Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013 Fantasy Makers Glitter Palettes

Here comes my last belated Halloween makeup post!  This is another set by Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild.  It's their glitter palettes that retail for $6/each and also comes with a black mini Color Icon pencil and body stencils.  I honestly just bought these for the stencils to decorate my palettes with later on.  I had heard horrible reviews of the glitter palettes from previous years.

The glitter palettes are actually just cream eyeshadows with glitter sprayed on the top.  The glitter is not deposited throughout the shadow so it wipes off easily.  However, if you happen to get glitter mixed with your cream shadows, they clump up horribly as you will see in swatches.  

All photos are taken in daylight and swatches are done with no primer:

Pixie Princess
Pixie Princess swatch
Pixie Princess:  yellow glitter over gold cream, light green glitter over lime green cream, pink glitter over light pink cream, blue glitter over purple cream, teal glitter over light blue cream, and metallic copper cream.  The only good one out of the bunch was the metallic copper cream because the glitters were not obnoxiously chunky.  The metallic copper cream had fine microglitters on the top that did not interfere with the cream when swatching.

Femme Fatale
Femme Fatale swatch
Femme Fatale:  rainbow glitter over black cream, iridescent glitter over white cream, silver glitter over silver cream, metallic red cream, metallic burnt orange cream, and metallic lavender cream.  The good ones in this set were the black cream, red cream, and orange cream.  The white was the worst as the glitters made it horribly chunky and gritty.

Vampiress swatch
Vampiress:  blood red cream, yellow glitter over yellow cream, lavender cream, metallic copper/bronze cream, rainbow sparkles over black cream, metallic rose gold cream.  The good ones in the set were the blood red cream, copper/bronze cream, black cream, and rose gold cream.

Wicked Queen
Wicked Queen swatch
Wicked Queen:  royal purple glitter over purple cream, rainbow sparkles over black cream, iridescent glitter over white cream, blue sparkles over purple cream, silver glitter over silver cream, and blood red cream.  The good ones in the set were the black cream and red cream.

As you can see from the photos of the pan, the glitters are not always the same color as the creams underneath.  That's a bad thing because it makes the clumps of glitter even more obvious when applied.  You may also notice a lot of overlaps with colors, especially with the black cream.  I would only recommend you get one of these kits that you really like since there are many duplicate colors.

This was also swatched with my finger as they are cream shadows and a lot harder to get on my brushes.  I would not recommend these palettes to anyone until Wet n Wild reformulates their glitter cream shadows.

- Jolie ♥

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