Thursday, September 8, 2016

AFK Cosmetics August 2016 CotM Duo and Pokemon Go Highlighters Swatches

I'm really excited to finally show swatches of AFK Cosmetics' August CotMs and their new pressed highlighters!  The highlighters are inspired by Pokemon Go's three teams and were released before the CotMs.  Anyone who ordered the highlighters were asked to put their favorite team in the order notes and the winning team would be the inspiration for the CotM.  It was no surprise that Team Mystic won (by one vote, actually) and AFK created not one, but two eyeshadows inspired by the team leader, Blanche!  AFK's TAT is currently 7-20 business days and I received my order within the TAT.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right)

Blanche:  ivory with gold sparkles.  This color seems to be inspired by her ivory hair.

Evolution:  pink tan with blue sparkles.  This shade is inspired by her skin color.  It actually almost blends into my skin, so I might use it as a blending shade for eye looks.

Instinct:  gorgeous warm golden highlight with red sheen; swatched heavily over bare skin.  Even though Team Instinct is arguable the least popular team, I really love this highlighter!  The warm gold works well with my skin tone and the red sheen is absolutely gorgeous.

Mystic:  blue highlight with silver sparkles; swatched heavily over bare skin.  Team Mystic is my team and the highlighter is as icy as Blanche's heart.  Just kidding, I just know Blanche/Team Mystic value scientific knowledge and reasoning over passion.

Valor:  pink highlight with gold sparkles; swatched heavily over bare skin.  Team Valor is seen as the rival to Team Mystic.  Some people take it seriously, but most of the Valors I run into just have a friendly rivalry with us.  It makes for very fun conversations with random strangers.

Blanche, Evolution, Instinct, Mystic, Valor

If you couldn't tell already, I love the highlighters!  I've worn all three of them on separate days and they're so easy to apply and blend into the skin seamlessly.  I was already a huge fan of AFK's loose highlighters, but these take the cake.  The Blanche CotM duo also encapsulates her very well.  I think AFK did a great job on these Pokemon products and I would love to see more in the future!

- Jolie ♥

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Notoriously Morbid August 2016 CotM Sabotage and CCCotM Oscillate Wildly Swatches

Today, I also have a short swatch post of the August CotM and the CCCotM.  The CCCotM was another Mystic Matte liquid lipstick.  Notoriously Morbid's current TAT is 5-10 business days and I received my order within the TAT.

Disclaimer:  I am a promoter for Notoriously Morbid.  All items were purchased with my own money using a promoter discount unless otherwise stated.  All opinions are honest and my own.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Sabotage:  medium pink with tons of gold sparkles and red and green shimmers

Bare lips
Oscillate Wildly
Oscillate Wildly on face
Oscillate Wildly:  matte tan with slight gold sheen.  It matches my skintone almost exactly, except it's a bit yellower and greener.  The result isn't very flattering on me, so I would have get creative and think of ways to make this lipstick work.  I would definitely like to see more nude or MLBB lipsticks from NM though, and I'm hoping Oscillate Wildly paves the way.  

Sabotage, Oscillate Wildly

- Jolie ♥

Notoriously Morbid August 2016 Vanishing Cabinet - Perfect Day Swatches and Review!

Today, I have swatches of Notoriously Morbid's August Vanishing Cabinet!  It's inspired by the movie Legally Blonde and includes several different products.  NM's current TAT is 5-10 business days, though the Vanishing Cabinet ships out on its own schedule.  The Vanishing Cabinet is $13.25/month and includes several mini sized products from NM as well as a surprise guest indie product sometimes.

I watched the movie when I was a lot younger and I remember it fondly.  This box includes two mini eyeshadows, one mini Mystic Matte liquid lipstick, and one mini solid perfume.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Walking Felony
Walking Felony:  hot pink with pink and blue sparkles

Frigid B*tch
Frigid B*tch:  purple taupe with blue sparkles and shimmers.  This shadow was a hit with me because it was very smooth and blendable.  I would love a version of this without the blue sparkles so I can use it in my crease to blend out all my future look!

Bonds of Sisterhood
Bonds of Sisterhood:  fruity scent.  It reminds me of those Flintstone vitamins that everyone's forced to eat as a child.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  I actually enjoyed those even if they were a bit chalky.

Bare lips
Bend & Snap
Bend & Snap:  matte warm pink.  It actually applies a bit lighter on my lips than it appears in the tube.  The formula is very comfortable, pigmented, and very long wearing.  I know this because I wore it for an entire day through eating, drinking, and didn't touch it up.  I even slept with my makeup on that night (terrible, I know) and woke up with it still there.

Walking Felony, Frigid B*tch, Bend & Snap

Bonus FotD!

Walking Felony (lid), Frigid B*tch (outer corner, crease, lower lashline)

Bend & Snap on lips

I love how the whole look came out!  Bend & Snap isn't a lip color I wear too often, but I did like it on me.  It was sort of My Lips but Coral-er?  Overall, the formula was terrific and the eye look was so easy to create, especially because of Frigid B*tch.  I really hope NM keeps up with those kinds of formulas because it was very buttery and made blending so much easier.

- Jolie ♥

Hello Waffle August 2016 Visage - A Midsummer Night's Dream Swatches and Review

Welcome back, everyone!  I'm happy to finally share swatches of Hello Waffle's August 2016 Visage box!  They are currently on hiatus right now but should return in October.  The Visages are still being shipped out and is the only thing offered during the hiatus.  August's box is inspired by the Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.  I'm a huge fan of Shakespeare and this play was one of his whimsical comedies.  This month includes three mini eyeshadows, one Overshadow, one highlighter, and a full sized lipstick from Chirp Cosmetics.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

The Light of the Moon
The Light of the Moon (Overshadow):  blue sparkles with green shimmers

Helena:  pale lavender with red sparkles and blue shimmers

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy August 2016 Subscription Swatches

Today, I have swatches of Innocent + Twisted Alchemy's August subscription box!  I+TA's current TAT is 14-18 business days, but the subscription doesn't operate on that schedule and instead ships out around the same time every month.  It's $18/month for three to four mini eyeshadows and a full sized guest indie product.

This month features a theme inspired by the legend of Jingwei and includes two mini eyeshadows, one mini highlighter, one mini lip gloss, and one full size eyeshadow from a guest indie.

Pictures taken under LED bulb and swatched over ELF Glitter Primer (top/left half) and ELF Essential Primer (bottom/right half)

Jingwei: lavender with pink and gold sparkles

Enamored by Morning Light
Enamored by Morning Light:  mint with beautiful gold duochrome and copper shimmers

Metamorphase:  pink highlight with blue and pink shimmers

Bare lips
Mocking Sea
Mocking Sea on face
Mocking Sea:  moderately opaque dark purple gloss with blue sparkles; grape scented.  It clings to dry spots so you must exfoliate before applying.

Upon a Dream
Upon a Dream:  dark blurple with pink, blue, and gold shimmers.  This was an exclusive eyeshadow made by Wonderland Beauty Cosmetics.  While it's a nice and blendable shade, it was extremely messy inside the jar.  As you can tell from the pictures, eyeshadow had leaked onto the threads of the jar and into the cap.  Even after I cleaned it up, it continues to leak and create a mess.  I'm afraid I will be giving this away.

Jingwei, Enamored by Morning Light, Metamorphase, Mocking Sea, Upon a Dream

- Jolie ♥