Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dreamworld Hermetica Haul - Swatches and Review

Today I have a review on an indie company called Dreamworld Hermetica.  This review is a little special because it'll also be appearing on Toxid Lotus' blog on 7/31/14.  Luna is an awesome indie blogger (one of the first blogs I read which got me into indies) and she's starting to do Thursday Guest Posts to showcase other indie blogs!  I think it's so amazing that she's featuring other blogs and getting them out there.  She takes amazing pictures and does very in depth reviews.  Please check her out!

Anyway, this isn't my first time trying Dreamworld's shadows, I actually have an older first impressions review I did when the owner, Ellie, sent some samples of her new formula to me to test out here.  I enjoyed their semi-loose eyeshadow formula immensely because they're pigmented and long lasting.  Dreamworlds was having a pretty big sale so I decided to finally use that opportunity to pick up a shade that I had been eyeing for awhile (Black Flamed Candle).  Mini-jars normally sell for $2.75 for 1/4 tsp, and full-size jars range from $6 to $8 depending on the collection and formula.  I was also interested in one of their CotMs (Color of the Months) called Plummy Penny.  However, I completely forgot it when I was making my order because it wasn't in the "Eyes" section of the website.  I only found out afterwards on the indie subreddit and was pretty disappointed that I missed it.

My order came in pretty quickly, I forget the exact time because I've decided to stop obsessively checking tracking information (which used to stress me out a lot).  When I opened my package, I noticed this Thank You post-it from Ellie.  I was wondering what surprise she meant...

It turns out this sweet woman saw my post on the sub and decided to throw in a full-sized Plummy Penny in for free!  I was blown away and really shocked that she actually connected my Reddit account to my order.  This was amazing and I'm extremely grateful.  It really is a beautiful color (thank you /u/daisyismydog / Rebecca for suggesting it!) and you'll see how pretty it is in the swatch below.

Jars are all individually shrink wrapped
Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and swatches are done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Plummy Penny
Plummy Penny:  pigmented plum copper.  This is like a purple-leaning rose gold for rose gold fans out there.  I highly recommend this.

Blazing Hearts
Blazing Hearts:  semi-sheer rose champagne

Do Something Right
Do Something Right:  red orange.  As you can see in the product picture, the shadows get a little messy around the edges of the jar.  I find this happening with a few other jars, so it's quite a pain to clean up sometimes.  I wonder if it's because the lids don't fit perfectly.

Black Flamed Candle
Black Flamed Candle:  shimmery golden brown with slight purple sheen.  This was in the semi loose formula and very difficult to photograph.  I was so intrigued by swatches of this color from other bloggers because it was so unique, yet I couldn't place my finger on it.  When I first swatched this in normal yellow lighting, I thought it was nothing special, just a brownish color.  However, when I placed it under my daylight bulb to swatch, it completely changed and I saw the purple sheen.  I do recommend picking this up and the colors change under different lighting so it's like having multiple shadows in one.

Fog:  light plum taupe

Daylight:  Plummy Penny, Blazing Hearts, Do Something Right, Black Flamed Candle, Fog
Flash:  Plummy Penny, Blazing Hearts, Do Something Right, Black Flamed Candle, Fog

Chaos:  shimmery plum brown

Mysterious Island 
Mysterious Island:  pigmented wine-merlot.  This is a semi-loose formula and oh my goodness is it beautiful.  It's a bit darker and more intense in person and I absolutely love it.

Dr. Xingshi
Dr. Xingshi:  bronze with green sheen.  This.  THIS.  This is the shadow I fell in love with the most out of this haul and I love it so much.  I knew I would like it after seeing swatches, but I didn't think I'd love it this much.  I don't know what it is about this shade, but I can really see myself getting backups just so I don't ever, EVER run out.  It reminds me of Notoriously Morbid's Lizard on a Window Pane, but with a darker tan base.  I can see them pairing beautifully together and the texture with this is to die for.  Silky and buttery goodness.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus:  charcoal base with tons of silver sparkles.  I actually threw this in out of curiosity because the website said it was "multi-colored, multi-dimensional", and I was supposed to see every color of the rainbow.  It definitely intrigued me, but I only see silver sparkles and I'm a bit disappointed.  Don't get me wrong, it's a very nice color (I've already used it twice to deepen my eye looks); it's just that the website swatch only showed the silver sparkles and I was hoping the colors would show up better in real life.  I'll probably play around with it a bit more over other bases to see if I could get the rainbow to show up.

Daylight:  Chaos, Mysterious Island, Dr. Xingshi, Hocus Pocus
Flash:  Chaos, Mysterious Island, Dr. Xingshi, Hocus Pocus
So that's it for my second review of Dreamworld Hermetica, Ellie has been extremely kind and helpful to me both times.  I believe the shop is closed right now, but I see the prices have been slashed across the board, so when they reopen, I do strongly urge you to pick up some shadows (especially ones with semi-loose formulas).  I also definitely have to recommend Dr. Xingshi - my swatches may not show how beautiful it truly is, but trust me when I say you need it.

I'm also going to try their foundation sometime later, but I know I'll have to send Ellie multiple emails determining my skin tone and probably buy multiple samples.  I can see that being one long journey...hopefully it won't take too long since she's super knowledgeable and helpful!

Have you ever tried Dreamworld Hermetica?  Which shadow is your favorite of this bunch?

- Jolie ♥

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