Monday, September 22, 2014

Aromaleigh Dryades and Diavoli Collections - Swatches and Review

Let me just warn you now, this is going to be an EXTREMELY long and picture-heavy post.  Awhile ago, Aromaleigh Cosmetics had posted a request on their FB page asked beauty bloggers and swatchers to help swatch their newest Dryades collection.  Since I'm a huge Greek mythology buff and have had my eye on the Dryades collection since its announcement, I jumped at the chance.  I sent them my information through the contact form on their site and got a reply almost immediately.  Their representative, Carol, was happy that I was interested and asked if I would be interested in swatching their upcoming (now-released) Diavoli collection as well.

Now, I don't know you know this, but I'm also a huge, HUGE fan of Dante's Inferno.  I completely lost it when Aromaleigh announced that as their Halloween collection inspiration.  Obviously, I said yes, and waited by my mailbox diligently.  Since this is supposed to be a swatch post, I'll stop rambling and get on with the pictures.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)


Ekho:  soft blush with green shimmers

Othreis:  soft pink with golden shimmers

Heliades:  soft corn yellow with red sheen

Byblis:  beautiful moss green with red sheen

Dryope:  olive green with slight red base and blue shimmers

Daylight:  Ekho, Othreis, Heliades, Byblis, Dryope
Flash:  Ekho, Othreis, Heliades, Byblis, Dryope

Kyllene:  caramel with green shimmers

Hesperides:  beautiful shimmery coral

Pitys:  gorgeous shimmery dusty purple with copper shimmer

Daphnis:  beautiful tawny with blue sheen

Kraneia:  absolutely stunning dark pine base with strong fuchsia sheen

Daylight:  Kyllene, Hesperides, Pitys, Daphnis, Kraneia
Flash:  Kyllene, Hesperides, Pitys, Daphnis, Kraneia
As you can see, the Dryades collection is a neutral collection, based off of the wood nymphs of Greek myths.  The duochromes of some shades left me breathless and I can't wait to use them.  It's also worth noting that Aromaleigh's eyeshadow formula is very light and airy, yet retains good pigmentation.


Draghignazzo:  mossy green with brown base and blue shimmers

Barbariccia:  crocodile green with copper shimmers

Graffiacane:  milk chocolate with green shimmers.  My swatches show it leaning a bit purple, but it definitely has a milk chocolate base.

Ciriatto:  stunning dark brown with green shimmer

Alichino:  shimmery fern green with coral duochrome

Scarmiglione:  shimmery dusty purple with slight light green duochrome

Libicocco:  gray base with strong copper pink duochrome

Daylight:  Draghignazzo, Barbariccia, Graffiacane, Ciriatto, Alichino, Scarmiglione, Libicocco 
Flash:  Draghignazzo, Barbariccia, Graffiacane, Ciriatto, Alichino, Scarmiglione, Libicocco

Calcabrina:  beautiful dark plum base with strong blue shimmers

Malacoda:  shimmery bronze with red and green shimmers

Malebranche:  coral salmon with blue shimmers

Rubicante:  rose with blue shimmers

Farfarello:  shimmery blush pink.  I actually love this one a lot; I have a few in my collection that might be similar but it doesn't stop me from loving each and every new one I come across.  I'm usually a green shadow lover, but something about this kind of blush/pomegranate pink always gets me.

Cagnazzo:  gorgeous red base with strong violet shimmer

Daylight:  Calcabrina, Malacoda, Malebranche, Rubicante, Farfarello, Cagnazzo
Flash:  Calcabrina, Malacoda, Malebranche, Rubicante, Farfarello, Cagnazzo
The Diavoli is a bit darker and sultrier because Dante's Inferno takes place in hell and each color (except Malebranche) represents a devil of the Malebranche.  The collection also touts itself as being color shifting and multichrome.  Now let me tell you why it took me so long to finalize my swatch post.  I normally take my pictures under a daylight bulb because I don't have a lot of sunlight, but on the off chance that I do, I will take my pictures under that.  On the day that I swatched, there was sunlight, so I started shooting.  However, I realized that my pictures were falling flat and not showing the beauty and complexity of the shadows.  After a few more shots and different angles, I resorted back to my daylight bulb and it looked much better.  When I finally uploaded my pictures and started writing up my post, I realized that I had WAY too many pictures for the 13 shadows of this collection.  I figured that my upload somehow messed up the order of my swatches and had to figure out which swatch went with which shadow based on my descriptions.

I then ran into another problem.  Like I said before, there were way too many swatches, far more than 13, and they all looked different.  That got me even more confused until I realized they were all the same shadows taken in different angles.  So when Aromaleigh says "multichrome" and "color shifting", know that they are not exaggerating.  If I showed you all the pictures I took of just ONE shadow, you'd probably tell me I were showing you five different ones.  I realize this became a really long ramble which I was trying to avoid, but I think it's necessary to really tell you how great these shadows are.  Aromaleigh doesn't know if they'll make this collection permanent yet (based on sales), but I'm really hoping that they do.  I know I'll be ordering another set of this to press, and maybe even full sized jars for a few of them.  Another tidbit of these shadows is they perform best over a cream base - NOT a glitter adhesive.  That's great for us who don't really have the time or patience to use sticky bases and I appreciate that.  I use a regular primer to swatch these and they look beautiful in person, so they would most likely look even better over cream bases.

Either way, I want to thank Aromaleigh for sending these to me and I also have to apologize for taking so long.  I really appreciate how patient and generous they were with me and I look forward to whatever new releases they have in store for us!

- Jolie ♥

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