Wednesday, October 15, 2014

AFK Cosmetics - Blogger Pack First Impression Swatches and Review

Welcome back, everyone!  Today, I have for you a first impression on a company I've been hearing about.  AFK Cosmetics has a store on Etsy that carries eyeshadows and tinted lip balms.  I've been receiving sample shadows from them in my other indie subscription boxes and had my interest piqued.  When the shop owner, Dena, announced on /r/IMAM that she was giving out samples of her lip balms to try out, I jumped at the chance.  They have several collections, including one inspired by Attack on Titan which I had begun reading recently.  I decided to get the Blogger Pack ($5.50 for 5 sample shadows) and I decided to get random ones, but let her know I didn't want yellows or light greens as I don't wear them.  I then put in the lip balm code; my order came out to be $8 total ($2.50 shipping) and my order arrived pretty quickly.

Sweet note from Dena :)
Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Female Titan
Female Titan:  light golden pink with gold sparkles.  This color is semi-sheer but can be built up and would make a pretty inner corner highlight.  

Bronze V
Bronze V:  beautiful shimmery bronze.  It's not a unique color, but I think it's a staple to have in your collection if you don't have anything similar.

Suicidal Bastard
Suicidal Bastard:  beautiful satin finish charcoal base with strong red sheen

The Strip
The Strip:  rust red base with strong silver blue sheen and red & green sparkles.  I had seen this swatched by another person on the subreddit and was hoping to receive it in my order.  Yay!

That Tastes Like Purple!
That Tastes Like Purple!:  purple with red shimmers

Tunnel Snakes RULE!
Tunnel Snakes RULE!:  charcoal base with green shimmer and green sparkles.  This was the other color I saw swatched that I really liked, so I'm glad Dena included both of these in my order :)  However, this requires a sticky base to really bring out the green sparkles, otherwise, you mostly get charcoal.

The Thorn's Embrace
The Thorn's Embrace:  sheer brown with red microshimmers.  This actually came in a clamshell with a super cute ghost on it (I really love that ghost..).  I was very excited for the color in the clamshell because I love lip colors like that.  However, it actually swatched really sheer and took multiple layers to show up.  After it was officially released, I realized that it is supposed to be a sheer balm, so no complaints here.  It also has a strong cake frost smell that I really like!

Daylight:  Female Titan, Bronze V, Suicidal Bastard, The Strip, That Tastes Like Purple!, Tunnel Snakes RULE!, The Thorn's Embrace
Flash:  Female Titan, Bronze V, Suicidal Bastard, The Strip, That Tastes Like Purple!, Tunnel Snakes RULE!, The Thorn's Embrace
Overall, my first impression of AFK Cosmetics was great - the TAT was short and the eyeshadows are pretty.  Plus you get a lot of product in the sample baggies :)  If there's a collection that tickles your fancy, head on over and buy some shadows!

- Jolie ♥


  1. Female Titan and Bronze V looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you for stopping by :) They're definitely very pretty and have a great texture. I think they would go nicely together as well!