Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Trios - Review and Swatches

Here's the mother lode of Wet n Wild trio posts!  I have here all of the ColorIcon Trios in the permanent line.  These retail for $3/ea at drugstores such as Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Rite Aid.  These trios are hailed across the board as some of the best eyeshadows in the drugstore.

Here are swatches of each trio in daylight with NO primer (they are amazing!):

Walking On Eggshells
Walking On Eggshells swatch
Walking On Eggshells:  satin ivory, metallic bronze, frosty pale pink.  This is the classic trio that everyone raves about because of how natural and work appropriate the colors are.  They all apply buttery and pigmented.

Sweet As Candy
Sweet As Candy swatch
Sweet As Candy:  satin cream, satin soft brown, metallic light pink.  These colors were all buttery and pigmented.  This trio is very similar to Walking on Eggshells.  I would not recommend getting both of these as they are extremely alike, but I like this one more.  The colors are slightly more intense (brown and pink).

Silent Treatment
Silent Treatment swatch 
Silent Treatment:  metallic pale peach-pink, dark brown with gold microglitter, metallic purple taupe.  The dark brown color is slightly harder but is still very pigmented and the taupe is very buttery and pigmented.  This is my favorite neutral trio from the line and the taupe is seriously gorgeous.

Knock On Wood
Knock On Wood swatch
Knock On Wood:  matte dusty pink with silver microglitter, satin chocolate brown with gold sheen, satin burgundy.  The colors are all soft and pigmented in this trio.  I love using this trio because the burgundy and brown create a really beautiful look together.

I'm Getting Sunburned
I'm Getting Sunburned swatch
I'm Getting Sunburned:  metallic frosty pink, reddish dark brown with orange microglitter, metallic glittery gilded gold.

Cool As A Cucumber
Cool As A Cucumber swatch
Cool As A Cucumber:  matte mint, satin purple, satin forest green.  The matte mint and forest green were pigmented and beautiful.  However, the purple was hard and sheer; it took multiple layers for the color to show up.  It applies on the eyes better though, and blends in with the green very well.

On Cloud Nine
On Cloud Nine swatch
On Cloud Nine:  satin periwinkle blue, matte chocolate brown with silver microglitter, satin cornflower blue.  All of the colors were soft and pigmented.

I Got Good Jeans
I Got Good Jeans swatch
I Got Good Jeans:  metallic silver-blue, satin navy, metallic gold.  The colors were all pigmented and easy to apply.

I'm Feeling Retro
I'm Feeling Retro swatch
I'm Feeling Retro:  white with silver glitter, light blue with green sheen, light fuchsia with blue sheen.  The glitter in the white shade made it gritty and the other two colors were horribly sheer.  It took too many layers for the color to finally show up.  I would not recommend this trio at all so definitely skip it if you were considering this.

Spoiled Brat
Spoiled Brat swatch
Spoiled Brat:  metallic silver, satin black with silver glitter, satin hot pink.  The shades were all pigmented, but WOW, look at that silver!  Wet n Wild certainly knows how to make great silvers.

I Dream of Greenie
I Dream of Greenie swatch
I Dream of Greenie:  frosty mint, satin light emerald, matte chartreuse green with gold shimmers.  The frosty mint was sheer, but the light emerald was buttery and pigmented.  I would not necessarily use all of these shades in one look, but they are nice colors to have in  your arsenal to mix and match.

The WnW trios are widely regarded as great eyeshadow palettes amongst the makeup community.  The only one I would steer clear of is I'm Feeling Retro.  I strongly urge you to stay away; as much as you may like the colors in the pan, you will never be able to get the color to show up.  I would also advise you to purchase either Walking on Eggshells or Sweet as Candy, not both.  They are so similar you would be wasting your money to buy both.

Let me know which trios you are planning on getting!

- Jolie ♥

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