Friday, December 28, 2012

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Copper

Here's another nail polish review!  Like always, their polishes are inexpensive and these retail for $2 each.  This time I used elf's Copper, which is a brilliant gold shade.

I used two coats and a top coat, but I think one coat may be enough for some people.  The formula is very watery but easy to work with.  I didn't realize this at first because a watery formula coupled with a large, flat brush definitely caused some mistakes.

It's an absolutely gorgeous color though, and after I realized how thin the formula was, I was more wary of wiping off excess.

Also, one of my favorite things about it is that it's a true gold color, but in some lighting, it tends to look rose gold, which is also beautiful.

Overall, great color payoff and good formula; I would definitely recommend.

- Jolie ♥

More E.L.F. Hauls

I know, I know.  I definitely have an elf addiction as I've done a few haul posts already within the month, but who can blame a girl when they ALWAYS have promotions and their prices are so cheap?  Anyway, instead of writing two short pointless posts, I'm just going to combine two of my elf hauls in one.

This is only going to show the products I've bought, individual reviews will definitely comes soon.
Top: Hypershine Lip Gloss in 'Flirt' (Free Gift, retails $1/ea)
False Eyelash in 'Dramatic' (top): retails $1/ea
False Eyelash in 'Natural' (bottom): retails $1/ea (One looks shorter because I trimmed it)
Studio High-Definition Powder in 'Sheer' ($6/ea)
3 Luscious Liquid Lipsticks in 'Brownie Points', 'Cherry Tart', 'Ruby Slipper' ($1/ea)
Super Glossy Lip Shine in 'Strawberry' ($1/ea)
Studio Lip Exfoliator ($3/ea)
2 Shimmer Lip Glosses in 'Love' (top) and 'Hope' (bottom): $2/ea
Studio Lip Lock Pencil ($3/ea)
Studio Precision Liquid Eyeliner ($3/ea)
Zit Zapper ($1/ea)
2 Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils in 'Grassy Green' (top) and 'Boldly Bronzed' (bottom): $1/ea

I'm sorry for it being so unorganized; I had only put them together for the picture, but hopefully the descriptions make it easier...

Now for the second haul:
 From Left to Right: Studio Mascara & Shadow Shield ($3/ea),
2 Zit Zappers ($1/ea), 2 Feather Proof Moisturizing Lip Liners & Sharpeners in 'Bitter' and 'Mauve Luxe' ($1/ea)
Studio Mascara Primer ($3/ea), (Free Gift) Brightening Eye Color in 'Nouveau Neutrals' ($1/ea)
6 Essential Lipsticks in 'Sociable', 'Seductive', 'Charming', 'Posh', 'Gypsy', 'Fearless', 'Fantasy' ($1/ea)

More in depth reviews to come!

- Jolie ♥

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Lilac and Fairy Dust

Short review today about another elf polish.  This time I went with Lilac, which is a pastel purple and a layer of Fairy Dust which is a flakie top coat.  Fairy Dust was actually a repurchase since I really liked it when I tried the sample size of it that came with the 15-piece Nail Set.
Left: Fairy Dust; Right: Lilac

This is taken with flash but it's true to color.  Fairy Dust has iridescent flakes that appear orange or green depending on your lighting.  It's a mattifying top coat so I had to put another clear top coat for the shine.

Lilac had an okay formula, not as easy to work with as Coral.  I only used one coat, but I would recommend two, as bald spots become apparently when it dries.  This overall look had 4 coats (base, lilac, fairy dust, top) and lasted over a week with very very minor chips, as do all elf polishes.

Overall, I would definitely recommend Fairy Dust; Lilac is alright but nothing special.  Great lasting power for both though.

- Jolie ♥

Saturday, December 22, 2012

E.L.F. Haul

Hello again!  Posting so soon because I've been so backed up because of school and haven't been able to post any of the hauls I've gotten recently.  This won't really be a review because most of them I'm going to have to make a separate review post for.  I bought all of these using the Cyber Monday coupon code which was 50% off sitewide and made everything even cheaper, but I'll post the retail price anyway.
The whole haul!  I'll post each individual thing with the names and prices :)

E.L.F. Nail Polish in Dark Red

Okay I recently had several elf hauls but I'll post those up later.  First off, I have to write a review about their Dark Red nail polish.  It's not the one that comes in the full-sized bottle; it's the Dark Red from their Essential Holiday 15-Piece Nail Polish Set.  The reason I have to make that distinction is because I feel like the formula is different from their regular sized polish.

Any-who, here is a picture:

Okay, so the picture actually makes the color look a lot nicer than it actually is.  This is the color I wanted and was expecting to show, but instead it went on like a red-brown.  More-so brown than red and I did NOT like it at all.

About the formula, it was extremely thick and hard to apply.  The brush itself was also big and made it harder to apply such a heavy formula.  It did not go on my nails well and was streaky.  The Mod Mauve color in another one of my posts was the same, but I assumed I was just applying badly. 

So I say definitely skip out on the 15-piece nail set, unless you want to do a lot of corrections and put on a lot of coats.

- Jolie ♥

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Coastal Scents Haul: Swatches

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Hi again guys!  I know it's weird how I'm posting twice in a day, but I had a lot saved up and wanted to separate my elf posts from my Coastal Scents haul.  I ordered this during their Black Friday so everything was 50% off!  I'll list the original prices below and what I got them for.  As you can see, I've also just joined Bloglovin' so feel free to follow me!

Anywho, Coastal Scents is another online makeup shop similar to E.L.F.  If you've heard of them then it's probably because of their famous 88 Eyeshadow Palette that every makeup guru was raving about a few years ago.  Since then, they have came out with a lot of new palettes, including the 252 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette.  Now bear in mind that it's the biggest palette on the market (for now), so it probably has all the colors a girl ever needs.  And judging from the hype about the 88 palette, I was expecting the same exact pigmentation and quality with this one.
The Haul: Eyeshadow sample, Kabuki Stick, 252 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, and nail polishes

Eyeshadow Sample: Top left to right: Ice Ballet, Peachy Keen
Bottom left to right: Bombay, Raisin Berry

One thing I really love about CS is their inclusion of a sample with every order.  The first time I ordered from them, they gave me one gorgeous vampy red color that I can't find anymore.  And this time they gave me some sort of quad.  I think it's adorable, and all their colors can be found on the website.

Friday, December 7, 2012

E.L.F. Nail Polish Review!

Hi again all!  I'm happy to be blogging again so soon, mainly because my Mod Mauve nail polish finally chipped a little so I had an excuse to take it off :)  It lasted a week exactly, and that was with lots of vigorous dish-washing too.  I was dying to use a new nail polish and one of the snowman glitter ones too.  I decided to use the E.L.F. nail polish in Coral.

On the website, Coral actually looks like a really light pink/orange shimmer polish, but in reality it's not.  It actually looks like a true coral color in person and I'm glad I still really like it.  Here's a picture of it:
Left: with flash; Right: natural light

The picture taken with flash is actually not accurate at all, it looks like a pretty bright/hot pink there but in reality the color is actually close to the picture on the right.  As you can see on the left picture, there are hints of gold in which makes it really gorgeous.  They don't necessarily show up on the nail too much, but the coral color is still pretty.

The formula was amazing!  I only needed ONE coat of polish to achieve the color on the bottle.  It also went on so easily, not too watery and not too thick.  The formula isn't streaky at all and after the application, it leveled out really evenly and pretty much coated my whole nail.  The polish also dried so quickly; I would finish one hand, start on the other, and by the time I was done with the second, my first hand polish was already dry! I cannot recommend this enough; amazing polish.

I could have stopped there, but I really wanted to try one of the snowman nail polishes that I bought.  I chose the Christmas glitter one (green and red).
  Left: with flash; Right: natural light

Here's the turn-out!  I didn't know if the Christmas glitters and coral would go together but they do!  I got so many compliments ^_^  The glitter formula wasn't too good though.  As expected, there was an uneven amount of glitter distribution for each nail so I'd have to go back on some nails to put more coats.  The glitter would also get stuck to the opening of the bottle after awhile. 

It was my first time using glitter polish so that probably is what happens, and it didn't bother me too much.  I like the outcome a lot.  After a top coat, my nails were good to go!  Also, as you can tell from the pictures, glitter polishes are a little messy to put on; I got so much loose glitter on my fingers haha.

They have a pretty good staying power; I painted my nails on Monday night, which is about 4 days ago and there's no sign of chipping at all.

Here's a little something extra I wanted to share.  My boyfriend got me giant Reese's Butter cups because I love them as a candy and apparently stores are now selling giant candies as novelty items or presents.  They retail around $10 (a little steep, but it's once a year, plus it's pretty big).
Reese's cup next to a computer mouse for comparison

There's two of these bad boys in each pack which puts each at around $5.  It's almost as wide as a CD and very deep.  Wish I took a picture of it bitten into because it's a huge layer of peanut butter in the middle.  Delicious!

Hope I helped anyone who was wondering about elf polishes!  Or maybe someone who has a massive sweet tooth haha.  Thank you for reading; don't hesitate to leave me comments!

- Jolie ♥

Sunday, December 2, 2012

E.L.F. Haul and Reviews!

Hello everyone!

As you can see, I'm definitely trying to do my best updating this blog. I recently got a haul from the previously mentioned E.L.F. store online and I've been putting off writing this review since I had a terrible camera and my pictures came out pretty blurry. However, I JUST got a new camera (gift from my amazing boyfriend), and now I'm not ashamed to upload pictures anymore! Bear in mind that some of the pictures are still taken with the old camera so the quality will be 50/50. Also, this is my first review ever, so please be gentle :)

Here's a picture of my elf haul:
I got the 144 Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral ($15), five Essential Liquid Eyeliners ($1/each in colors: black, silver, plum, coffee, and forest green), Essentials Eye Crease brush ($1), Essentials Smudge Brush ($1), a Studio Eye Primer and Liner Sealer ($3), and got a free Hypershine Gloss (retail $1 in the color 'Flirt') for referring 3 friends.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally Back!

Hello again! I know it's been a long, LONG (2 years!) time since I last posted. I'd like to apologize for the long hiatus, but a lot has changed in that period of time. Since I'm graduating college sometime soon, it's very time consuming. Also, a lot of my interests have changed and so has the blog name, if you've noticed!  

I might as well take this time to make a formal introduction, my name is Jolie, and I'll be signing my posts with that instead of "Etherealize Me" since it makes no sense. I am still interested in fashion, shoes, and makeup. However, I've since realized that my camera is nowhere near good and for some reason all my pictures come out with a heavenly glow (guess it would follow with the 'etherealize' part well though...). But yeah, since my camera was a little weird, I decided to leave it at home and I regret that a bit, because the only camera I have no is my cellphone camera which is worse. I'll still try my hardest to take good pictures of whatever I can though!

Like I said before, college life and its workload has been hectic so I'll try to start off easy instead of having a million ideas and broadcasting them before I figured I had no time and no plan whatsoever. What I can do though, is hopefully start on some makeup reviews. I own tons elf products because they are so cheap. For anyone who doesn't know about them, they sell makeup and brushes for 1 to 3 dollars! Those are for the general products, the more expensive line is their Mineral line which I don't buy from so I won't be talking about it much.

Anyway, I have been using this brand for years because I can't afford expensive brands like MAC or Sephora. Besides, from all the reviews I've read and heard about, elf products are just as good as high-end brands! And even if some products end up disappointing, it may not matter as much because it would have only been a buck. Elf products usually never disappoint, and even when they do (very rarely for me), they are never bad, just okay

Wow, I guess I rambled on a lot, sorry. But I am excited to do reviews because I've never done them before. I'm getting a new elf haul very soon, (it's in the mail as I type!) and I figure that being such a longtime customer, I at least owe them ONE review. Keep in mind it won't be a video review because my webcam quality is terrible. It will probably be pictures of the item and my opinion about it. I just really hope my phone camera quality isn't as bad as I think it is. 

Anywho, thank you for listening!

- Jolie ♥ 

P.S. If you're reading this, please don't hesitate to leave comments or feedback! I'd love to know what I can do better or know what people would like to see more from my blog.

Also, let me know where you are from and how you stumbled onto the blog; I'm quite interested to see how far this reaches haha. (This is optional! Please don't feel pressured to do anything you're uncomfortable with!)