Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wet n Wild - Discontinued 6-Pan Palettes and Lip Products

Today I'm review some discontinued Wet n Wild products that I was able to find.  I had heard that their well-loved six-pan palettes were coming back to drugstores for the holidays but I haven't been able to find them.  I found a website that was carrying some discontinued products and was ecstatic to find out that they had all of the palettes plus some Silk Finish Lipsticks.

I purchased all six palettes (Vanity, Greed, Lust, Pride) along with two lipsticks (Tokyo-A-Pink-Pink and Shang Hi Plum), and a Wild Shine Lip Lacquer in Lustful.

The six pan palettes had rave reviews a few years ago when they first came out and put Wet n Wild back on the map.  They include three matte shades and three shimmery shades; their matte formula was phenomenal and everyone was sad to see it go.

 All pictures were taken in daylight with no primer and can be enlarged by clicking:

Greed swatches
Greed:  matte cream, glittery light gray-silver, matte salmon, glittery light warm pink with gold sheen, matte black, glittery charcoal.  Every shade here was good except for one - the light gray silver was very hard to pick up and sheer upon application.

Vanity swatches
Vanity:  matte cream (lighter than Greed's cream), metallic light yellow, matte tan, metallic gold, matte dark brown, metallic warm brown.  This is the neutral palette of the collection, so it was probably the most popular.  The metallic light yellow seemed silver upon application and the metallic gold was sheer.

Lust swatches
Lust:  matte orchid, matte ivory with silver microglitter, matte purple, metallic gunmetal, matte dark purple, black with purple glitter.  This set is beautiful, I especially love the matte purple.  All the shades had good consistency and pigmentation.

Pride swatches
Pride:  matte white, glittery white, matte green, metallic sea-green, matte midnight blue, satin navy.  The glittery white in this palette was gritty and sheer.  If you have been reading my other WnW blog posts, you'll notice that they have this same exact shade in their other trios.  It seems that the texture has been bad for a very long time so I hope they change it soon.

These palettes are truly as amazing as bloggers have claimed.  The matte shades are extremely soft and pigmented.  The shimmery shades were not quite as good, but I know that after these palettes were discontinued, WnW worked hard to reformulate their shimmery shades and now they're equally as amazing.  If you can find these palettes online, I strongly urge you to get them.

Tokyo-A-Pink-Pink swatch
Tokyo-A-Pink-Pink on lips
Tokyo-A-Pink-Pink on face with camera flash
Tokyo-A-Pink-Pink:  warm pink cream

Shang Hi Plum
Shang Hi Plum swatch
Shang Hi Plum on lips
Shang Hi Plum on face
Shang Hi Plum:  burgundy cream (not plum).  This is a very nice lipstick to start with for those who are still too shy to dabble into bolder colors.

Lustful swatch
Lustful on lips
Lustful on face
Lustful:  beautiful wine color

It's a shame that all of these are discontinued, I really enjoyed the Lip Lacquer as it was smaller so it was a lot easier to apply.  Even though these products aren't available anymore, you should still check out Wet n Wild.  They're the best drugstore brand in terms of quality and price!

- Jolie ♥

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