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Notoriously Morbid haul - Swatches and Review

My haul from the Halloween sale finally came!  Yes, I ordered the Coffin Set from Notoriously Morbid earlier in October but couldn't resist the sale they had on Halloween.  My order came with an invoice, fancy paper thanking me for my order, and my beautiful shadows came in black tissue paper wrapped with a black ribbon.  The presentation really blew me away, I love it when shop owners pay attention to details and dedicate extra time to small things like this.

I had requested the shop owner, Carrie, to draw me a picture of Doctor Who and Looney Toon's K-9s.  I hadn't been able to get them out of my head when I saw that she named a shade (Kompanion no.9) after that cute character.

This is the sweet note Carrie wrote to me.  I found it so nice that she drew me something even though she hasn't done so in more than 10 years :')  Needless to say, I was really grateful.

What an amazing drawing for someone who hasn't drawn in 10+ years right??  She drew this in pencil, so to preserve it, I put tape all over and put it in a scrapbook :D

My haul - I ordered eight samples and she gave me two samples for free!  The last two shadows in this picture (Spiteful Jas and Andorian) were free samples from my Coffin Set order.  I didn't swatch them on that post so I felt like I should include them here.

All pictures are taken under daylight and can be enlarged by clicking:

Rose:  pale pink with silver sparkles.  This sample came with no label and some blue shadow smeared onto the side.  I was kind of scared that the blue would mix in with the pink, but it didn't, so yay.

Lycan's Revenge
Lycan's Revenge:  red with gold shimmer

Dita:  plummy raisin with gold shimmer

Crimson Horror
Crimson Horror:  berry red.  This eyeshadow was amazingly pigmented; I had wanted a blood red color but the pigmentation makes up for it.

Kompanion No.9
Kompanion No.9:  soft gray with pink sheen.  This is a color I got only for the name.  I always saw it in the listings and wondered why she spelled 'companion' that way.  I decided to click on the description for fun, and it said, "Affirmative, Master!"  I flipped out and had to get it because I love K-9.  I thought this color was silver from the swatches which I already have a lot of.  Thankfully, it's not actually silver, it's a really lovely gray that actually leans more pink.  It reminded me of Shiro's Zero but a little cooler toned.  I really love this!

Cry Wolf Cry
Cry Wolf Cry:  purpleish taupe with silver sparkles.  I heard it was similar to Wet n Wild's Silent Treatment eyelid color which is also a purpley taupe.  I agree, it's similar but it's a beautiful color.  I'll have to swatch them side by side to see the differences.

Morgana:  indigo with violet sheen.  This is hailed as the perfect "blurple".  After seeing this countless times in other blogger's swatches, I knew I would love this.  I definitely love it; the purple sheen is obvious without distracting the blue base.

The Doctor's Wife
The Doctor's Wife:  matte cerulean with silver sparkles.  This one also came without a label but I knew which color this was immediately.  How can you not?  It's a perfect match for The Doctor's special lady.  The formula for this is amazing, it's very pigmented and beautiful.  However, do not try to press this.  It does not press well at all and I ended up ruining it :(  I advise you to keep this baby loose!

Annie's Agony Blush
Annie's Agony:  pale pink with gold sheen.  I wanted to try this blush for a long time after reading Estelle's blog.  I specifically asked for this as a free sample and was not disappointed.  It's very pigmented and pretty; I imagine I'd have to use this with a light hand.

Hallows Eve
Hallows Eve:  "dark blue-black based delight with an orange to purple shift and sparkles."  That description was taken from the site because the shadow is so complex.  When I swatched it, I was so puzzled because it seemed to have a thousand different colors.  Is it purple?  Is it green?  What is life??  So yeah, to save my sanity, I opted to take the description off the site.  I really recommend this shadow, it's amazing and I can honestly say I have NOTHING like it.

Spiteful Jas
Spiteful Jas:  sheer green with multicolor shimmer.  I was pretty disappointed with this shade :/  The shimmers were beautiful but I couldn't get much green to show up.  I suppose it would perform better with a sticky base or even a regular primer, but I normally swatch with no primer/base to show un-enhanced performance.

Andorian:  emerald with green and gold shimmers.  This color was really pretty!  I would recommend this over Spiteful Jas if you only want ONE green shadow from this company.

Here come swatches on my arm :)  These are done with no primer and under flash due to gloomy weather:

Rose, Lycan's Revenge, Dita, Crimson Horror
Kompanion No.9, Cry Wolf Cry, Morgana, The Doctor's Wife
Annie's Agony, Hallows Eve, Spiteful Jas, Andorian
Do you guys see how Hallows Eve has purple on the sides and green in the middle??

Anyway, as you've noticed, two of my shadows don't have labels.  I emailed Carrie about this and she was sending them out ASAP.  She also asked me to update her about pressing her shadows.  I mentioned above that The Doctor's Wife did not press well and it ended up being unusable :(  I told her about the results and she is generously sending me another sample of The Doctor's Wife so I have something to play with!  If that's not great customer service, I don't know what is.

One thing about the sample sizes though - they seem to be smaller than Shiro's 1/4 tsp.  I press all of my sample baggies now and Shiro usually fills up 26mm pans at least by a third.  NM's samples vary a lot, but some of them only had enough to cover the bottom of the pan.  I'm not saying this to bash NM, it's just to tell people who normally press their samples to watch how much binder they put in.  I would suggest putting in a smaller amount of binder first in case the baggie has less shadows.

I hope this review helps anyone who's been thinking of trying Notoriously Morbid.  They are truly a great company and have beautiful shades.  

- Jolie ♥

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