Saturday, September 20, 2014

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Kate's Color Lugia and Discontinued Shadows - Swatches and Review

Forgive me, I've been a very bad blogger.  I actually received this package over a month ago and have been sitting on the review (having taken pictures a week or two prior).  I've been pretty busy with work and had been battling a cold as well.  Anyway, with the success of my last Kate's Color from Dawn Eyes Cosmetics, I set out to try to redo my original Lugia idea.  I asked for a pearly white shadow with blue sparkles this time (instead of a blue sheen).  During that period, I also inquired about her discontinued shades and if she had any sample sizes.  Since my Kate's Color was taking awhile, she decided to send me twelve discontinued shades for free!  That was extremely generous and I have since ordered another Kate's Color and discontinued shadows which you'll see in another post :)

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Lugia:  shimmery white with blue sparkles.  (The sparkles don't seem to show up on camera too well, but they're there.)  Ah...the long awaited Lugia.  I had given up on him and had to settle for Shadow Lugia instead, but the urge to do an eye look with both of them was too great.  Dawn was extremely patient and helpful during our interactions.  I'm very pleased with how it turned out and I enjoy using him as an inner corner highlight.  This is a definite staple in my collection and I hope whoever gets a sample of this enjoys it as well :)

Brilliant:  sky blue with blue sparkles

Intensity:  matte lavender with rainbow sparkles

Gorgeous:  shimmery seafoam with copper sparkles; gorgeous indeed.

Emerging:  shimmery blush with blue sparkles

Nearly Neutral
Nearly Neutral:  shimmery purple taupe with gold sparkles

Daylight:  Lugia, Brilliant, Intensity, Gorgeous, Emerging, Nearly Neutral
Flash:  Lugia, Brilliant, Intensity, Gorgeous, Emerging, Nearly Neutral

Foxy:  chocolate with silver shimmer 

Chestnut:  metallic bronze with blue shimmer

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey:  dark walnut with blue shimmer

Sunken Treasure
Sunken Treasure:  shimmery cinnamon with tons of red and gold sparkles

Kingmaker:  shimmery blurple with blue and red sparkles

Midnight Bloom
Midnight Bloom:  black base with tons of blue sparkles

Imp:  intense pigmented matte black with rainbow sparkles.  Again, the sparkles don't show up well on camera, but are definitely there in person.  Imp is a wonderful shadow.

Daylight:  Foxy, Chestnut, Wild Turkey, Sunken Treasure, Kingmaker, Midnight Bloom, Imp
Flash:  Foxy, Chestnut, Wild Turkey, Sunken Treasure, Kingmaker, Midnight Bloom, Imp

It's been a great pleasure working with Dawn and I love her creations.  All of her discontinued shades are usually sold as full-sized jars for $4, however, I was able to get some samples that she had lying around.  She's been an absolute pleasure to work with and I love being able to get a custom color while helping out her sister's surgery bills.  If you have any color in mind that you'd like to see, I really urge you to put in an order for a Kate's Color.  Dawn works as hard as she could to create whatever you'd like and you get a buttload of shadow to share with your friends!

Till next time,

- Jolie ♥

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