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Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet July 2014 - Out to the Black

It's time for Notoriously Morbid's monthly Vanishing Cabinet again!  I'm so excited for these since it means more NM, more often!  This month's collection is called "Out to the Black" and it is inspired by sci-fi lovers' favorite show - Firefly, and by extension, the movie Serenity.  Firefly was a great show about a crew travelling through the universe visiting several different planets.  It's a lot better than I'm explaining, I swear.  Each product corresponds to a character in the crew and it also marks the first appearance of NM's first nail polish (Morbid Mani), cosmetic glitter (Phantom Glam Glitter), and the second appearance of the lip gloss (Lipcraft Glosses).  

Everyone who had snagged up an order got a choice of the Morbid Mani or Lipcraft Gloss.  Because of international shipping rules, the Morbid Mani was not available for anyone outside the country and they automatically received the gloss instead.  For US residents, we got a choice and I decided on the Mani even though I would use the gloss more.  I figured I HAD to try their first nail polish and I was hoping to pick up a lip gloss if/when there are extras leftover.  Good news:  there were glosses leftover so I picked one up and I will update this post with swatches when I receive it!

The cabinet came in a white envelope this time.

Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

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Morpheus:  shimmery light purple taupe with red and silver shimmer.  This is actually a sneak peek color into next month's Vanishing Cabinet.  I wrongfully guessed The Matrix so that makes me even more excited about the true inspiration!  I'm thinking something Greek myth related so I will definitely love it even more.

Walks in the Moonlight
Walks in the Moonlight:  dark purple with silver sheen and rainbow shimmer

Daylight:  Morpheus, Walks in the Moonlight
Flash:  Morpheus, Walks in the Moonlight

Out to the Black

Hero of Canton
Hero of Canton:  light khaki with orange shimmer.  This color was inspired by Jayne, the morally ambiguous mercenary.  His self-serving ways make me hate and love him at the same time, but I can't deny the versatility of this color.  It actually reminds me of NM's limited edition Halloween shade "Hallowed Ground".

Watch Me Soar
Watch Me Soar:  grass green with light green shimmer.  This was inspired by the pilot Wash and the name is taken from the saddest quote in the show/movie's history :(  I'm going to stop myself before I spoil it for people and/or start crying.

Autumn Flower
Autumn Flower:  beautiful plum with blue shift.  This was inspired by the captain's right-hand Zoe, and it's a gorgeous shade.  The blue shift is definitely more apparent in person.  I've used this once already and gotten compliments so I really recommend picking this up if there are any leftovers.

Aim to Misbehave
Aim to Misbehave:  shimmery blue-toned gunmetal.  This was inspired by the captain Mal and it fits him quite well.  I have a few shades that are similar in my collection, but it doesn't hurt to have another one.  I love that it's a blue sheen instead of blue sparkles.

All Aboard
All Aboard:  light pink and light green glitter.  This first ever Phantom Glam Glitter was inspired by the girly mechanic Kaylee.  Despite her down-and-dirty male dominated job, Kaylee is easily the girliest and most optimistic crew member.  She's the sweetest girl and sees the crew as her family and treats them as such.  I'll bet she would have loved this glitter.

Daylight:  Hero of Canton, Watch Me Soar, Autumn Flower, Aim to Misbehave, All Aboard
Flash:  Hero of Canton, Watch Me Soar, Autumn Flower, Aim to Misbehave, All Aboard

No Power in the 'Verse
No Power in the 'Verse:  fine purple glitter with medium orange glitter and big blue/green glitter.  This Morbid Mani was inspired by River, the crew's slightly insane and psychic passenger.  I love all the colors in it and it's really reminiscent of the universe, stars, and planets that Serenity travels to.

2 coats over Wet n Wild's Root of All Evil, and 2 coats by itself
I'm still waiting to receive the Lipcraft Gloss "Kiss and Tell" that's inspired by Inara, the companion.  I will update with pictures and swatches when I do.  I'm interested in why there were no products inspired from Simon and the Shepherd.  It makes sense to cut down since these collections are supposed to be small; I'm just wondering how the decision was made in which characters made the cut.  The textures of all the eyeshadows were out of this world (pun intended); they were ALL buttery, smooth, and pigmented.  However, if you must buy only one shade in this collection, I really recommend Autumn Flower.  It really is the knockout shade, but the duochrome is strong in all others too.  Everything in this month's cabinet was just perfect and a great memento of a beloved TV series.

- Jolie ♥

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