Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shiro This is Halloween Collection - Swatches and Review

I'm sorry readers, I've been slacking off lately; I have so many Halloween/October collections on the back-burner that I really want to post before the month ends.  Today, I have Shiro's last release of the This is Halloween collection, inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas.  They also released a series of Halloween derps and I only managed to pick up two.  Lastly, they blended all their remaining CotMs together into one shadow called "Ghost of Colors Past", so I picked that one up as well.  

I actually got a full sized set of the whole collection because there was a good discount.  The whole set comes with seven shadows, three lip balms, and two lip glosses.  I actually regret getting a full sized set because it was so expensive and I'll never use up the eyeshadows.  I absolutely love all the lip products though, so I may just sell off the eyeshadows later on.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Not Drawing Room Fashion
Not Drawing Room Fashion:  dark green silver.  This was one of my free samples out of three, I had swatched the other two previously, so I left them out here.

Ghost of Colors Past
Ghosts of Colors Past:  sparkly taupe with rainbow sparkles.  This reminds me of the Lavender Town Blend, and it's not super special to me so I regret getting it as well.  I just couldn't resist the tiny ghost faces of Captain Mal, walrus guy from MythBusters, and Loki haha.

Bap:  shimmery blue silver with green sheen and rainbow shimmers.  This is from the Halloween Derps collection and it's absolutely beautiful!  I really like this one and I'm so glad I picked it up.

Vumper:  lavender with purple sparkles.  This is the other Halloween Derps I picked up, but I'm not really loving it.  I know I definitely have something similar in my collection and it does remind me of some old CotMs from Shiro as well.  This will probably be one I will definitely sell in the future.

Daylight:  Not Drawing Room Fashion, Ghosts of Colors Past, Bap, Vumper
Flash:  Not Drawing Room Fashion, Ghosts of Colors Past, Bap, Vumper

This is Halloween

Finkelstein:  shimmery white with green sheen

Zero:  light gray with strong pink sheen.  Surprisingly, Zero was one I REALLY regret getting a full size.  It's actually my favorite shadow of the collection and is absolutely beautiful.  Unfortunately, when this collection came out last year, I had gotten a mini jar of this and I haven't actually made a dent in that one yet.

Ragdoll:  rust with blue and red sparkles

Oogie Boogie
Oogie Boogie:  velvety swampy green.  This is actually one of my favorites; I got a sample of it last year and absolutely loved the texture and color.

Lock Shock and Barrel
Lock Shock and Barrel:  dusty purple with blue shimmers.  This is actually a new shade released for the last year of the collection.  I actually like this color a lot and the blue shimmers show up better in person.

Two Faced
Two Faced:  charcoal with purple, red, and green shimmer.  This looks pretty unassuming in the swatch, but it actually has a lot more going on.  I really like this color!

Pumpkin King
Pumpkin King:  charcoal with orange shimmers.  I actually really liked this!  I recently watched the movie again after almost 10 years and fell in love.  I love Jack's character and this shade fits really well.  I should use this with Ragdoll heh.

Daylight:  Finkelstein, Zero, Ragdoll, Oogie Boogie, Lock Shock and Barrel, Two Faced, Pumpkin King
Flash:  Finkelstein, Zero, Ragdoll, Oogie Boogie, Lock Shock and Barrel, Two Faced, Pumpkin King

Frog's Breath
Frog's Breath:  sheer light taupe, smells like chocolate candy

Wormswort:  sheer orange tint, smells like pumpkin

Nightshade:  medium opacity navy, smells like blueberries

The texture of all balms are great and moisturizing.  I love putting them on my lips.

This is Halloween
This is Halloween:  opaque rust with red shimmers, smells like pumpkin cheesecake.  I love this gloss so much, it looks great on my lips and is very opaque.  However, I'm not too fond of the smell; it's a bit spicy for me.

Something in the Wind
Something in the Wind:  sheer maroon, smells like raspberry lemonade.  I feel the exact opposite for this than with This is Halloween.  I had such high hopes for the color, but it ended up really sheer.  I absolutely LOVE the scent though.  It's supposed to be sangria scented, but it's more sweet to me and right up my alley.
Daylight:  Frog's Breath, Wormswort, Nightshade, This is Halloween, Something in the Wind
Flash:  Frog's Breath, Wormswort, Nightshade, This is Halloween, Something in the Wind

The Halloween set should still be up for sale on Shiro's website.  They are available in multiple sizes which you can mix and match.  Like I said before, it's a lot cheaper to get the whole set in one size than to really mix and match.  It is a wonderful collection to have, I'm just not sure if full sizes are worth it for me, otherwise, I totally recommend it!

- Jolie ♥

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