Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wet n Wild LE Summer 2014 Collection - Summer Festival Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, is it just me, or did the summer go by really quickly this year?!  I found it a bit odd when my favorite drugstore brand, Wet n Wild, didn't release new summer shadows like they did last year.  However, they actually did and I was just very, very late to the game!  I noticed the empty displays in late August and basically rushed to find the whole collection before stores ran out.  After much traveling, I finally got everything, which included 6 eyeshadow trios, 4 nail polishes, and 2 new balm stains!  The collection is called "Summer Festival" and looks very similar to last summer's "Pop Art Craze" collection.

Without further ado, let's get to the pictures.

Product pictures are taken under daylight bulb, swatches are done over ELF's Essential Primer and taken under daylight (click to enlarge)

Eyeshadow Trios

Sun-Set to See
Sun-Set to See:  matte cream (soft and silky); satin finish tawny; matte pumpkin orange with faint silver shimmer

Standing My Camp-Ground!
Standing My Camp-Ground!:  matte latte; matte mocha with faint silver shimmer; satin finish fuchsia with pink shimmers

Lost My Wristband
Lost My Wristband:  matte light pink; satin finish yellow (a bit powdery); satin finish light green (powdery)
Daylight:  Sun-Set to See, Standing My Camp-Ground!, Lost My Wristband
Flash:  Sun-Set to See, Standing My Camp-Ground!, Lost My Wristband

Something to Rave About
Something to Rave About:  satin finish butter yellow with silver shimmer; sheer matte sky blue (dry and hard); matte hot pink with silver shimmer

No Scalpers Allowed
No Scalpers Allowed:  matte blush; matte lavender; shimmery blurple (dry and sheer)

Who's Carpooling?
Who's Carpooling?:  matte white (powdery); satin finish fern (sheer); satin finish azure (pigmented)

Daylight:  Something to Rave About, No Scalpers Allowed, Who's Carpooling?
Flash:  Something to Rave About, No Scalpers Allowed, Who's Carpooling?

Overall, the shades in this year's collection are very fun and bright.  A majority of them are also matte, so it would suit a lot of matte lovers.  The set I loved the most is Who's Carpooling? because of the beautiful colors; they really reminded me of Earth!  I found a few shades in the collection that were a bit dry, sheer, and hard to pick up, but there were more hits than misses.  The sheer shadows can definitely be built up too.  I think No Scalpers Allowed is a nice set to pick up as well; the blurple may be sheer, but it's definitely very beautiful and unique when built up.  

Wild Shine Nail Polish

Ferris-Wheel Romance
Ferris-Wheel Romance:  opaque light pink-coral creme

Spitfire:  sheer fiery orange jelly

Chambray Showers
Chambray Showers:  opaque sky blue creme

Gyp-Sea Green
Gyp-Sea Green:  sheer mint jelly, similar to darker Tiffany Blue

Daylight:  Ferris-Wheel Romance, Spitfire, Chambray Showers, Gyp-Sea Green

Balm Stains

Tangerine and Tribal
Tangerine and Tribal:  vibrant and pigmented pink coral with pink stain

Festival Fashionista
Festival Fashionista:  semi sheer persimmon, applies fiery orange on lips

Daylight:  Tangerine and Tribal, Festival Fashionista
Flash:  Tangerine and Tribal, Festival Fashionista

Wet n Wild's Balm Stains are one of my very favorite products from them so I'm extremely glad I found these two limited edition shades.  I find the formula so comfortable on the lips and most of them have good coverage, if not downright opaque.  If you can still find the collection in stores, I really recommend them.  Limited edition sets are the same price as their normal permanent products, which means the trios are $3/ea, nail polishes are $1/ea (what a steal!), and balm stains are also $3/ea.  If you're really lucky, you'll find several of these items on sale too.  Happy hunting!

- Jolie ♥

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