Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Haunting Refrain Collection - Swatches and Review

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce Innocent + Twisted Alchemy's newest collection - Haunting Refrain!  This whole collection came about when Linda was trying to make a dupe for Laura Mercier's famous African Violet eyeshadow.  Now I've never seen this shadow in person, but a lot of people love it and it's described as a violet with gold duochrome and gold sparkles, very pretty sounding indeed.  Linda posted a couple of swatches of her progress on I+T's Facebook page and was met with a lot of good feedback so she decided to make it into a collection.  I was one of those people who really loved the colors she created so I bought the whole collection.

There are 7 shades in Haunting Refrain and Linda kindly included one free sample for me.

Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Velvet Crooner
Velvet Crooner:  light pink lavender with golden sheen

Seducing Cantabile
Seducing Cantabile:  lavender with red and gold shimmers

Inveigling Opera
Inveigling Opera:  classic pink with gold shimmers

Alluring Descant
Alluring Descant:  mauve with gold shimmers

Daylight:  Velvet Crooner, Seducing Cantabile, Inveigling Opera, Alluring Descant
Flash:  Velvet Crooner, Seducing Cantabile, Inveigling Opera, Alluring Descant

Roulade:  shimmery purple lavender

Silver Tongue
Silver Tongue:  bluish silver with silver shimmers

Haunting Refrain
Haunting Refrain:  blue gray with rainbow sparkles

Oops #5
Oops #5:  shimmery teal with gold sheen.  This is such a gorgeous color and I don't think it should be an "Oops" at all!  Also look how cute that sticker label is haha.

Daylight:  Roulade, Silver Tongue, Haunting Refrain, Oops #5
Flash:  Roulade, Silver Tongue, Haunting Refrain, Oops #5

Overall, I really like this collection.  I felt like the lighter, rosier colors would make beautiful blushes as well.  I have worn a few of these shades throughout the week and they are extremely long lasting.  I've had these shadows on for 12+ hours without them fading in the least.  I really do recommend this collection, and if you are able to,  pick up Oops #5 while you're there!

- Jolie ♥

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