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Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Kate's Colors - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, I'm so very excited to bring you this review of Dawn Eyes Cosmetics!  I've seen her recommended here and there by a reputable user on /r/Indiemakeupandmore and have always been curious.  DEC is an indie cosmetics company that sells high quality eyeshadows with prices that can't be beat.  Her full-size jars are only $3!  Awhile ago the owner, Dawn, had announced that her sister was having surgery and she would start making custom colors as a fundraiser to go towards it.  It was $20 to make your own custom shade and you will receive one 10g jar, two 5g jars, and 10 samples of your shade.  It's called Kate's Colors and is still up for sale.

DEC is also pretty known for having an incredibly short TAT, with Dawn shipping after one or two days of order placement.  The Kate's Colors TAT was a bit longer at 3-5 days, but that's still extremely short for indie companies.  I decided to use this deal to dip my toes into the brand.  I love that I can make my own color and help out her sister; it's a great thing all around!  

The hardest part was thinking of a color.  I actually had nothing in mind or no color I would really, really want to see and hasn't been made yet.  I decided to try for a color inspired by my favorite Pokemon, Lugia.  I described it as "pigmented pearly white shadow with blue sheen".  Unfortunately, that couldn't be made as the resulting color came out very silvery blue instead of white.  I decided to change my color to Shadow Lugia instead.  I sent her a reference picture and said I wanted a dark purple base (for his body), with a silver sheen (his belly), and red sparkles (for his eyes).

Dawn had been incredibly busy, so she actually surpassed her TAT by a good amount.  It took about a month for me to receive my color.  I was used to waiting that long for other companies, but since her TAT is usually very short, I thought she forgot about me.  She apologized profusely about the time and finally sent me a picture of the workup.  I loved it and thought the color was very true to the reference picture.  I received Shadow Lugia a few days later and she included 14 samples of the other Kate's Colors!  It was extremely generous and all the Kate's Colors will be put up for sale later on for $6/ea (full-sizes) - most of the proceeds will still go to her sister.  

Despite the time, I enjoyed my experience immensely and just put in another Kate's Color order.  I know I rambled on so much, so let's get on with pictures!

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches over ELF's Essential Primer (click to enlarge):

Jars are all sealed with shrink wrap and she writes lovely thank-you notes on them.
They also come with a sifter sticker to prevent shadow leakage.

This is the reference picture I sent Dawn of Shadow Lugia.
Shadow Lugia
Shadow Lugia:  dark purple with silver sheen and red sparkles.  I think Dawn captured the essence of Shadow Lugia extremely well.  As you can tell with the reference picture, the colors are very accurate.  This also has a very buttery texture and I love it.

Six Seasons and a Movie
Six Seasons and a Movie:  matte yellow nude

Wedding Bells
Wedding Bells:  gorgeous shimmery lilac with green sheen.

Drusilla:  shimmery lavender with red sparkles

Mystic Mist
Mystic Mist:  light taupe with red sheen.  I actually really love this color and I might get it when it officially releases!

Daylight:  Shadow Lugia, Six Seasons and a Movie, Wedding Bells, Drusilla, Mystic Mist
Flash:  Shadow Lugia, Six Seasons and a Movie, Wedding Bells, Drusilla, Mystic Mist

Ivy League
Ivy League:  light olive green with silver glitter

Kartini:  shimmery light pink with slight golden sheen

Friendship:  shimmery medium taupe with red sheen.  I really like this one!

Stormy Haze
Stormy Haze:  dark brown base with copper sheen.  I love this one and I'm definitely thinking of picking this up!

I'll Kill You With My Teacup
I'll Kill You With My Teacup:  charcoal base with rainbow glitter and brown shimmers

Daylight:  Ivy League, Kartini, Friendship, Stormy Haze, I'll Kill You With My Teacup
Flash:  Ivy League, Kartini, Friendship, Stormy Haze, I'll Kill You With My Teacup

Tesla:  shimmery cyan

Robotic Eye of Newt
Robotic Eye of Newt:  olive green with copper sheen

Angsty Newt
Angsty Newt:  mossy green with red sheen.  The red sheen is more prominent in person.

DVS Dragon Lady
DVS Dragon Lady:  dark olive green with copper sheen and strong blue sparks.  I actually love this one so much.  The blue sparks are very prominent and sparse, as you can see in the picture, and the green is very dragon-y.

You're Not Afraid of the Dark Are You?
You're Not Afraid of the Dark Are You?:  shimmery black with tons of blue sparkles

Daylight:  Tesla, Robotic Eye of Newt, Angsty Newt, DVS Dragon Lady, You're Not Afraid of the Dark Are You?
Flash:  Tesla, Robotic Eye of Newt, Angsty Newt, DVS Dragon Lady, You're Not Afraid of the Dark Are You?

I'm thoroughly impressed with the texture and pigmentation of these shadows!  Like I said before, despite the TAT, I enjoyed my experience and interactions with Dawn.  She was super patient with me in every single one of my million emails and was always really nice.  I could also tell she felt bad about how long it took, which is evident in how many extra samples she sent me.  I'm so happy to be able to try so many custom colors.  I'd really like to know the story behind DVS Dragon Lady, so if you made the color, please let me know!  I'll have a new custom color soon enough (hopefully), and I will post my review and swatches on that one :)  In the meantime, please check out DEC (forgive the 90s looking website, her shadows are really fantastic), and get yourself a custom shadow while helping out a good cause!

- Jolie ♥

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