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Life's Entropy Blogger Pack - Swatches and Review

First off, I must apologize for my long absence, I've had this set for a few weeks already and should have reviewed it earlier.  I've been extremely busy/tired with work and I also caught a cold.  I'm still super backed up with my reviews, but I'm getting around to them slowly!

Today I have a much anticipated review from the new indie company Life's Entropy.  It was started by Jane, a user who frequents /r/IMAM and had a blog that everyone loved.  Her line boasts not only eye products, but also face and lips as well.  I'm very impressed with the shop's website, as it is clean and easy to navigate.  Most of her products are science themed and that's a first for me; she has two collections of eyeshadows so far - inspired by DoTA and Animal Crossing.  What really caught my eye were the cute holographic stickers on full-sized eyeshadow jars!  Another thing everyone was excited about were her Lip Theories, which were dupes of OCC Lip Tars.  I haven't tried Lip Tars yet, but I hear a lot of raves about the pigmentation and lasting power.

I decided to purchase a blogger pack ($25) which includes: 1 full size eyeshadow, 1 full size Lip Theory, 1 full size Particle Contour Stick, and 10 lip, face, or eye samples.

LE's packaging has been raved about all over the subreddit and it definitely impressed me too.  Check out the pictures:

Look at that cute little flower!
A very nice thank you to beauty bloggers.
Jane knows my work!  She knows my work.  I found that so exciting and was very flattered :)

Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)


Bad Hare Day
Bad Hare Day:  tan with gold shimmers.  This was my free sample, as you can tell from the cute "free sample" sticker.  I love how Jane has a special label for everything.

Owl Always Love You
Owl Always Love You:  gold tinted silver with rainbow shimmers.  This was the full size I chose, look at that cute owl sticker!  All the full size jars also come individually shrink wrapped to prevent leakage.  The jars are also filled to the brim, as you can see in the picture.

Dismember:  light taupe with red sheen

Just Kitten
Just Kitten:  pink-tan base with strong gold sheen

Horsing Around
Horsing Around:  shimmery golden brown

Fiery Soul
Fiery Soul:  shimmery red orange with gold shimmers

Astral Imprisonment
Astral Imprisonment:  gorgeous shimmery dark green

Daylight:  Bad Hare Day, Owl Always Love You, Dismember, Just Kitten, Horsing Around, Fiery Soul, Astral Imprisonment
Flash:  Bad Hare Day, Owl Always Love You, Dismember, Just Kitten, Horsing Around, Fiery Soul, Astral Imprisonment
Overall, the eyeshadow formula was really great.  They were all soft, silky, and very pigmented.  I was especially surprised at how beautiful and striking Fiery Soul and Astral Imprisonment are though.  If you like jewel tone shades, I would recommend checking out the DotA collection.

Particle Contour Stick

Neutron:  cool toned brown.  I chose this one as a sample because I wasn't sure if Neutron or Neutrino would look better on me.  The sample is big enough for several uses.

Neutrino:  gray leaning taupe.  The full size Particle Contour Stick also comes individually shrink wrapped.  This is lighter and cooler toned than Neutron.

Daylight:  Neutron (heavy), Neutron (blended), Neutrino (heavy), Neutrino (blended)
Flash:  Neutron (heavy), Neutron (blended), Neutrino (heavy), Neutrino (blended)
I haven't used any of the contour sticks aside from swatching, but they are very pigmented and blend out easily.  I've heard you had to set them with powder because they don't dry to a powder finish.  I'm still trying to figure out which stick looks better on my skin tone.

Lip Theories

Apoptosis:  vibrant pink coral.  I chose this as my full size because I'm really liking darker corals and I figured this would be more fool proof than lighter shades on me.  It comes with a disposable doe foot applicator.  I wore this out and found that it settles into lip creases, but that may have been because of my lip balm.  Lip balm would definitely shorten the longevity and vibrancy of these lip theories.  I normally wouldn't wear lip balm when I'm testing lip products but my lips had been extremely sensitive, chapped, and allergy prone that week.

Coralation:  orange-leaning coral.  I actually tested this one first, without lip balm whatsover.  While it isn't moisturizing, it definitely is not drying; lip theories will just sit on your lips.  I found it extremely long lasting - I wore it for an hour before eating pizza and it didn't fade at all afterward.  It also lasted two hours before I felt the need to put on lip balm, but that's about how long my normal un-balmed lips would take to start drying.

Recursion:  red orange

Vaccine:  dark raspberry

Big Bang Theory
Big Bang Theory:  black orchid.  I'm actually a fan of darker colors, so this was the first one I had my eye on.  It's very beautiful, dark, and vampy; I can't wait to play with it when the weather gets cooler.

Daylight:  Apoptosis, Coralation, Recursion, Vaccine, Big Bang Theory
Flash:  Apoptosis, Coralation, Recursion, Vaccine, Big Bang Theory

I really enjoyed everything I received from Life's Entropy, and I'm so glad I got to try other things besides eyeshadows.  All of her products are high quality and pigmented.  The Lip Theory are a great deal because you only need a tiny drop for it to really fill in your lips.  I'm sure I won't be running out anytime soon, so I recommend picking up samples to try out and see if you like the formula.  The packaging is also amazing, but I can see how that can be expensive and time-consuming.  Either way, I kept the cute flower and full-size jar box.  Like I said before, I've been seeing tons of rave reviews on the sub and I'm excited to see this company grow!

- Jolie ♥

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