Friday, September 5, 2014

Aromaleigh Color of the Month Mini Haul - Swatches and Review

Hey everyone, I'm back with another small Aromaleigh haul!  Awhile ago, they were having a sale on their Color of the Months (CotMs); they were being discontinued as well so I knew I had to get some.  I'm still a relatively new customer, but I had already purchased a few times.  Their extremely quick TAT had always impressed me and this order was no different.  I received the shipping notice the next day and my order was in my mailbox two or three days later.  I decided to pick up a full size CotM that I had been eyeing for awhile and several other clearance shades as well.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Mater Matuta
Mater Matuta:  sparkly rose gold.  I had been really interested in this shade ever since its release.  I'm a huge fan of rose golds and this one is definitely right up my alley!

Iambic Pentameter
Iambic Pentameter:  pale pink with blue and orange sparkles.  Since this shade is so light, it was hard for my camera to capture the sparkles, but I assure you, they're definitely there and noticeable in person.

Dark Matter
Dark Matter:  shimmery taupe with blue sparkles

Petrichor:  light gray lavender with silver shimmers

Pyroclastic Flow
Pyroclastic Flow:  shimmery light pink with gold sparkles

Cyanide Sorrow
Cyanide Sorrow:  satin finish dusty rose with silver sparkles

Betelgeuse:  shimmery bronze with strong green duochrome.  I was actually drawn to the shade because of the name.  I'm a huge astronomy buff and Betelgeuse is one of my favorites (the name is also really fun to say!).  I know my swatch doesn't show it, but the green duochrome is definitely there.  This is a stunner in person.

Mass-Produced Sentiment
Mass-Produced Sentiment:  dark coffee brown with pink sparkles

Daylight:  Mater Matuta, Iambic Pentameter, Dark Matter, Petrichor, Pyroclastic Flow, Cyanide Sorrow, Betelgeuse, Mass-Produced Sentiment
Flash:  Mater Matuta, Iambic Pentameter, Dark Matter, Petrichor, Pyroclastic Flow, Cyanide Sorrow, Betelgeuse, Mass-Produced Sentiment

Free Samples

Aido Hwedo
Aido Hwedo:  tawny with green duochrome.  If you haven't noticed, all three of my free samples are from the Serpens collection.  I've been really interested in that collection and wanted to wait until it was complete before buying it.  It's been complete now, so I'll definitely get it soon.  I don't know if it was mere coincidence or if Kristen actually knew I liked Serpens shadows, but either way, it's much appreciated!  

Kinabalu:  orchid with blue duochrome

Kolowissi:  chocolate brown with green shimmers

Daylight:  Aido Hwedo, Kinabalu, Kolowissi
Flash:  Aido Hwedo, Kinabalu, Kolowissi

I really liked all the shades I go, along with my Serpens freebies!  I didn't notice it before, but this order consisted of a lot of rosy-hued neutrals, similar to shades you would find in Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette.  I really love the shades in the Naked 3, but never bought it due to the expense.  It's very interesting to see me subconsciously gravitating towards those shades.  Aromaleigh recently announced their upcoming Halloween collection inspired by Dante's Inferno.  If you know me personally, you'd know that I absolutely love Dante's Inferno (along with Goethe's Faust).  It's up for pre-order right now, but you can bet that I'll get my hands on it once it officially releases!

- Jolie ♥


  1. These are beautiful! I love that the free samples are in similar shades as what you ordered. It makes me feel like the seller actually paid attention to what you like!

    1. I feel that way too! And the fact that the TAT is so fast makes it even better. I know the owner keeps an extremely short TAT as a way of thanking her customers and showing her appreciation in ways that she can't verbally. In a world of beautiful but long waiting indie pretties, I really love companies that can provide near instant gratification!