Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hello Waffle Alternate Universe and 1000 Likes Collection - Swatches and Review

Okay guys, I'm going to try and sound like a sane person in this review even though I'll fail miserably because I'm completely obsessed with Fringe.  For those of you who don't know, Fringe was an AMAZING sci-fi TV show that only ran for 5 seasons and is one of my favorite shows ever.  Sadly, this review isn't about how awesome Fringe is, it's actually about an eyeshadow collection inspired by Fringe!  

Indie cosmetic companies are inspired by lots of things, including shows with huge fandoms such as Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones etc.  However, I had yet to see a Fringe inspired collection and I knew for a fact that my favorite company wasn't going to release one any time soon.  Imagine my surprise and happiness when popular indie Hello Waffle was releasing one!  The owner, Christine, is a godsend and I spammed her so often about this collection, mainly because it holds a very special place in my heart and Christine makes great products.  

You guys know that I rarely buy full sizes because I can never use them up.  However, each jar has a unique label art, so obviously I needed full sizes of the whole collection.  She also got 1000 likes on Facebook around the same time and released a collection commemorating that (and also her birthday).  I decided to pick up samples of that collection along with my full Alternate Universe (Fringe) collection as well.  Hello Waffle's TAT increased around that time because of the influx of orders.  When my order arrived, Christine apologized for the delay and upgraded my 1000 Likes collection to halflings (mini jars) and upgraded my free samples to full sizes!

I feel like I can go on and on about this, so without further ado, here be swatches!  

Warning:  Extremely picture heavy post!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatched over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Free Samples

Dormouse:  shimmery greige with silver sparkles

Corgi Butts
Corgi Butts:  peachy pink with gold sheen.  This was part of her Pets Duo that came with another shadow inspired by her cat, Waffle.  I chose to switch out Waffle for Archean Earth, swatched below.

Archean Earth
Archean Earth:  teal with gold sheen

Rule 42
Rule 42:  sparkly steely charcoal with silver sparkles

Daylight:  Dormouse, Corgi Butts, Archean Earth, Rule 42
Flash:  Dormouse, Corgi Butts, Archean Earth, Rule 42

Alternate Universe

White Tulip
White Tulip:  shimmery white.  This was not actually part of the collection but a special GWP when you bought the whole thing.  The collection itself has 12 shadows already and Christine decided to add 2 extras.  This is inspired by the white tulip that signifies forgiveness in the show (it's a very touching episode as well).

They Are Coming
They Are Coming:  creamy pale pink with gold sparkles.  This is inspired by The Observers on the show.  I don't really understand the color reference since the Observers are primarily black and white to me.  I remember their skin being super pale except September, who is the most human of them all.

Walternate v2.0
Walternate v2.0:  shimmery light taupe with gold sparkles.  This is inspired by Walternate, who is Walter's alternate self.  There was already a Walternate shadow that was released but was more cool toned.  I might pick that up with my next purchase just to own both.

Amber:  golden amber.  Quarantine Amber!  I don't really want to spoil this one, but the color is a bit light here.  Quarantine Amber is actually more similar to the color on the label art, but this color is more wearable and still very pretty.

Machine:  slate with pink sheen.  This is a beautiful shade inspired by the Doomsday Machine.  Admittedly, I've never paid much attention to the machine itself, but I really like this color!

Belly:  bronze with silver sparkles.  I believe this is inspired by William Bell's bell and it's a very pretty color.  I still think it's cute how Walter calls him "Belly" :)

Fauxlivia:  shimmery coral with gold sheen and gold sparkles.  Oh man, I hated this girl, she was always so smug on the show.  I can't deny how pretty this color is though and it reminds me of Dawn Eyes' Hellenic Fire.  I used it once on the lid with Cortexiphan in the crease and it was stunning!

Daylight:  White Tulip, They Are Coming, Walternate v2.0, Amber, Machine, Belly, Fauxlivia
Flash:  White Tulip, They Are Coming, Walternate v2.0, Amber, Machine, Belly, Fauxlivia

Cortexiphan:  dark red with red shimmers.  You guys, this is the color dreams are made of.  It's absolutely gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, and any good adjective you can think of.  It's inspired by a very special drug on the show.  I've put this in my crease and paired it up with Fauxlivia on the lids and the results were great!  Definitely pick up this color when you have the chance.

Bishop:  shimmery taupe with silver sparkles.  This is inspired by the male lead, Peter Bishop, who does a great job of answering the audience's questions when Walter starts talking all that science mumbo jumbo.

Asterisk:  shimmery plum with red and gold sparkles.  This is inspired by Olivia's assistant, Astrid, who somehow becomes Walter's assistant as well.  I found it hilarious that Christine named this shadow Asterisk instead, because Walter never got her name right (except once).

Phillip:  dark brown with red sparkles.  Broyles!  I hated him in the beginning, but grew to really, really love him towards the end.  He's a tough guy you wouldn't want to mess with, in either universe.  This was the other GWP shade that's not included in the actual collection.

Timeline:  shimmery dark blue.  This is inspired by the mythology of the whole show, which deals with timelines and alternate universes.  It's a very pretty color that represents the glyphs well.

Reiden Lake
Reiden Lake:  shimmery dark green with gold sparkles.  Reiden Lake, where everything all started.  The color reflects the lake well as it is very dark and murky, possibly due to it always being shot in the dark?

Gene:  shimmery dark purple with silver sparkles.  Gene Cowen, the team mascot!  I'm so so happy she put in a Gene color ^_^  I am wondering why she decided to make it purple though, since Gene's a black/brown and white cow.  Still a pretty shade for a core member of the team.

Daylight:  Cortexiphan, Bishop, Asterisk, Phillip, Timeline, Reiden Lake, Gene
Flash:  Cortexiphan, Bishop, Asterisk, Phillip, Timeline, Reiden Lake, Gene


1000 Likes:  shimmery gold

Enabling:  shimmery amber

23:  gorgeous shimmery light pink with gold sparkles

One of Us!
One of Us!:  shimmery dusty rose

Heavy Breathing Cat
Heavy Breathing Cat:  shimmery silver greige with silver sparkles

IMAM:  shimmery dark teal with gold sparkles

Empty Wallets
Empty Wallets:  gorgeous shimmery dirty dollar green with gold sheen

Daylight:  1000 Likes, Enabling, 23, One of Us!, Heavy Breathing Cat, IMAM, Empty Wallets
Flash:  1000 Likes, Enabling, 23, One of Us!, Heavy Breathing Cat, IMAM, Empty Wallets

Can you tell I'm in love with my order?  All the colors are beautiful and pigmented.  Both collections were amazing.  The standout shadows to me are Cortexiphan and Empty Wallets.  I highly, highly recommend buying from Hello Waffle because of the quality of shadows and great customer service.  Christine is such a sweet person and I'm happy to be throwing money at her!

- Jolie ♥


  1. So pretty! I need so many of these! Lovely swatches. =D

    1. Thank you! I love Fringe, and Hello Waffle's eyeshadows are great!