Thursday, July 17, 2014

Shiro Cosmetics CotMs and Avengers Haul - Swatches and Review

I'm review another Shiro haul today; I know it seems like I just made one recently...and I did.  I made an order during their 4th anniversary sale without realizing they would put up their CotMs up for Spring cleaning.  This time, I ordered the remaining CotMs I didn't have yet and two more Intertubes (which were being discontinued).  Shiro also released the Avengers collection, so I picked up several samples of those as well.

This time, I asked for a drawing of Totoro and a chincilla together because 'chincilla' was the Chinese phrase for Totoro.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches are over ELF's Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Dammit Moon Moon
Dammit Moon Moon:  lavender with rainbow sparkles.  This CotM had actually been discontinued awhile ago, but due to the overwhelming popularity of it, Caitlin decided to bring it back for this sale.  I'm so glad I got a chance to pick this up since I'd missed the last one.

It's Gonna Be May
It's Gonna Be May:  blue gray with gold sparkles.  This was the other discontinued CotM that was brought back by popular demand.  I was interested in this as well and am glad I finally got to have it.  Look at how creepy Justin Timberlake's face is on that label haha.

Moon Prism Power
Moon Prism Power:  pearl with strong green sheen.  I had put off buying this for the longest time because I thought it was rather overrated.  However, I couldn't resist completing my collection and seeing what all the hype was about.  It certainly is a nice color and I see why people love it, unfortunately, I already have several colors similar.  I'll still put it in my "inner corner highlight" rotation though.

Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio
Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio:  shimmery champagne.  Firstly, I had to get this because of the name, and it really did seem like a versatile color.  I don't know whether to hope for an Oscar win for Leo in the future because it'll mean the end of names like these.

Chinchillin':  gray with strong purple sheen and sparkles.  Oh my goodness, how cute is that label?  I wasn't about to get this, but swatches from other bloggers showed how strong the purple sheen really was.  And really, who can resist that cute lil face?!

Daylight:  Dammit Moon Moon, It's Gonna Be May, Moon Prism Power, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, Chinchillin'
Flash:  Dammit Moon Moon, It's Gonna Be May, Moon Prism Power, Still No Oscar for Leo DiCaprio, Chinchillin'


Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist
Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist:  shimmery orange copper.  I actually got a full-sized of this by mistake.  Somehow, instead of clicking sample, I clicked full-size instead and didn't check my cart when I checked out :/  This was the color I was least excited to get, mainly because I don't use oranges.  I'm hoping I'll fall in love with it enough to not weep over this mistake.  I've used it once already and it doesn't look bad on me at all!  Surprisingly, it's not as orange as it seems and it pulls more copper on me.  It's also extremely long wearing; I wore it for a 12 hour workday and I experienced no fading or creasing at all!

Glowstick of Destiny
Glowstick of Destiny:  cornflower blue with strong gold shift.  This color is truly beautiful and I'll make myself use it even though I rarely use blues.  

He Loves His Hammer
He Loves His Hammer:  gorgeous shimmery reddened copper.  This was the shade I was most excited to receive, partly because I love Thor, and partly because it just looked like a great color I would use.  I'm not disappointed at all, it's beautiful and would go well with my collection.

Cognitive Recalibration
Cognitive Recalibration:  matte plum with blue sparkles.  This was another one I was interested in getting from the collection and it's much cooler in person.  The blue sparkles show up more as a blue sheen.

I Understood That Reference
I Understood That Reference:  matte dark blue with red shimmer and white sparkles.  I've seen this compared to Fyrinnae's Mephisto a lot, but the white sparkles are a lot more apparent in person.

Burdened With Glorious Purpose
Burdened With Glorious Purpose:  gorgeous shimmery dark green with red and gold sparkles.  Ahh, this was the color I knew I had to get.  Because I got this one, I opted out of purchasing the "Up All Night to Get Loki" CotM.  I'm so glad I got this instead; it's right up my alley.  Dark, jewel-toned, and just all around sexy.

Daylight:  Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, Glowstick of Destiny, He Loves His Hammer, Cognitive Recalibration, I Understood That Reference, Burdened With Glorious Purpose
Flash:  Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, Glowstick of Destiny, He Loves His Hammer, Cognitive Recalibration, I Understood That Reference, Burdened With Glorious Purpose

Team Buffy
Team Buffy:  pigmented brick red

Sad Keanu
Sad Keanu:  pigmented dark purple.  I did not realize how dark this would actually be, and I find it a tiny bit unwearable.  I definitely need to play around with this a bit more before I can wear it in public.  It has a really delicious smelling grape flavor though, so I really enjoy having it on.

Daylight:  Team Buffy, Sad Keanu
Flash:  Team Buffy, Sad Keanu
I'm hoping to update this post as soon as I get lip swatches of the Intertubes and I'll definitely make a note of it when I do.  I really liked all the colors I received in this haul.  Caitlin also included 3 free samples for me, but they were colors I already had and swatched before, so I didn't bother showing them here.  I really hope I end up using Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist more.  The reason I rarely ever buy full-sizes (if there are other options available) is because I know I will never use them up.  It definitely is a nice color and I'm glad I'm able to pull it off.  The texture, as with all Shiro shadows, is to die for - always buttery and smooth.  This will probably be my last Shiro haul for awhile (hopefully!), but no worries, I am going back to my old posts and updating them with individual swatch pictures!

- Jolie ♥

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