Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wet n Wild Limited Edition Dream Weavers Trios - Swatches and Reviews

Today I'll be reviewing Wet n Wild's older limited edition collection trios called Dream Weavers.  I believe this was released back in 2011.  I hadn't discovered the greatness of WnW yet so I missed out.  After looking at various blogs I realized that I really needed two of the trios so I found a seller on Amazon that still had these :)

Everything is taken under daylight with no primer:

Earth Looks Small From Down Here
Earth Looks Small From Down Here swatch
Earth Looks Small From Down Here:  metallic olive gold, shimmery navy, grass green with a gold sheen.  This was the trio that first attracted me to this series; I thought it was absolutely stunning and very well named.  All of the shades were soft and pigmented.

Fly Me to the Moon
Fly Me to the Moon swatch
Fly Me To The Moon:  white with silver glitter, matte black with silver glitter, satin cerulean blue.  Okay, I got this on the basis of how amazing it looks together.  I doubt I would have picked the colors up separately, but paired together they are amazing.  The white color was the only one that gave me problems, since there was so much glitter, it felt very gritty.  The black was extremely pigmented and the blue is just gorgeous.

I'm so glad I decided to pick these up.  Since I bought them after they were discontinued, they costed a bit more, but I felt it was worth it and wasn't too bad since these trios are inexpensive anyway.  I really really love Earth Looks Small From Down Here.  The colors just go so well together and apply so beautifully.  Wet n Wild really knows how to rope people in!

- Jolie ♥

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