Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wet n Wild Halloween 2014 Collection - Swatches and Review

Hey everyone, I have a huge review for you today!  I bought the whole limited edition Halloween collection from Wet n Wild.  The collection comes with five 5-pan palettes, three new MegaSlicks lip glosses, three MegaSlicks Balm Stains, six MegaLast lipsticks, six MegaLast nail polishes, and one MegaRocks glitter nail polish.  All of these things are new and limited edition except for one palette that I will touch up on later.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Daring Downtown
dark purple with pink sparkles (soft and pigmented)
sheer charcoal with red sparkles (dry and hard to pick up)
charcoal with silver sparkles (slightly hard to pick up)
dark blue (satin finish)
charcoal with green and silver sparkles
Daylight: Daring Downtown
Flash: Daring Downtown
Daring Downtown:  It's a unique palette filled with dark jewel toned shades.  Because there are no directions stamped on the colors, I believe each color is supposed to be used to darken the outer v of a look, or as an all over eyelid shade for smoky eyes.  It's a really great palette to have because I'm always reaching for a shade to deepen my outer v.

Haute Hollywood
creamy ivory with silver shimmer browbone (soft and pigmented)
matte nude base (creamy and pigmented)
matte dark brown definer (creamy and pigmented)
shimmery greige eyelid (silky and pigmented)
bronze with gold sparkles crease
Daylight:  Haute Hollywood
Flash:  Haute Hollywood
Haute Hollywood:  This is the palette that's a dupe for one in their permanent collection called The Naked Truth.  I've heard really bad reviews concerning the permanent 5-pan palettes, but WnW seems to be reformulating them because this one is wonderful.  Nouveau Cheap reached out to her WnW contact and they confirmed that they were reformulating the core line and will be re-releasing it in their new formula.

A Karat in the World
gold with gold sparkles browbone (dry, hard to pick up, and semi sheer)
beautiful white gold base (creamy and pigmented)
brown with gold sparkles definer (creamy)
shimmery tan eyelid (creamy and pigmented)
gingerbread with gold shimmers crease (dry)
Daylight:  A Karat in the World
Flash:  A Karat in the World
A Karat in the World:  I was actually excited about the yellow gold shade because it looked so bold and pigmented.  However, it was really disappointing and barely had any color payoff.  On the other hand, the white gold base shade is absolutely stunning and worth getting this palette for that shade alone.  I love shades like these for inner corner highlights and this one applies like a dream.

Eastside Enigma
shimmery silver browbone (dry)
white with silver sparkles base (semi sheer)
charcoal with silver sparkles definer
dark gray eyelid (hard to pick up)
charcoal with silver shimmer crease (soft)
Daylight:  Eastside Enigma
Flash:  Eastside Enigma
Eastside Enigma:  Okay people, someone needs to stop me from getting gray/silver/black palettes.  I've been pretty good with stopping myself from buying previous WnW ones, but I don't know what happened this time.  I think I just really wanted a complete collection.  I was a fool!  This palette, as are all other similar colored palettes, is nothing special.  It's just various shades of gray.  WnW is famous for making really great silvers, yet this silver is severely lacking in texture and pigmentation.  Very disappointed in this palette and in my self control :(

Venice Vixen
matte sky blue browbone (soft and pigmented)
shimmery white with silver sparkles base (pigmented and soft)
peacock definer (pigmented)
shimmery teal eyelid (hard to pick up, dry, sheer)
matte cobalt crease (pigmented, slightly hard to pick up)
Daylight:  Venice Vixen
Flash:  Venice Vixen
Venice Vixen:  I normally don't wear or buy blues, but I was intrigued by this palette for some reason.  I guess I don't normally see teal and the shimmery teal shade intrigued me.  When I did bare skin swatches of these colors, the shimmery teal was beautiful because it had a slight golden sheen.  However, it doesn't show up over primer and was very sheer and hard to pick up.  All other colors impressed me though, the mattes were so soft and pigmented, and the others were beautiful as well.  This is definitely a great palette to pick up, especially for that striking cobalt blue alone.

MegaSlicks Lip Gloss

Pershing Bare
Pershing Bare:  sheer milky peach nude with silver microshimmer

Bloody Good
Bloody Good:  pigmented maraschino cherry red gloss.  This one impressed me with the pigmentation, just look at that swatch.

Cinema Glamour
Cinema Glamour:  clear base with gold shimmers

Please Flash Me!
Please Flash Me!:  sheer milky mustard

Daylight:  Pershing Bare, Bloody Good, Cinema Glamour, Please Flash Me!
Flash:  Pershing Bare, Bloody Good, Cinema Glamour, Please Flash Me!

MegaSlicks Balm Stains

2AM Call Time
2AM Call Time:  creamy plum

Seniorita:  sexy slightly berry red

You're Golden
You're Golden:  slight tan base with frosty silver shimmer

Daylight:  2AM Call Time, Seniorita, You're Golden
Flash:  2AM Call Time, Seniorita, You're Golden

MegaLast Lipsticks

Tangelinos:  creamy red orange

Urban Nights
Urban Nights:  merlot.  Extremely similar to Urban Night lipstick from Fall 2014 collection.  They're supposed to be slightly different colors with different codes, but swatches were basically exact dupes.

Sunset Stripped
Sunset Stripped:  sheer gold glitter

Clothing Optional
Clothing Optional:  creamy pink nude

Coming In Latte
Coming In Latte:  creamy cinnamon

Rose to Fame
Rose to Fame:  dusty rose

Daylight:  Tangelinos, Urban Nights, Sunset Stripped, Clothing Optional, Coming in Latte, Rose to Fame
Flash:  Tangelinos, Urban Nights, Sunset Stripped, Clothing Optional, Coming in Latte, Rose to Fame

MegaLast Nail Polish

Strobe Light Stunner
Strobe Light Stunner:  sheer metallic foil, took 3 coats for full opacity

Happy Hour Hop
Happy Hour Hop:  sheer purple jelly with gold sparkles

Roadwork:  pigmented charcoal with silver shimmer, almost a one coater

Strobe Light Stunner, Happy Hour Hop, Roadwork

Power Outage
Power Outage:  medium opacity black crelly

Pot of Gold
Pot of Gold:  sheer metallic gold, slightly brush stroke-y

Pleasure Pier
Pleasure Pier:  semi sheer electric blue shimmer

Power Outage, Pot of Gold, Pleasure Pier

MegaRocks Glitter Nail Polish

Rising Star
Rising Star:  clear jelly base with gold shimmers, small & large gold hex glitters.  This is gorgeous and completely opaque in two coats.

Strobe Light Stunner, Happy Hour Hop, Roadwork, Power Outage, Pot of Gold, Pleasure Pier, Rising Star
Overall, I enjoyed this collection, even though it doesn't scream "Halloween" to me.  I love it when Wet n Wild comes out with new palettes because their eyeshadows are usually very high quality.  I also love their MegaLast lipsticks and nail polishes.  Their lipsticks seem to be creamier and more moisturizing than their core line counterparts.  The Balm Stains are also a huge hit with me since their release and I love throwing them in my purse for a moisturizing lip color.  If your drugstores still have the display out and it hasn't been stripped bare, I strongly encourage picking up some palettes and lip products before they're gone.

- Jolie ♥


  1. I wish we'd Wet n wild here in Canada :(

    1. Oh no, there are some online retailers that sell Wet n Wild. They're a great brand, so maybe you can get a friend to ship it over there as well?