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E.L.F. Haul and Reviews!

Hello everyone!

As you can see, I'm definitely trying to do my best updating this blog. I recently got a haul from the previously mentioned E.L.F. store online and I've been putting off writing this review since I had a terrible camera and my pictures came out pretty blurry. However, I JUST got a new camera (gift from my amazing boyfriend), and now I'm not ashamed to upload pictures anymore! Bear in mind that some of the pictures are still taken with the old camera so the quality will be 50/50. Also, this is my first review ever, so please be gentle :)

Here's a picture of my elf haul:
I got the 144 Eyeshadow Palette in Neutral ($15), five Essential Liquid Eyeliners ($1/each in colors: black, silver, plum, coffee, and forest green), Essentials Eye Crease brush ($1), Essentials Smudge Brush ($1), a Studio Eye Primer and Liner Sealer ($3), and got a free Hypershine Gloss (retail $1 in the color 'Flirt') for referring 3 friends.

The eyeshadow palette is absolutely gorgeous. I had bought the 100 Eyeshadow Palette previously, but I wanted a neutral palette. I haven't had a chance to test most of the shadows, but I've used some of the shimmery ones and they're very pigmented. There's light colors for highlighting the brow bone, darker shadows for a smokey eye, and other everyday neutral shadows. As you can see, there's a combination of matte and shimmer shadows so there's something for everybody. I would definitely recommend this, besides, it's a great steal for $15!

Next up:
Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee, Black, Silver, Plum, and Forest Green
Colors top to bottom: Coffee, Black, Silver, Plum, and Forest Green

For just a dollar, these are quite a steal! They come with a thin brush tip applicator which I preferred over their previous felt tip. The thin brush tip makes it so much easier to draw thin and precise lines, as you can tell. The colors go on quite sheer, so you would have to build them up to achieve their color, but once you do it's worth it! They lasted the whole day for me and took quite a bit of rubbing before they even started smudging off. 

However, I would not recommend the Plum color. It doesn't really look very purple but instead looks more like brown, so if you're getting Coffee, then you can skip out on Plum. I do love the color Forest Green though, after a couple swipes, the color is beautiful. I don't think it's possible to love this more than I already do. The picture does not do the color justice.
Hypershine Gloss in 'Flirt'

This lip gloss I got for free, and it's pretty good. I was never much of a lip gloss wearer so I can't really review this very well. It's a twist up gloss and is quite moisturizing. Not too thick and sticky either, but don't wear this on a windy day (believe me). The color is also a baby pink but goes on sheer so I mainly use it for its moisturizing effect. I wouldn't say I love this product, but I'd recommend it for someone who wants to try out lip glosses and doesn't want to spend too much; who knows, they might appreciate it more than I do!
I don't have pictures of the other things because I haven't really used them enough to review them, so stay tuned for the updates!
On another note, I also dug up this nail kit I had gotten awhile ago as a gift and never used which included several unnamed nail polishes. I mainly dug it up because I need a place to store all the new nail polishes I bought! I went on a small shopping spree because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday haha.
Here are the polishes I now own:
 Unnamed nail polish: Bright Red, Metallic Burgundy, Soft Pink, Wine, Dark Bronze, Nude

These nail polishes are okay, they go on a bit sheer so you may have to build them up. 

 E.L.F. Holiday 14-Piece Nail Cube ($10)
Top (left to right): Cherry Bomb, Red-y or Not, Glamour Girl, Blushing Beauty, Green Machine, Sea Escape, Dazzle Diva
Bottom (left to right): Violet Velvet, Smoky Brown, Taupe of the World, Desert Haze, Misty Haze, Gold Star, Chic Confetti

This is my first time trying elf polishes and they're pretty good! The colors are gorgeous and I pretty much use this set as a sampler for colors I may want to get in the future. It's a good combination of neutrals and jewel tones for any occasion. 
 E.L.F. Holiday 15-Piece Nail Polish Set ($15)
Top: Dark Red, Red Velvet, Mod Mauve, Blush, Emerald
Middle: Dark Navy, Plum, Party Purple, Chocolate, Smoky Brown
Bottom: Nude, Metal Madness, Black, Golden Goddess, Fairy Dust

Like I said before, these polishes are quite good. I tried out Mod Mauve and I ended up really loving the color. 
 That's the actual size of the bottle, quite small, but you get 15 of them in the set so it's not bad. The color looks a lot lighter here than it really is.
 Another picture of the color in natural lighting. 

When I first applied the nail polish, it came out a bit streaky, but definitely fixed itself with the second coat. Mod Mauve is a nice color, more of a mauve taupe (dark brown purple). I will definitely be buying this in the actual size when I run out. Also, it's pretty chip resistant. I applied a base coat, two coats of Mod Mauve, then a top coat, and the polish hasn't chipped in a week.
 E.L.F. Nail Polish ($2): Garnet, Punk Purple, Coral, Copper, Liquid Metal, Clear

This is the full size of the nail polish sets above. I've only tried Punk Purple, but the coverage is amazing. I only needed one coat to achieve the color in the bottle. Good buy; I'll definitely update when I use more of the colors :)
Snowman Nail Polish by Blue Cross Beauty Products ($3)
Unnamed: Baby Blue and Purple Glitter/Flakes, Deep Blue and Purple Glitter, White and Iridescent Glitter/Flakes, Rainbow Glitter, Red Glitter, Red and Green Glitter

If there's anyone out there who knows me, they know I have an unnatural obsession with snowmen. When I heard that these babies were in Rite-Aid for the holiday season, I just HAD to get my hands on them. There were a few more colors offered there, but I decided to buy all the glitter polishes they have since I don't have many. I figured I'd use them as a top coat or something. 

They definitely can't be worn by themselves since it's basically just a clear polish with glitter. And if you do want to wear them alone then it needs a few coats for all the glitter to coat your whole nail. The deep blue and purple glitter has a LOT of glitter though, so that can be worn alone (wish I had more pictures for you of all of these glitters, they are really pretty!)

They were a bit pricey for me at $3 per bottle, but I figured I'd only get them once a year, so why not? Plus, they're so cute!

I also picked up something else at Rite-Aid that was absolutely adorable and couldn't resist getting!
 Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix Jar ($10)

It comes with seven individually packaged Swiss Miss hot chocolate mixes inside.

Here's what the mixes look like

I admit it, I just got it for the cuteness, but I know I'm going to drink the hot cocoa!

Anyway, thanks for reading, sorry for the long post. Hope this helps anyone out there who's thinking of trying elf products! I have a lot of their stuff so I'll try to post more reviews later :)

- Jolie

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