Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wet n Wild Summer 2014 MegaLast Nail Polish - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, I know this is super crazy late as summer is almost ending!  Since I've recently gotten my hands on some limited edition summer collections, I'll try to churn these out before it hits September.  Today, I have swatches of Wet n Wild's Summer 2014 MegaLast nail polish collection.  I don't believe this collection has a name; it's comprised of 6 beautifully bright summer shades.  I found these awhile ago and have just been sitting on this review, I apologize.  

Pictures taken under daylight bulb (click to enlarge)

Beat of a Generation
Beat of a Generation:  hot pink crelly (creme-jelly).  I like this shade a lot and it's opaque after 2 coats.

Love Me Some Muscles!
Love Me Some Muscles!:  sheer coral crelly.  This is another one I really like and I've worn it several times already.  It's very flattering on my skin tone.

A Venice Day
A Venice Day:  yellow crelly

Contact High
Contact High:  sheer green jelly

Coast to Coast
Coast to Coast:  opaque cobalt creme with silver shimmer.  This was a favorite of mine as it's super bright and beautiful.  This is definitely a statement nail polish and is opaque after 1 coat, but I use 2 to even it out.

Trippin' On the Boardwalk
Trippin' On the Boardwalk:  lavender creme

Daylight:  Beat of a Generation, Love me some Muscles!, A Venice Day, Contact High, Coast to Coast, Trippin' on the Boardwalk

Overall, I really like this collection!  I only sat on this review for so long because I was too lazy to do swatches on the nail wheel.  I've worn all of these colors at least once and several of these colors repeatedly.  My favorites are Beat of a Generation, Love Me Some Muscles!, and Coast to Coast.  I can still find them at my local Rite Aids because they normally get things later than other drugstores.  If you spot them anywhere, I really recommend picking these up!

- Jolie ♥

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