Monday, July 28, 2014

Ipsy July 2014 - Sensationally Sunkissed

I have a review of my July Ipsy bag today.  I actually received this a few weeks ago, and honestly, it was so disappointing that I really put off doing a review.  We're asked to take a personal preference quiz, to ensure that we won't get a lot of products we wouldn't like.  However, in this bag, they sent me some things I definitely did not check off.  The theme of July's bag is "Sensationally Sunkissed", and the only thing that I liked was the bag itself.

It's pretty cute and made from sturdy faux leather.  I love receiving Ipsy bags for organizational purposes.

Dark Tanning Oil
Dark Tanning Oil:  This is a sample from the company "Hang Ten".  I've never heard of them before, and I never use tanning products.  I don't know why Ipsy decided to send me this when there were so many other great things that other people received.

Nail Polish
Red Sea nail polish:  This polish was from the company" Models Own".  As soon as I took this out, I knew I would hate it.  It's a super sheer and gloopy light orange red color with huge chunks of glitter.  It looks like something that was taken out of an 8 year old girl's gift bag.  Looking at the comments on Ipsy's website, I know I'm not alone.

Spot Treatment
Spot Treatment:  This is from the company "Clear Clinic Laboratories".  It's a really tiny sample that I assume is for acne and/or blemishes.  It's not something I would have wanted, but I will definitely try it out.

Cream Eyeshadow
Cream Eyeshadow:  This is a cream eyeshadow with BB cream components from BareMinerals.  I've always wanted to try this brand.  For some reason the cap is super oily and I have no idea where it's coming from.  I got a nice medium taupe color and I'll play around with it.

Kajal Stick
Kajal Stick:  This is a kohl eyeliner pencil from the company "Lord & Berry".  I've heard a lot of talk about kohl pencils, but this one was pretty disappointing.  It certainly wasn't the worst eyeliner pencil I've tried, but it was not the best.  It was not as creamy nor pigmented as I would have liked.  This is why I stick to liquid liners.

Daylight:  Cream Eyeshadow, Kajal Stick
Flash:  Cream Eyeshadow, Kajal Stick

I know I sound like a huge Scrooge in this post, but I honestly hated this bag.  I saw all of the brands and products that were sent out and there were some things that I had really wanted to try.  Ipsy ended up sending me the worst of the worst.  The product sizes I received were also really tiny.  I believe the only thing that was full-size in this bag was the horrible nail polish.  I'm just really thankful that I love the bag and have a lot of uses for it.

- Jolie ♥

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