Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dawn Eye's Kate's Color Giratina and more Discontinued Shades - Swatches

I have another swatchfest of Dawn Eyes shadows!  It's true, I decided to create yet another Kate's Color; this should be the last, I promise!  I based this one off of my other favorite legendary Pokemon, Giratina, and I asked for the color to be a dupe of Shiro's discontinued "Party Escort" shadow with additional yellow/gold sparkles.  I wanted the shadow to be predominantly charcoal with strong red sparkles though.  While I was creating this shade, Dawn also put up several of her discontinued shades up for sale, and I bought all of them so she shipped them all together.  She generously gave me a ton of Kate's Colors samples AND two full sized discontinued shades as well!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Giratina:  shimmery dark charcoal with red and gold sparkles.  I know the sparkles look silver in the swatch, and that's because it's taken under a daylight bulb which brightens the gold sparkles a lot.  The picture in the jar is a more accurate representation of the color.

Alena:  shimmery white with pink sheen.  This is a very beautiful and pigmented shade, I believe it would be really popular on the site!

Reason to Smile
Reason to Smile:  light pink with pink sheen and pink sparkles

Big Stupid Jellyfish
Big Stupid Jellyfish:  shimmery mauve with blue sheen and pink sparkles.  What a cute name!  The blue sheen was a huge surprise as well.

Triton of the Minnows
Triton of the Minnows:  gorgeous rosy copper.  This is such a stunning shade with a beautiful finish, I'm considering getting this if I don't have similar things in my collection.

Daylight:  Giratina, Alena, Reason to Smile, Big Stupid Jellyfish, Triton of the Minnows
Flash:  Giratina, Alena, Reason to Smile, Big Stupid Jellyfish, Triton of the Minnows

Daisy:  matte plum with violet shimmers.  This was made by /r/IMAM's resident DEC lover /u/daisyismydog aka Rebecca!  This is a very pretty shade with a great duochrome.  *Edit:  Rebecca just told me it was actually made by another user as a present for her.  How sweet is that?*

The Greatest Thing...
The Greatest Thing...:  bright, pink-toned red with gold sparkles

Until the End of the Line
Until the End of the Line:  matte charcoal with red and silver sparkles

Voli:  intense pigmented black with green and gold sparkles.  I remember this was made by someone commemorating their black cat.  It's a beautiful color and the green sparkles are gorgeous.

Daylight:  Daisy, The Greatest Thing..., Until the End of the Line, Voli
Flash:  Daisy, The Greatest Thing..., Until the End of the Line, Voli

Rabbit:  pale yellow with pink sheen and yellow sparkles

Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin:  salmon orange with blue sheen

Merry Go Round
Merry Go Round:  light blue with gold sheen and gold sparkles

Dragonfly:  purple with green sparkles

Fire Witch
Fire Witch:  rust with insane green duochrome

Daylight:  Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Merry Go Round, Dragonfly, Fire Witch
Flash:  Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Merry Go Round, Dragonfly, Fire Witch

Glittering Grey Fire
Glittering Grey Fire:  matte gray with red shimmers and red sparkles

Owl:  shimmery copper

Wild Turkey
Wild Turkey:  brown with blue shimmers

Piglet:  pale pink with pink shimmers, this was one of my free jars

Eeyore:  pale purple with pink sheen and blue shimmers, this was my other free jar

Daylight:  Glittering Grey Fire, Owl, Wild Turkey, Piglet, Eeyore
Flash:  Glittering Grey Fire, Owl, Wild Turkey, Piglet, Eeyore
I'm really happy with Giratina, even though the shimmers look silver in some lighting.  HOPEFULLY this will be the last custom color I order from Dawn, but I hope she does keep up the Kate's Colors fundraiser going.  The discontinued colors are also beautiful and I'm glad I got them when she put them up.

- Jolie ♥

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