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Wet n Wild Fall 2014 Limited Edition LA Street Style Collection - Swatches and Review

Wet n Wild's fall collection is now in stores now!  I'm actually a bit late posting this as they've been out since the beginning of the month, but I spent the whole month taking pictures and reviewing these goodies.  This fall collection is called LA Street style and has four 5-pan palettes, four MegaLast lipsticks (which I love), and six MegaLast nail polishes (which I love as well!).  Now I was extremely excited about the lipsticks and nail polishes because they're supposed to be all matte, as evidenced by their rubberized cats and tubes.  However, I was a bit hesitant to pick up the palettes because I heard bad reviews about their permanent 5-pan line.  I was enticed by the beautiful rose shades which seemed to be similar to Urban Decay's Naked 3 palette, so I bought all four palettes.  This post will be EXTREMELY picture heavy, but it's worth it, I promise.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Melrose at Night
Pale purple-toned taupe BROWBONE
Satin finish cream BASE
Dark brown with red sparkles DEFINER
Satin finish bronze EYELID
Pale pink with silver sparkles CREASE
Daylight: Melrose at Night
Flash:  Melrose at Night
Melrose at Night:  As you can tell, I'm formatting this post a bit differently than usual.  I'm going to put each description under each swatch to avoid confusion because this palette is bigger than their usual trios.  The EYELID and CREASE shades of this palette were both sheer and hard to pick up.  Overall, it was a bit disappointing and I wish this palette was more pigmented.  It would still make a lovely neutral look; you'd just have to work harder to pick up and pack on the colors.

Smoke and Melrose
Matte blush BROWBONE
Satin finish chiffon with slight silver shimmer BASE
Gingerbread with red shimmers DEFINER
Satin finish taupe EYELID
Satin finish taupe, shimmery rose champagne with gold sparkles CREASE
Daylight:  Smoke and Melrose
Flash:  Smoke and Melrose
Smoke and Melrose:  This is definitely the best palette of the bunch.  All the shades were buttery and pigmented.  The formula and texture of these shades is definitely comparable to Wet n Wild's old formulation which was spectacular.  The only gripe I have with this palette is that it doesn't offer a dark enough shade for the outer v.  That's not really a complaint though, if you have other dark colors you can pair with this palette. 

Angels in Aubergine
Matte hot pink with slight silver sparkle BROWBONE
Shimmery white silver with silver sparkles BASE
Shimmery burgundy DEFINER
Matte black EYELID
Charcoal with silver shimmer CREASE
Daylight:  Angels in Aubergine
Flash:  Angels in Aubergine
Angels in Aubergine:  This was definitely a beautiful palette and the burgundy caught my eye.  However, there were a few duds with some of the shades.  The hot pink was really dry and sheer, I had to pack it on for the color to show up in pictures.  The matte black was slightly dry and hard to pick up, but was very pigmented and did its job.  The charcoal might have been the worst; sheer, dry, and hard to pick up - definite dud.  HOWEVER, the burgundy was beautiful, buttery, and pigmented.  It swatched and applied like a dream and made me look gorgeous!  The base was also beautiful as an inner corner highlight.  I used this palette in an eye look (all but the hot pink shade) and it came out amazing and long lasting.  I experienced a tiny bit of fading from the burgundy after many hours, but it only faded to a lighter merlot shade and the rest of my eye look was still flawless.

High Waisted Jeans
Satin finish ice blue with slight silver microshimmer BROWBONE
Intense metallic silver foil BASE
                         Matte denim with silver sparkles DEFINER
Matte raisin with silver microshimmer EYELID
Satin finish navy CREASE
Daylight:  High Waisted Jeans
Flash:  High Waisted Jeans
High Waisted Jeans:  I'm not one to go for blue palettes (I had skipped out on Wet n Wild's Blue Had Me at Hello palette before it got discontinued), but I couldn't resist picking this one up to complete my collection.  I'm really glad I did because this palette was great!  Most of the shades were soft, pigmented, and butter - especially the silver, WnW definitely knows how to do perfect silvers.  The only semi-duds in this palette were the matte denim shade which was semi sheer, and the matte raisin shade which was sheer and slightly hard to pick up.

MegaLast Lipsticks

Rubberized matte tubes as opposed to their plastic tubes

Sweet Cream
Sweet Cream:  creamy pink-toned nude

Sunset Siren
Sunset Siren:  bright red with slight orange-tone

Bordeaux Boulevard
Bordeaux Boulevard:  brown-toned plum

Urban Night
Urban Night:  creamy merlot

Daylight:  Sweet Cream, Sunset Siren, Bordeaux Boulevard, Urban Night
Flash:  Sweet Cream, Sunset Siren, Bordeaux Boulevard, Urban Night
I really really love these lipsticks!  Not only are the colors gorgeous, but the formula is amazing as well.  I'm a fan of WnW's MegaLast lipsticks because they're super pigmented; they can also be super drying as well.  I've experienced a lot of dryness while wearing their permanent shades and it also made my lips flake.  With these new limited edition shades, the formula is creamier and a lot more comfortable.  They don't drag my lips like the old ones did.  It's also not really a matte finish, I would say more of a semi-matte, but still long lasting and worth picking up if you spot them.

MegaLast Nail Polish

Rouge 66
Rouge 66:  semi matte pink red jelly.  This is semi sheer and takes 2-3 coats to achieve opacity.

LAC - My Mani?
LAC - My Mani?:  matte ivory cream.  This is opaque in 2 coats.

Echo Dark
Echo Dark:  semi matte navy blue jelly.  This also had moderate opacity and was opaque in 2 coats.

Distressed to Impress
Distressed to Impress:  semi matte umber creme.  This is very pigmented and can be a one-coater.

Careful, It's Vine-tage
Careful, It's Vine-tage:  semi matte raisin creme.  This is very pigmented as well and is almost a one-coater.

So Berry on Trend
So Berry on Trend:  semi matte merlot creme.  This has moderate opacity and is opaque in 2 coats.

Daylight:  Rouge 66, LAC - My Mani?, Echo Dark
Daylight:  Distressed to Impress, Careful, It's Vine-tage, So Berry on Trend
Daylight:  Rouge 66, LAC - My Mani?, Echo Dark, Distressed to Impress, Careful, It's Vine-tage, So Berry on Trend

EOTD with Angels in Aubergine

For that eye look, I used the BASE shade in my inner corner, DEFINER all over my lid, CREASE in my outer v and crease, and the EYELID shade to deepen my outer v.  It lasted all workday for me, which is 10+ hours and had minimal fading.  Forgive the lighting in the pictures, it was a cloudy morning when I took these.

Overall, I really love this fall collection from Wet n Wild.  They've really improved their 5-pan palette formulas and I believe they'll be using the same formula for other palettes in the future.  The lipsticks and nail polishes were also great.  Everything was a hit with me, barring a few select eyeshadow shades, but I know I can make those work too.  This collection may be disappearing from shelves soon, because WnW has just released their new Halloween collection as well!  

Have you tried the LA Street Style collection yet?  What are your thoughts?

- Jolie ♥

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