Thursday, July 10, 2014

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy - July 2014 Subscription

Welcome back everyone!  It's time for another Innocent+Twisted Alchemy subscription box!  For any new readers, this is a monthly subscription where you get three to four eyeshadows from I+T and several samples from other indie companies.  They are sold in two sizes, a sample size (I don't remember the exact price, I believe it's $12/month), and a deluxe size ($16, I believe).  The sample size includes sample sized eyeshadows, which are normally priced at $3/each and deluxe size includes full-sized eyeshadows, which retail for $6/each.  Either way, this is a really great deal and I love trying out products from other companies as well.

This month is different because it has a mermaid theme.  The owner, Linda, hand draws everything and they're always beautiful.  The picture you see below was drawn by her and the label art were drawn by a friend of hers.  As usual, we received eyeshadow from I+T and other companies, but this month also had a blush, liquid shimmer, and a beautiful lip gloss!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Lucky Catch
Lucky Catch:  creamy white with a red sheen.  I had to leave the picture a little darker so you can see the red sheen; it is a lot more prominent in person.  I absolutely love colors like this and I can see myself using it a lot.

Mermaid's Dream
Mermaid's Dream:  cool bubblegum pink with violet shift.

Sunset Waters
Sunset Waters:  shimmery teal with gold sheen and gold sparkles.  This one is absolutely breathtaking and goes along with the name very well.  

Disappearing Depths
Disappearing Depths:  dark blurple.  This is a beautiful shade and might lean a bit more navy than purple.  I've used it twice in my outer v to darken my eye looks and it's great.

Daylight:  Lucky Catch, Mermaid's Dream, Sunset Waters, Disappearing Depths
Flash:  Lucky Catch, Mermaid's Dream, Sunset Waters, Disappearing Depths

Illegitimate Aristocrat
Illegitimate Aristocrat:  white with red sheen and gold glitter.  This was an eyeshadow sample from Siren Song Cosmetics.  As I said before, I love colors like this as an inner corner highlight.  The more, the merrier!

Affair of the Diamond
Affair of the Diamond:  blue-toned silver.  This was an eyeshadow sample from Baroque Cosmetics.  They're a fairly new indie company and all of their shades so far deal with the French Revolution.  I've been interested in a few of their shades for awhile so I'm glad I got to test out their formula.

Little Mischief
Little Mischief:  mauve with gold shimmer.  This was a blush sample from Darling Girl Cosmetics and it's absolutely stunning.  I love the beautiful gold sheen that it gives off; I'm really tempted to buy a full size!

Phoenix's Ashes
Phoenix's Ashes:  silver glitter in a clear base.  This was a liquid shimmer sample from Dark Heart Designs.  I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to use it, so I'll have to experiment for awhile.

Iris:  pigmented purple gloss with strong blue duochrome.  This was a gloss sample from Spectrum Cosmetics and I fell in love right away.  Look how gorgeous that sheen is!  I'm so glad the sample has enough product for multiple uses.

Daylight:  Illegitimate Aristocrat, Affair of the Diamond, Little Mischief, Phoenix's Ashes, Iris
Flash:  Illegitimate Aristocrat, Affair of the Diamond, Little Mischief, Phoenix's Ashes, Iris

This month's colors has a fresh, spring-y feel to them.  All the colors seem light and airy, so it's a good thing that one dark shade was included if you wanted to do a look with only the products in this box.  I love the mermaid theme and hope she does it again.  A big surprise to me was how much I loved the lip gloss, it's made me aware of Spectrum Cosmetics now and I'll definitely be looking into it in the future.

- Jolie ♥


  1. Great post! I am sorry I missed this!

    1. Hi Dreadful! Good seeing you here :D I'm pretty sure Linda puts up the leftovers for sale, so you might be able to snatch one up then!