Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wet n Wild Fall 2013 Runway Beauty Trios

Yay to more trios from Wet n Wild!  Wet n Wild is my favorite drugstore makeup company because they have the best eyeshadows and the best prices!  Everyone always said how WnW needed to make more eyeshadows; let me just say, they definitely listened.  From the top of my head, they have released at least FIVE limited collection palettes this year alone.  

I was really excited when I heard this collection, Runway Beauty, was coming out because the colors are right up my alley.  They feature vintage inspired shades that come in satin and matte textures which everyone has been asking for.

Without further ado, here are pictures of the individual trios taken in daylight with no primer:

Silent Era Film
Silent Era Film swatch
Silent Era Film:  satin taupe pink, matte burnt pink, satin gunmetal gray.  The browbone color was very sheer and took a lot of layer, but the other two were amazingly pigmented and soft.  The matte pink was the standout shade in this palette in terms of color and application.

Camera Obscura
Camera Obscura swatch
Camera Obscura:  matte tan, matte orange peach, black with blue microshimmer.  The black color was sheer and took a bit of layering.  The two matte shades were amazingly soft and pigmented.  WnW are really churning out great matte shades!

Grays Matter
Grays Matter swatch
Grays Matter:  satin silver, satin plum, matte dark purple.  I was very excited to get this set because I don't have much blue-toned gray colors.  The whole trio just called out to me and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  The crease color (satin plum) was so disappointing!  It was extremely sheer and hard, so it took a bit of work to pick up and layer for a swatch.  However, the satin silver and matte dark purple were soft and pigmented.

Overall, I was very impressed with this collection.  When WnW came out with the Pop Art Craze trios, their matte formula was not that great.  The eyeshadows seem to have been reformulated for this collection though, as the mattes were all soft and pigmented.  I love them!  The collection is also nice for people who don't like shimmery or glittery shades as nothing has obnoxious amounts of glitter.  I definitely recommend this collection to you and suggest you get it if it's still available.

- Jolie ♥


  1. I agree, I was equally as impressed. These may be some of my favorite trios WnW has ever produced.

    Elise @ Elise Goes Glam

    1. I know! I love both the colors and quality. The mattes were so amazing; I never had experience with mattes before but even I knew they were well made.