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Notoriously Morbid Halloween 2014 Grisly Grimoires - Swatches and Review

Hey everyone, since it's Halloween, here's a double dose of Notoriously Morbid!  I was actually hoping to get this a little earlier so I wouldn't have to rush to get this out, but I understand how swamped the NM team is, especially since they had to get all 100 boxes out by this week.  I actually bought this awhile ago as a pre-order and actual TAT started on Oct. 10th, so it took twelve business days to ship (well within the TAT, unfortunately, I was one of the last ones shipped).  Thankfully, I was determined to get this review out by tonight, so I swatched like hell as soon as I got home from work :P

For this years Halloween, the NM team decided to do a set inspired by various spellbooks, aptly named "Grisly Grimoires".  It comes with six full sized eyeshadows, one mini blush, one Coffin Kisser, and a handmade charm.  There was also a sneak peek of the Black Friday set included in the box which I will swatch later.  NM's Halloween sets are special to me because it's the first thing I EVER got from them, and was what made me a diehard fan.  For this box to be handmade like last years', really shows that it's still the same amazing company no matter how huge its grown.

In my pre-order, I also got two samples of the Divination Blushes and the Gift With Purchase (GWP) was a mini of the October CoTM.

This was very sweet and I totally understand how overwhelming all this was!  It just made me kick my lazy butt into gear tonight.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Osteomancy:  cool, icy white highlighter.  It's cool toned and blends out beautifully.  It reminds me of the shadow "7 Years Shattered" from the Superstitio collection.

Astrology:  pink blush with slight blue sheen

Creepy Green Light
Creepy Green Light:  chartreuse with blue shimmers.  For some reason, it came out a lot lighter than I expected, but I have seen it used in eye looks and it was very prominent and opaque.  Perhaps this CoTM benefits a lot from a sticky base.

Nothing is Trivial
Nothing is Trivial:  beautiful pale blue with strong gold sheen.  This is absolutely gorgeous and pictures do not do it justice.  It positively glows and is all around stunning.  It makes me so excited for the Black Friday collection.

Daylight:  Osteomancy, Osteomancy (blended), Astrology, Astrology (blended), Creepy Green Light, Nothing is Trivial
Flash:  Osteomancy, Osteomancy (blended), Astrology, Astrology (blended), Creepy Green Light, Nothing is Trivial

Grisly Grimoires

Special label art

Clavicule of Solomon
Clavicule of Solomon:  shimmery soft mauve with slight blue sheen.  I'm wondering if this would work as a blush as well, given how light it is.

Magus:  beautiful periwinkle with strong violet sheen

Book of Honorius
Book of Honorius:  pear green with red sheen.  This reminds me a lot of Fierce Poison from the Villains collection.  I can't wait to swatch and compare the differences.

Dragon Rouge
Dragon Rouge:  coral with gold sparkles and pink sheen.  This was a bit sheer-er than the others, so the swatch was done with a few layers.  It's not finicky or high maintenance at all, just takes a bit more product for opacity.

Book of Shadows
Book of Shadows:  blue gray base with strong green sheen.  This is AMAZING and the green sheen is so much more prominent; I can almost call it a duochrome.  It's definitely my favorite shadow of this collection and the standout in my opinion.  So glad I have a full size of this because I want to slather it all over my body.  Thank you so much for making this, Carrie.  

Necronomicon:  sparkly blackened purple and gold sparkles.  This is a very cool color and the gold sparkles really deviate it from other dark purples.  However, after I swatched, I noticed unblended red pigments in the jar.  Somehow, it didn't affect my swatch at all and I decided to let Carrie know.  She offered me a replacement which I declined (I'll never ever finish this, so it's really pointless for me to have two), besides, it seems to work well for me.  If I had gotten a sample, I would have considered pressing it, but I tend to leave them if they come in jars.  I didn't notice any other review say anything about this issue, so hopefully mine is the only one :)

Grand Oracle
Grand Oracle:  matte mauve blush.  This is very easy to blend out, although I may have swatched a bit too heavily in my "blended" swatch.  For some reason, I thought it wasn't sticking to my skin and kept adding more and more; I didn't realize my mistake until I peeled off the tape...  So don't worry, if it looks heavy in the group swatch, it's because I mistakenly piled it on.

Splendor Solis
Splendor Solis:  sweet, juicy scent.  NM's site says it's brandied apricot; I couldn't pick it up because I honestly have never smelled brandied apricot.  It's a delightful scent though, which is why I keep getting Coffin Kissers even if they don't do much for my lips (my lips prefer thicker/waxier balms).

Handmade charm
Daylight:  Clavicule of Solomon, Magus, Book of Honorius, Dragon Rouge, Book of Shadows, Necronomicon, Grand Oracle, Grand Oracle (blended)
Flash:  Clavicule of Solomon, Magus, Book of Honorius, Dragon Rouge, Book of Shadows, Necronomicon, Grand Oracle, Grand Oracle (blended)
Overall, I really like the Grisly Grimoires!  I know it seemed like I complained a lot, but they were just things I noticed, not things I disliked, and one of them turned out to be user error.  I think it's a great deviation to other Halloween collections that may have mostly dark colors.  The Grisly Grimoires contains great duochromes, unique shades, and versatile shades that can be used year round.  I'm also super proud of myself for getting this review out so quickly - it's like the extreme deadline lit a fire under my butt.  That really reminds me of my school days when I'd leave everything until the very, VERY last minute and relied on that weird adrenaline rush extreme stress gives me LOL.  Anyway, enjoy whatever is left of your Halloween and stay safe!

- Jolie ♥

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