Sunday, November 10, 2013

Geek Chic Cosmetics - The Reckoning (Review and Swatches)

So I couldn't help myself and purchased from Geek Chic Cosmetics yet again.  I had a very good reason this time!  Instead of having their monthly set sales, they decided to have a Reckoning.  It was a collection of all the products that were being discontinued and were being sold at a discounted price.  When I checked the site after hearing about it, a ton of products were already claimed by the Reckoning.  

There were a ton of series they were discontinuing including Babylon 5 and Rocky Horror Picture Show.  The color I really, REALLY wanted from the Reckoning was the rose-gold color called "Rose Tint My World".  I had been looking for the perfect rose-gold eyeshadow for the longest time and the swatch picture looked really great.  Turns out that beautiful color was already claimed and was not updated yet :(

I ended up getting two colors from the Reckoning and four sample sizes from their permanent line.  I also asked them to draw me a picture of Totoro and Doraemon :)  I'm definitely saving it haha.

Anywho, here are all the babies I received.  All taken under daylight bulb with ELF's Essential Primer:

We Are One
We Are One
We Are One swatch

We Are One:  light olive with gold shimmer.

Sane Inside Insanity
Sane Inside Insanity
Sane Inside Insanity swatch
Sane Inside Insanity:  shimmery whitened taupe-gold with with sparse black glitter.  This was the color I was kind of excited about because it looked really unique in the swatch.

Antequarian swatch
Antequarian:  metallic copper bronze.  I know I have a good amount of copper and bronze colors already, but I couldn't help getting this one.  I was really drawn in by the name :)

Eldritch swatch
Eldritch:  pigmented dark olive green with red and gold shimmer.  This is in the same color family as We Are One, just darker.

Born In Fire
Born In Fire swatch
Born In Fire:  purple with multicolor shimmer.  This is a Game of Thrones color named after the Targaryen family's purple eyes.  It was so silky and applied beautifully.

Ninjaken Strategist
Ninjaken Strategist swatch
Ninjaken Strategist:  sky blue with a green sheen and blue glitter.  This applied a bit patchy because of the glitter.

The samples came in little clamshell containers, but I find them really messy to work with so I press them into 26mm pans.  The only thing I like about the clamshells is that it really lets me see how amazing the eyeshadows are.  They are extremely finely milled and silky - which makes application smooth and pigmented.

Now their TAT was stated at two weeks when I placed my order.  However, they didn't expect the Reckoning to bring in so many customers so they were swamped with orders.  They sent out emails to all the customers apologizing and informing us there would be a delay.  I found that really nice of them since they were keeping people up to date.

My order arrived a day or two after their TAT and one of the colors (Sane Inside Insanity) leaked.  Their full sized shadows come shrink wrapped with a sticker on the sifter to ensure absolutely NO leakage.  Turns out, the sifter sticker either broke, or had a few holes in it, and on top of that, the lid was not screwed on properly.  The shrink wrap ensured that no shadows leaked out anywhere, but I ended up losing a third of the product because everything was on the inside of the shrink wrap.

I emailed Geek Chick, and they were prompt and apologetic in their response.  They told me that they would try to see if they had any more of that color and if they didn't, they would send me some freebies.  I emailed back asking them if they still had Rose Tint My World since it was my favorite and I would really appreciate even a sample size if they had it.

They didn't respond, but I got my freebie package within the week.

Rose Tint My World
Rose Tint My World
Rose Tint My World swatch

Rose Tint My World:  perfect metallic rose gold.  YAYYYYYYY.  You don't understand how happy I was when I opened my package and saw this (in a full size too!).  When I swatched it, it was exactly what I wanted and I fell in love.  I'm not even exaggerating when I say this is now my favorite eyeshadow ever.  Out of all my other eyeshadows.  Until the end of time.

Flash:  We Are One, Sane Inside Insanity, Antequarian, Eldritch, Born In Fire, Ninjaken Strategist, Rose Tint My World
Flash:  We Are One, Sane Inside Insanity, Antequarian, Eldritch, Born In Fire, Ninjaken Strategist, Rose Tint My World

Seriously guys, I LOVE Geek Chic!  I don't think they realize how happy they made me with just that one product.  I had pretty much given up all hope but they were so generous and amazing.  I fall in love with the shadow every single time I open the lid and peer at it.  It sounds so creepy but that's how much I love it.

I know most of these shadows aren't available anymore but they just released a Walking Dead collection and I hear they're releasing new stuff around Black Friday too!  Please check them out if you're a lover of great eyeshadow and customer service!

- Jolie ♥


  1. These swatches are beautiful! I love those colors you've picked out. You've convinced me to confirm my order with this company. Your punani is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks friend! I hope you get the colors you told me about :D They press so beautifully too.

      I also think your punani is gorgeous. Like a flower in bloom.