Sunday, November 17, 2013

Wet n Wild MegaLast Lipsticks - Swatches and Review

Today I have a really long post for you!  I gathered all my Wet n Wild MegaLast lipsticks and reviewed each one.  These lipsticks are long-lasting, matte, and go for $2/ea at drugstores.  I currently own 18 of them.  Since they are matte and long-wearing, they can be very drying.  I find that if they have not been warmed up beforehand, or if you don't have lip balm on your lips, they tend to tug during application.  

The packaging in these are not too bad.  It comes in a black plastic case with a clear plastic lid.  The lid clicks shut to lock it in place.  The bad thing about Wet n Wild lipsticks is that the bullets don't twist all the way down, so you have to be extremely careful recapping.

Anywho, here come swatches!  As usual, they are taken in daylight with no primer or lipliner:

Just Peachy
Just Peachy lip swatch
Just Peachy on face
Just Peachy:  light peach.  This color is too light on me, so I would have to dab it on instead of full swipes.

Bare It All
Bare It All lip swatch
Bare It All on face
Bare It All:  medium tan.  This is the perfect nude color for me and applies very creamy.

In The Flesh
In The Flesh lip swatch
In The Flesh on face
In The Flesh:  medium dusty-rose.  This is a great MLBB (my lips but better) shade for me; it also applies very creamy.

Spiked With Rum
Spiked With Rum lip swatch
Spiked With Rum on face
Spiked With Rum:  dark reddish brown

Rose-Bud lip swatch
Rose-Bud on face
Rose-Bud:  medium pink.  This one applied very creamy and was really pretty on my lips.  It took awhile for me to track this down because this is one of their older, discontinued colors.

Wine Room
Wine Room lip swatch
Wine Room on face
Wine Room:  medium to dark pink.  This is a shade darker than Rose-Bud.

Mauve Outta Here
Mauve Outta Here lip swatch
Mauve Outta Here on face
Mauve Outta Here:  cool toned purple-pink.  This one applied very creamy, but is a little cool for my skintone.

Smokin Hot Pink 
Smokin Hot Pink lip swatch
Smokin Hot Pink on face
Smokin Hot Pink:  medium hot pink

Don't Blink Pink
Don't Blink Pink lip swatch
Don't Blink Pink on face
Don't Blink Pink:  bright hot pink

24 Carrot Gold
24 Carrot Gold lip swatch
24 Carrot Gold on face
24 Carrot Gold:  bright orange.  This had a thinner consistency and applied very patchy so I couldn't layer.

Purty Persimmon
Purty Persimmon lip swatch
Purty Persimmon on face
Purty Persimmon:  dark orange

Coral-ine lip swatch
Coral-ine on face
Coral-ine:  coral red

Red Velvet
Red Velvet lip swatch
Red Velvet on face
Red Velvet:  pinky red.  This one was very creamy to apply.

Cinnamon Spice
Cinnamon Spice lip swatch
Cinnamon Spice on face
Cinnamon Spice:  dark brick red

Ravin Raisin
Ravin Raisin lip swatch
Ravin Raisin on face
Ravin Raisin:  dark plum brown

Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb lip swatch
Cherry Bomb on face
Cherry Bomb:  dark cherry red

Sugar Plum Fairy
Sugar Plum Fairy lip swatch
Sugar Plum Fairy on face
Sugar Plum Fairy:  dark fuchsia.  This is a very nice color and I heard it's a dupe for MAC's Rebel.

Vamp It Up
Vamp It Up lip swatch
Vamp It Up on face
Vamp It Up:  blackened purple.  This is a very daring color and I haven't worn it out alone yet.  I use it sometimes to darken other lipsticks.

As you can see, there are so many colors to choose from.  Since these are drying, I would suggest you moisturize your lips and use a lip scrub before applying.  These lipsticks tend to accentuate dry flakes.  I would recommend these for people who are always on the go and really don't have time to reapply.  I personally like their Silk Finish Lipsticks line more because those are extremely moisturizing while delivering pigmentation.

- Jolie ♥


  1. Thank for all these swatches! My skintone is similar to yours, so it will definitely help me decide what colours to buy from Wet n Wild.

    1. I'm glad it helped! Personally, I enjoy the Silk Finish line a bit more because they're more moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. Thank you for stopping by though :)

  2. from all of them, which one is your most favorit? I have the same skin tone with u

    1. I think I like 'In the Flesh' for my nude and 'Sugar Plum Fairy' as my bold color. 'Bare It All' is also a great nude for my skintone.

  3. This line doesn't have a true red?

    1. It definitely does! I believe it's called Stoplight Red? I just didn't buy it because I have a few true reds in my collection already.

  4. I have WnW Cherry Bomb, which looks very dark on me, not a color I normally wear but I love it! Can't be spending $$$ for something I'd wear just occasionally, so overall great lippie. Happy with it.

    Here's my detailed review:

    1. I absolutely agree! That's why I didn't hesitate too much on buying most of the MegaLast collection. It's a great way to try out more daring colors without spending the big bucks. Keep your eye out on the new Fall 2014 collection, they have 4 new lipsticks :)

  5. We have the same skin tone! I agree with In The Flesh as MLBB shade :) I haven't tried Sugar Plum Fairy yet. It's still sealed lol but I'll try it out tomorrow. Looking at your swatches, I hope it'll work for me too! Lovely post, btw! :)

    1. Sugar Plum Fairy looks great on all skin tones, in my opinion! Thanks for stopping by, I'm glad my swatches helped :)

  6. Does this line have anything that can be a dupe for Makeup Forever's N9 from the Rogue collection (Sephora's birthday gift in 2014)?

    1. I don't have that color personally, so I'm going off by internet swatches. In The Flesh and Rose-Bud may be the most similar color-wise. N9 seems to have a cream finish, so the MegaLast lipsticks may be drier.