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Notoriously Morbid Blood Countess Collection - Swatches and Review

Welcome back!  I know it seems like I'm churning out these reviews like crazy, but that's only because I've been completely behind schedule in posting them.  Today I have Notoriously Morbid's Blood Countess collection for you.  This collection is inspired by history's most infamous female serial killer - Elizabeth Bathory.  The packaging of this collection really impressed me.  It came in a little decorative paper bag and when I dumped out the contents (instead of taking them out like a proper lady), a few fake rose petals fluttered out as well!  I really love how much care and love was put into the packaging to tie the theme together.  Not only does this set include three eyeshadows, but it also features a blush, lip gloss, and nail polish!  Without further ado, lets get on with the review :)

Sweet note from Carrie - I love supporting you as well!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Visions:  light orange with strong green and yellow shimmers.  This was one of the free samples I received that was also a sneak peek to the upcoming (now released) Winchester Gospels.  That collection is inspired by Supernatural and this is a color based on Sam.  It's very beautiful and glowy, but I would really suggest using a white or cream base underneath to really make the color pop.

Walking on Sunshine
Walking on Sunshine:  purple with strong blue shimmers.  This was my second free sample and is another Winchester Gospel color.  This is based off of Charlie, who's a really fun character.  The blue shimmers are actually way more apparent in person and absolutely glow!  This is definitely a must have if you love duochromes.

Gorgeous Ghouls
Gorgeous Ghouls:  hot pink with slight violet sheen.  This is actually part of NM's new Color of the Month eyeshadows!  All orders made on a certain day received a free mini of this pretty shadow.  I don't normally wear hot pinks, but that won't stop me from sporting something from my birthday month :P

Daylight:  Visions, Walking on Sunshine, Gorgeous Ghouls
Flash:  Visions, Walking on Sunshine, Gorgeous Ghouls

Blood Countess

Gilded Mirror
Gilded Mirror:  shimmery lavender with gold sparkles.  This is a very beautiful and soft color.  I found that it sheered out a bit when applied to the lids, so I really suggest a cream/white base underneath.

Goblet of Red
Goblet of Red:  beautiful merlot with blue duochrome.  This is a gorgeous and vampy color.  The duochrome is stunning and is a good color to grab if you missed Autumn Flowers from the Firefly VC.

Noble Rage
Noble Rage:  pigmented black LOADED with purple sparkles.  I apologize for the smudginess of this swatch; my tape somehow lifted up while I was swatching so I couldn't get a clean edge :/

Sadist:  medium rose with gold shimmer.  This is a blush, so I've included a heavy swatch as well as a blended swatch.  I've worn this once and it was beautiful.  I had to use a rather light hand, but it blended out well and gave off a beautiful color on my cheeks.

Cachtice:  beautiful shimmery scarlet.  I'm SO glad NM decided to include a gloss in this collection.  I absolutely love the texture of their glosses.  The color of this one is so beautiful and it's also very pigmented.  The gold shimmers give off a slightly metallic finish, but does blend away into a wearable look.  I've worn this several times already and love it more with each wear.

Daylight:  Gilded Mirror, Goblet of Red, Noble Rage, Sadist, Cachtice
Flash:  Gilded Mirror, Goblet of Red, Noble Rage, Sadist, Cachtice

Dungeon:  smooth blood red creme with pink shimmer.  This is opaque in one coat, but I used two for this picture.  The color is a bit browner/darker than my picture shows.  It definitely reminds me of darkened blood.

Coffin Kissers:  I actually bought two for my best friend Cristy, one for myself, and one was a GWP for Free Day Friday.  I'm not good with scents at all, but I'll attempt to describe what these smell like to a scent novice.  I got Booberry's Cookies and Bloody Velvet Cake.  Booberry's Cookies has a buttery vanilla scent with a mix of berry; the buttery vanilla dominates though, and I'm not a fan of gourmands.  Bloody Velvet Cake smells a LOT like red velvet cake.  Not the artificial cake scent, but it smells like I'm actually sniffing a cake in front of me.  It has the faint cocoa scent that red velvet cake is known for and is not overly sweet.  I love this a lot!

Overall, I really love the Blood Countess collection.  I think it's a very cohesive collection with an obvious theme.  I love the inclusion of other products like lip gloss, blush, and nail polish, because that enables me to wear it on just more than my eyes!  I haven't worn the Dungeon nail polish yet because I'm currently still rotating through my polishes, but based on the swatch on my nail wheel, I know I'll love it.  Every single product from Notoriously Morbid has been stellar, their eyeshadows are pigmented and light, the lip glosses are to die for (coming from a person who doesn't like gloss), and the polishes are very creamy and pigmented.  If you're interested in some warm colors, or are even just fascinated by Elizabeth Bathory's bloody legacy, then this is a great collection to pick up!

- Jolie ♥

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