Saturday, September 6, 2014

Dolly's Autumn 2014 Nail Polish Swatches and Review

Hey everyone, I have something new for you today!  If you frequent my blog, you would know that I don't do nail polish swatches very often.  The reason of this is because I don't think I'm very good and I'm usually afraid my camera doesn't have a good enough macro function to showcase the details.  However, someone recently posted on /r/IMAM asking for bloggers/swatchers to swatch their new polishes.  The first 5 people to respond would get chosen and obviously I jumped at the chance.  I've always been interested in indie polishes but never bought because they're a bit expensive for me and I can never finish a whole bottle.

Fortunately, I was one of the first 5 responses and the owner, Angie, emailed me shortly after.  Her shop, Dolly's, would be releasing their Autumn collection soon and wanted some opinions.  After I gave her my mailing address, she sent out the package shortly and I received it a few days later.

I noticed that the company is based off a place called "Bear Trap", which I think is a cool name.  (Btw, I don't actually condone trapping bears.)  When I opened my packages, I was so excited to see all those Halloween goodies tumble out!  The mini foam things and Pixi Stix really made me feel like a kid :D  There was also a really cool Jack-O-Lantern stamp on the envelope but I didn't photograph it because there was a big ole shoeprint on my package >:(   I might just cut it out anyway because it's really, really cool...

A really sweet thank-you note :D  No, Angi, thank YOU for letting me try your creations!
Each polish came individually bubble wrapped and taped with decorative Halloween tape.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched with NO base or top coat (3 coats of each polish)

Sugar Skull
Sugar Skull:  milky white creme base with multicolored big round glitter, medium hex glitter, and small iridescent hex glitter.  Sugar Skull has a matte finish and is slightly textured due to the iridescent glitter.  I feel like it would be better applied over a white creme base first to better showcase the glitters.  When I layer this polish, the pigmented base covers up the glitter.  I do like this polish because of how many different shapes, colors, and size glitters are in it; it's like a party on your nails!

Laternelaufen:  honey yellow with small red, green, and iridescent hex glitter.  This is another textured polish and the texture reminds me of fine sand.  This would be my first truly textured polish and I find it exciting!  I'm still on the fence on whether or not yellow works for me, but I'm definitely up for trying new colors.  I've included another picture below that better shows the texture.

Lake Monster Scales
Lake Monster Scales:  clear base with medium purple and green hex glitter, small purple and green hex glitter, and small square holo glitter.  There's a lot going on in this glitter topper and I LOVE it!  It looks super dense and pigmented in the bottle, but this is a true glitter topper unless you want to layer several coats for opacity.  I really enjoy how the green and purple glitter look together.  I also love that they are sheer glitters instead of solid ones, I find it definitely looks more "scaley".

Autumn 2014
Autumn 2014:  crimson with gold shimmer.  This is my favorite and is opaque in 2 coats, but I added another just for consistency.  I knew I would love this one the most right off the bat because I'm a huge fan of cremes and shimmers.  I find that they deliver the best pigmentation and texture and Autumn 2014 is no different.

Sugar Skull, Laternelaufen, Lake Monster Scales, Autumn 2014

I forgot to mention that all of these are mini bottles, but are definitely enough to last me a long time.  I have yet to finish a bottle of nail polish.  I also went out of my comfort zone and chose two glitter polishes (Sugar Skull was included by Angie).  I don't often go for glitter polishes because of how annoying they are to remove.  However, I was removing right after these pictures and they came off with no fuss.  That may be due to them being almost freshly applied (applied, dried, and removed within the hour), but I have no way to be sure.  I enjoyed testing and swatching these polishes and personally can't wait to layer Lake Monster Scales over another color!  Since the glitters are semi sheer, I don't know if they would be noticeable over black.  I shall experiment and have fun doing so :)  

Thanks again for sending me these and letting me try them, Angi!  I wish you all the best with your shop!

- Jolie ♥

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