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Notoriously Morbid Delicate Chaos Eyeshadows, Divination Blushes, and LipCraft Glosses - Swatches and Review

Look at all those new products!  I finally got something besides eyeshadows from Notoriously Morbid this time.  Last month, they released a buttload of new stuff, including their Divination Blushes (with a contour color), 3 new Lip Craft glosses, and a mini eyeshadow collection based off of DC's Batman villainesses.  Since I loved NM's last blushes (Ripper's Rouge), I wanted to try out the new colors as well.  I also enjoyed their Lip Craft gloss in "Relax...It's Only Magic" so I wanted to try out the rest.  I used this opportunity to pick up the gloss "Kiss & Tell" from last month's VC as I had chosen to get the nail polish in my box.  

If you know me, you know that I love comic books.  My favorite characters are Elektra and Catwoman, but I generally love all the villainesses in Batman.  I really love how heavily female characters are featured in the DC-verse, so the mini collection held a special place in my heart.  I also got 2 mini jars in Shenanimonkey and Kompanion no.9.  Since my order was also during a Free Day Friday, the item was a free mini of Pale Rider.  I have swatched all of those shades before, so if you're interested, you can look at my older NM blog posts.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Black Cat - No Lives
Black Cat - No Lives:  sexy and shimmery dark green with red and gold shimmers.  This is the first appearance of a Morbid Mistake, which are shadows that resulted in something different but were too pretty to throw out.  I find this particular color stunning and would gladly pay for a full size of this beauty.  This is definitely not a mistake in my eyes!  (Seriously Carrie, if you still have any left and would like to sell me one, I'd take it in a heartbeat >_>)

Annataz:  shimmery medium silver.  I believe this was inspired by Zatanna, who I am not familiar with so I can't give more information on her.

Fierce Poison
Fierce Poison:  beautiful swampy green with strong red sheen.  This was inspired by Poison Ivy and it's a very good representation of her!  The red duochrome is actually a lot stronger in person, so don't be fooled by my swatch.

Sexy Psycho
Sexy Psycho:  candy apple red with silver sheen.  This was inspired by Harley Quinn - Poison Ivy's sidekick and Joker's girlfriend.  It's definitely reminiscent of her red and white costume.

Purrfect Thief
Purrfect Thief:  sexy and shimmery dark purple.  This was inspired by Catwoman and it's so gorgeous.  The shimmers are more pronounced in person and it's a very sexy color mmf.

Daylight:  Black Cat - No Lives, Annataz, Fierce Poison, Sexy Psycho, Purrfect Thief
Flash:  Black Cat - No Lives, Annataz, Fierce Poison, Sexy Psycho, Purrfect Thief

As you can see, NM definitely did the characters justice and represented them very well.  A little note is that the mini collection may be called Delicate Chaos, but you'd find them under the "Villains" collection on the website.

Divination Blushes

Cartomancy:  matte lavender.  This was my free sample and it was very easy to blend.

Necromancy:  matte cool toned gray-taupe.  This is slightly harder to blend (I use my fingers to make sure I really blend it in) and I use it with very light hand.  I had initially asked Carrie if she would recommend it for someone like me (light to medium warm-toned skin) since it's such a cool toned product.  She was very honest and said it might not work but offered to send a mini jar.  I felt bad since I wanted a sample of Palmistry already, so I said no and would settle for a mini baggie which is definitely enough for at least one application.  She generously sent me a mini jar of both Necromancy and Palmistry anyway!  Let me tell you, these jars are huge - bigger than full size eyeshadow jars -  I was completely shocked at how much product came in these.

After the initial shock at her generosity, I tried this out.  Like I said before, I used a very light hand and used it to contour the sides of my nose and cheeks.  This works AMAZINGLY.  I only used a tiny, tiny bit and my nose looked so defined!  Even though it's cooler toned, it actually worked wonderfully against my skin because it actually looked like normal shadows.  I don't like using warm toned contours because they tend to not show up on my skin or not look natural.  I really love Necromancy as a contouring product and will definitely buy more if I ever run out of this huge jar.  It's become my go-to contour and I love it so much.  Carrie is an amazing woman and I'm SO happy she sent me this to try!  Samples were not an option when these were released, but after an overwhelming amount of requests, she has made sample baggies(?) a purchasing option.

Numerology:  beautiful shimmery coral pink with gold sheen.  The beauty of this blush is no joke, as soon as I opened my package I knew I had to put this on my face.  I was so excited that I fumbled a lot and some product poofed out when I ripped off the sticker sticker :P  It's just as amazing on the cheeks as it is in the jar.  I wore this immediately after receiving my package and it lasted me a good 8+ hours.  It gives a beautiful wash of color with a beautiful sheen.  I think it would look good on a lot of people and was great for the fleeting summer!  Numerology definitely became my favorite blush and it hasn't been topped yet!

Palmistry:  matte brick red.  Like Necromancy, this was slightly harder to blend and sheer out.  Due to the pigmentation, it takes a lot more work to blend since it shows up so much more than Necromancy.  Palmistry was my other free mini jar (thanks again, Carrie!!) and I'm glad I got a sample of this to try out.  I"m always so intrigued by these colors even though I know I can't pull them off.  When I saw this on the site I wanted to try it so badly!  With blushes like these, I always want to see if I can somehow make it work.  So far, I haven't found a way to use it yet, but I'm going to put more effort into it when we head into fall/winter.  I might also try using this as an eyeshadow because it's so pigmented!
Daylight:  Cartomancy (built up and blended), Necromancy (built up and blended), Numerology (built up and blended), Palmistry (built up and blended)
Flash:  Cartomancy (built up and blended), Necromancy (built up and blended), Numerology (built up and blended), Palmistry (built up and blended)

Lipcraft Glosses

Kiss & Tell
Kiss & Tell:  pigmented berry mauve with orange shimmer.  This was actually an overstock item from the Firefly Vanishing Cabinet.  The gloss is inspired by the Companion Inara who is very feminine and beautiful.  The formula of this gloss is very moisturizing and feels great on lips.  It's also extremely pigmented and goes great with my skintone.  I've put this in my bag several times and really love this color!  I'm sad that this is a limited edition color as it's become one of my favorites.

Pale Sanity
Pale Sanity:  frosty sheer golden orange with gold sheen

Serannian Dreams
Serannian Dreams:  extremely pigmented bright cool pink.  I was actually hesitant to get this because bright cool toned pinks rarely look good on me.  However, the NM collector/hoarder in me couldn't leave this behind.  I was so impressed when I applied this on my lips.  The color was so opaque and completely covered my pigmented lips.  I realized later that it leaves behind white stain which is probably how it was able to cover pigmented lips.  That's the first time I've seen something like that and I think it's a really smart idea!  

Cosmic Gulfs
Cosmic Gulfs:  metallic dark purple with silver sheen

Daylight:  Kiss & Tell, Pale Sanity, Serannian Dreams, Cosmic Gulfs
Flash:  Kiss & Tell, Pale Sanity, Serannian Dreams, Cosmic Gulfs
On thing worth noting about the glosses is that it has a faint sweet baked goods scent.  I can't put my finger on exactly what, but I like it.  There's no taste to the glosses and the scent fades away quickly if you're bothered by it.

I'm really loving all the new products that Notoriously Morbid are coming out with!  As usual, I absolutely love their eyeshadows, especially collections that are close to my heart like the DC ones.  I like the inclusion of Morbid Mistakes and Black Cat - No Lives is truly beautiful.  Unlike many others, I actually wasn't gearing up for the Divination Blushes mainly because I have way too many already.  I keep telling myself that I definitely won't buy any more blushes.  However, when they were released, I knew I needed Numerology and Necromancy and Palmistry were too interesting to pass up.  If you're familiar with the older Ripper's Rouge blushes, then you should know what to expect from the Divination collection.  Shimmery blushes are easier to blend, however, the matte ones are great too.  Cartomancy is a great one to try if you're into orchid colors.  I highly recommend picking up at least a sample of Necromancy to see if the color is up your alley.  Lastly, the glosses are amazing.  I love the Lipcraft formulas and I'm definitely going to buy any new ones that are released!  

All the products (aside from Black Cat - No Lives and Kiss & Tell) are permanent in NM's store.  There's no rush to get them, but you shouldn't wait if you see something you like.  NM often has Free Day Fridays, so that's a great time to pick something up!

- Jolie ♥ 

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