Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween 2013 Fantasy Makers Eyeshadow Duos

Here I come with another late post!  These are the Halloween makeup sets from Fantasy Makers who are also made by Wet n Wild.  I know it's way past Halloween but I was so caught up with work so I'm churning them all out now!

I was excited to get my hands on these because I love the quality of Wet n Wild eyeshadows and these are by the same company.  There are four makeup kits from this collection.  They include an eyeshadow duo, a set of false eyelashes, a mini nail polish, and a sample-sized Megalast lipstick.

Everything is taken in daylight and swatched with no primer:

Pixie Princess Kit

Pixie Princess swatch
Pixie Princess:  duo - orange with gold flecks; metallic green with gold sheen.  The lipstick is a dusty medium pink color and is the color Wine Room in the regular MegaLast collection.  The green eyeshadow was very pigmented and pretty, but I was so sad about the orange!  The packaging is very hard to open and my finger slipped and dug my nail in when I finally got it open :(

Femme Fatale Kit

Femme Fatale swatch
Femme Fatale:  duo - shimmery white silver and black with silver glitter.  Both these colors are very pigmented.  The lipstick included is a bright pink red, similar to Red Velvet in the Megalast line but slightly darker.

Vampiress Kit

Vampiress swatch
Vampiress:  duo - satin berry red and brown with gold shimmer.  The berry red is disappointing because it is very sheer, however, the brown is very pretty.  The lipstick is a vampy brown-maroon similar to Cherry Bomb but more brown.

Wicked Queen Kit

Wicked Queen swatch
Wicked Queen:  duo - cornflower blue with silver shimmer and metallic gunmetal gray.  I was most excited for this kit because the colors look beautiful.  The blue is disappointing because it's very sheer, but the gray is really beautiful.  The lipstick is a blackened purple and exact dupe of Vamp It Up from the Megalast line.

Nail Polish from kits

The best overall kit is Femme Fatale as both the colors are pigmented, but the standout shade is the gray in Wicked Queen.  If they are still available in drugstores near you, I would recommend you pick those two up.

- Jolie ♥

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