Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hm...Writer's Block is Delicious

Gr...looking through the font is useless, they don't even have my favorite Comic Sans MS!

Well anyway, as you all know, I'm new here. I'm a girl who lives in New York City, but not in the cool, stylish area --> Manhattan. I'd like to live in the Upper East Side, but it's just too expensive..sigh. My love for fashion, makeup, and shoes brought me here. I wanted to share my insights and ideas with everyone. I might not have as many funky clothes as other fashion bloggers here, but I am very opinionated. Plus, I've been receiving free issues of Vogue, and their outfits are ridiculous (good? bad? you decide.)

I will try to upload pictures from the magazines (if people don't have it already), but they won't be really good quality. And I'm lazy with pictures, so please don't expect too much from me. I will also be doing reviews of makeup products or shoes that I buy; keep in mind that everyone has different opinions, so what works well for me, might not work well for you. Aside from being an amateur with makeup/fashion/shoes, I'm also very, very, poor :( I won't have m/any reviews on brand name products.

Thanks for listening, whoever's out there :)

- The Unglamorous Fetish ♥