Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wet n Wild Holiday 2013 In The Spotlight Palettes - Review and Swatches

Wet n Wild has released another limited edition collection this year.  This time they gave us three 8-pan palettes instead of trios.  These 8-pan palettes do not look like their traditional ones, instead having 3 shades on top, 3 shades in the middle, and 2 shades on the bottom.  In the spirit of the holidays, these palettes give three different textures: glitter, satin, and matte.

The top row consists of three glittery shades, middle has three satin shades, and bottom has two matte shades that can also be used as liners.

These pictures were all taken in sunlight with no primer:

A Great Glistener
Glitter swatches
Satin swatches
Matte swatches
A Great Glistener:
Top Row:  glittery silver, glittery white, glittery yellow
Middle:  satin blue-gray, satin blue, satin brown-bronze
Bottom:  matte black, matte brown

This palette wasn't all that great; the glitter shades did not show up much.  However, the bottom matte shades were fantastic.  They were extremely pigmented and soft.

No Neutral Ground
Glitter swatches
Satin swatches
Matte swatches
No Neutral Ground:
Top:  glittery medium pink, glittery cream, glittery gold
Middle:  satin lavender, satin bronze, satin golden green 
Bottom:  matte brown, matte dark forest green

This palette is the best one out of the whole collection.  The pigmented colors were the glittery medium pink, glittery gold, satin golden green, matte brown, and matte dark forest green.  I would recommend picking up this palette if you are interested in the collection.

Lights, Camera, Attraction
Glitter swatches
Satin swatches
Matte swatches
Lights, Camera, Attraction:
Top:  glittery light blue, glittery light pink, glittery light purple
Middle:  satin cobalt, frosty pink, satin fuchsia with blue sheen
Bottom:  matte dark blue, matte dark purple

As usual, the pigmented shades in this palette were the two matte shades.  This seems like the poorest performing one in terms of pigmentation.  The glittery light purple and satin fuchsia with blue sheen were both extremely sheer and took a lot of layering to show up.

This was not a very good line put out by Wet n Wild.  As I've said before, if anyone is interested, you should only pick up No Neutral Ground as most of the shades did pretty well.  If you are not a huge fan of Wet n Wild or an avid collector, I would recommend you skip this line.

- Jolie ♥

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