Lioncourt:  beautiful sheer white with gold shimmer.  This was the color I expected to like the least since I don't often go for light shadows (I'm a smoky kinda girl).  Once I swatched it, I was in love.  It's a beautiful, beautiful highlight color and I'm thinking I would be able to use it as a face highlighter too.  I'd definitely recommend it!

Daylight:  Bitten, Orlock, Bram, Lugosi, Lioncourt

Flash:  Bitten, Orlock, Bram, Lugosi, Lioncourt

Coffin Kisser in 'Bitten Beauty'

Coffin Kisser:  Coffin Kissers are unflavored lip balms that come in oval tubes.  I got the flavor in 'Bitten Beauty' that's exclusive to the Coffin Set (as is the eyeshadow Bitten).  It has a delicious apricot scent and I love smelling it.  The texture is not too oily, which I also like.  It feels moisturizing on the lips and the scent is also apparent when applied.

I really liked my first order from NM.  I like that the coffin was hand-made and it's obvious that the owner works hard on the presentation of her products.  I've only used two of the eyeshadows so far but my experience has been great.  They were both smooth, blendable, and pigmented.  I also recommend the Coffin Kissers, they smell absolutely delicious!

I know the set isn't available anymore, but I heard that there are still a few eyeshadows left from the set.  I will most likely be ordering more from this company.

Have you tried Notoriously Morbid?  What are your favorite products?

- Jolie ♥


  1. Hi Jolie! Your swatches look beautiful, I'm glad you're happy with the set. I've never had that happen with Notoriously Morbid shadows until the coffin set - apparently Carrie got a bad batch of jars, but has since replaced them with new ones so it shouldn't happen again. :) You'll have to let me know what you think of the blush if you get it :) Sorry it took so long for me to write here- I've been a bit MIA the last couple of weeks. Now to catch up on the other reviews you've posted :) xx

    1. Thanks for giving me the little push to get this set! I absolutely love the little coffin! And yeah, I was a bit disappointed with the messy jars but I figured it happens during transit (good to know it was just a bad batch and not the norm). I think I just made another order and asked Annie's Agony as a sample :P

      I haven't been posting many indie posts since I'm trying not to buy so much anymore! Thank you for stopping by though ^_^ ♥