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Notoriously Morbid August 2014 Vanishing Cabinet - 'Writer of Dreams' Swatches and Review

Today, I have a review of Notoriously Morbid's August 2014 Vanishing Cabinet.  This review was actually further down my schedule, but since it's an August box, I figured I should post this up before August ends.  Every month since its release, the Vanishing Cabinet has been selling out within the hour, so to make things easier for us diehard fans, Carrie has made it into a subscription service.  You can bet I got my hands on that as soon as it was released...  Now I won't have to worry at all about not getting my goodies!

August's VC was named "Writer of Dreams" and was inspired by Neil Gaiman's works.  The eyeshadow "Morpheus" was snuck into several orders last month as a sneak peek.  I was surprised to not see it included in the package when the info page went up; Carrie confirmed that Morpheus was only made as a clue and not meant to be included in the VC.  The week it went up was also the week of a Free Day Friday and the item was one free mini shadow for every order $10+.  Since our boxes automatically fulfill that requirement, all subscribers got a mini shadow.  I asked if I could possibly receive Morpheus as my mini and Carrie graciously said yes!

The bag it came in was really cute and got me geared up for Halloween!

A bit of information about Writer of Dreams.
Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Wadsworth:  burnt orange with very strong green duochrome.  This was the free sample and also a sneak peek at next month's VC!  It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm so mad that my camera couldn't pick up the duochrome.  The duochrome is very intense, strong, and stunning.  Seriously, just imagine a really strong green sheen over my swatch right now.  It was so mesmerizing that I had to personally tell Carrie how much I loved it.  I can't wait to receive this next month; can. not. WAIT.

Morpheus:  shimmery dark purple taupe with rainbow shimmers.  As I said before, this was my free mini and it's very generous.  I already have a sample of it from last month and I'm very glad I have a bigger version.  It was very nice of Carrie to let me get this as my free mini considering it wasn't actually up for sale.

Moments That Illuminate
Moments That Illuminate:  shimmery light blue with very strong pink duochrome and blue sparkles.  This is very ethereal and reminds me very much of clouds!

Stories By the Fire
Stories By the Fire:  metallic burnt orange that can look rosy copper.  I love this one so much.  When I first did quick swatches over bare skin, it looked like a metallic rose copper.  It was absolutely stunning and I fell in love.  However, when I applied it over primer here, the orange color came out more.  This is a shade that can look different depending on the application methods.

Seek Not Revenge
Seek Not Revenge:  shimmery royal purple with red duochrome

Time is Fluid Here
Time is Fluid Here:  shimmery green tinted charcoal

Graceful Torment
Graceful Torment:  shimmery reddened pink with violet sheen.  This was a sample from Innocent + Twisted Alchemy.  I was very excited to see the appearance of my other subscription box in this VC!  When I first swatched it, I found a few unblended red shadows, so I messaged Linda about it.  She apologized and offered to send another one, but I wanted to try pressing it first.  After I pressed it, the shadows blended evenly and the problem was fixed.  If you have the same problem, I suggest pressing it as well.  The swatch here was done after pressing and actually has a satin finish texture which I like a lot.

Daylight:  Wadsworth, Morpheus, Moments that Illuminate, Stories by the Fire, Seek not Revenge, Time is Fluid Here, Graceful Torment
Flash:  Wadsworth, Morpheus, Moments that Illuminate, Stories by the Fire, Seek not Revenge, Time is Fluid Here, Graceful Torment

Glass Apples
Glass Apples:  sheer red tint; smells like Fruit Roll Ups and chocolate to me.  This is NM's first Lip Tint and I'm so excited for more!  It has the same texture as their Coffin Kissers - slippery and thin.  That particular texture doesn't work well on my lips because my lips require something waxier and thicker to sufficiently moisturize them.  However, I know the texture works on a lot of people and it's their Holy Grail lip balm.  I love that they're going to be tinted now because I love tinted/colored products!

Daylight:  Glass Apples
Flash:  Glass Apples

This collection was really amazing for me!  The standout shadows were Wadsworth - technically not part of the set, but it's worth a mention, Moments that Illuminate, and Stories by the Fire.  The names and descriptions on the site are also very intriguing and made me want to read The Sandman.  The introduction of the lip tint was exciting for me and I was so surprised to see a full size of it, as the sample size was shown to us prior.  I can't wait to see other lip tints that the NM team cooks up later on and I'll definitely be picking up all the colors.  Like I said before, I'm so glad I got a subscription because it makes me less stressed out about being able to pick up a VC before it vanishes.  Next month is going to be amazing, I already know the theme so I won't spoil it ;)

As usual, the overstock products from the VC will be available for individual purchase soon.  NM is also discontinuing a lot of their shades, so I'll be sure to pick those up too!  I hope my wallet doesn't die after this...

- Jolie ♥

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