Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finally Back!

Hello again! I know it's been a long, LONG (2 years!) time since I last posted. I'd like to apologize for the long hiatus, but a lot has changed in that period of time. Since I'm graduating college sometime soon, it's very time consuming. Also, a lot of my interests have changed and so has the blog name, if you've noticed!  

I might as well take this time to make a formal introduction, my name is Jolie, and I'll be signing my posts with that instead of "Etherealize Me" since it makes no sense. I am still interested in fashion, shoes, and makeup. However, I've since realized that my camera is nowhere near good and for some reason all my pictures come out with a heavenly glow (guess it would follow with the 'etherealize' part well though...). But yeah, since my camera was a little weird, I decided to leave it at home and I regret that a bit, because the only camera I have no is my cellphone camera which is worse. I'll still try my hardest to take good pictures of whatever I can though!

Like I said before, college life and its workload has been hectic so I'll try to start off easy instead of having a million ideas and broadcasting them before I figured I had no time and no plan whatsoever. What I can do though, is hopefully start on some makeup reviews. I own tons elf products because they are so cheap. For anyone who doesn't know about them, they sell makeup and brushes for 1 to 3 dollars! Those are for the general products, the more expensive line is their Mineral line which I don't buy from so I won't be talking about it much.

Anyway, I have been using this brand for years because I can't afford expensive brands like MAC or Sephora. Besides, from all the reviews I've read and heard about, elf products are just as good as high-end brands! And even if some products end up disappointing, it may not matter as much because it would have only been a buck. Elf products usually never disappoint, and even when they do (very rarely for me), they are never bad, just okay

Wow, I guess I rambled on a lot, sorry. But I am excited to do reviews because I've never done them before. I'm getting a new elf haul very soon, (it's in the mail as I type!) and I figure that being such a longtime customer, I at least owe them ONE review. Keep in mind it won't be a video review because my webcam quality is terrible. It will probably be pictures of the item and my opinion about it. I just really hope my phone camera quality isn't as bad as I think it is. 

Anywho, thank you for listening!

- Jolie ♥ 

P.S. If you're reading this, please don't hesitate to leave comments or feedback! I'd love to know what I can do better or know what people would like to see more from my blog.

Also, let me know where you are from and how you stumbled onto the blog; I'm quite interested to see how far this reaches haha. (This is optional! Please don't feel pressured to do anything you're uncomfortable with!)