Friday, October 31, 2014

Notoriously Morbid October 2014 Vanishing Cabinet - Us and the Dead Swatches and Review

Okay, so I promised myself I'd get this review out before Halloween - guess what day it is today?  Halloween.  Yeah, I goofed, so hopefully today's double post will make up for that!  I have Notoriously Morbid's monthly Vanishing Cabinet and this month is called "Us and the Dead", inspired by The Walking Dead.  I was so surprised to open up my envelope and see this cute little zombie tote!

Included were two monster themed candies which I thought were really cool.  I devoured the gummy zombie in seconds; it also made my fiancee buy a pack of gummy eyeballs haha!  

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Special label art

Northman:  shimmery plum with blue shimmers.  This is a sneak peek for next month's Vanishing Cabinet.  It should be True Blood themed, and even if I haven't watched the series in years, I'm looking forward to it and might renew my interest again :)

Cherokee Rose
Cherokee Rose:  blush with gold sparkles.  This is inspired by Carol and I actually just watched the episode where the Cherokee Rose first appears!  It's a sheer, wearable color that would make a beautiful blush as well.

Officer Friendly
Officer Friendly:  brown with beautiful gold duochrome.  This is inspired by Sheriff Rick Grimes and a sample of it was sent as a sneak peek last month.  However, that color was markedly different from the end result as it was a lot warmer and rust colored.  I think I prefer this one because I don't have a brown quite like it.

Silent Samurai
Silent Samurai:  shimmery blue with purple glitter.  This is inspired by Michonne, a character I have yet to watch, but she seems to be pretty bad ass.  This color will probably be the standout shade of this VC because it practically glows and doesn't even need a sticky base for the swatch you see.  I've seen looks done with this and they're absolutely stunning.  If this shade somehow makes it into the overstocks, don't hesitate to pick it up.

Pray I'm Dead
Pray I'm Dead:  moss green with gold sparkles.  This is inspired by everyone's favorite character, Daryl.  I've loved his character since his introduction and he's only gotten cooler by the episode.

Just Another Monster
Just Another Monster (swatched over ELF Glitter Glue):  small purple glitter with holographic glitter and larger round green glitter.  For some reason, this is inspired by Carl.  Not sure how a very girly glitter fits his persona, perhaps my question will be answered as I watch through the seasons.  I'm also never sure of what to do with these glitters, if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

Feeling Alive
Feeling Alive:  peach vanilla scent.  This is inspired by Glen and Maggie.  I think Glen is such a cutie and have thought he was adorable from Day 1.  As I've mentioned countless times before, Coffin Kissers don't do anything to help my lips, but I keep buying them because of their delicious spot-on scents.

Daylight:  Northman, Cherokee Rose, Officer Friendly, Silent Samurai, Pray I'm Dead, Just Another Monster
Flash:  Northman, Cherokee Rose, Officer Friendly, Silent Samurai, Pray I'm Dead, Just Another Monster
Overall, I really like this month's Vanishing Cabinet and love how the colors aren't the cliche zombie colors of gray and green.  They're all very interesting and beautiful, especially Silent Samurai.  I also like watching the show and seeing where the inspirations come from.  Like I said before, next month will be True Blood, so maybe I should start getting caught up now!

- Jolie ♥

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