Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Calling Corners, Sealed Judgment, and Superstitio Collection - Swatches and Review

Look at all those goodies!  I'm so excited to bring to you this review which features not one, not two, but three separate collections!  Because of this, the review will be super picture heavy.  I had actually made two separate orders, but Carrie decided to ship them together for me, which was an amazing surprise :)  

Early on in the month, Notoriously Morbid introduced a new feature called, "The Vanishing Cabinet".  It is their take on a monthly subscription.  Each month, there's a new limited edition collection released and you can choose whether or not to buy it - they sell out quickly!  This is a great option for people who don't like the actual commitment of subscriptions and want to be able to skip collections that they don't like.  

For their first Vanishing Cabinet, the collection "Calling Corners" is based off of the movie "The Craft".  I had seen this movie a few years ago and I wasn't a die-hard fan.  However, there's no denying the influence it had on later supernatural series such as "Charmed" (which I am a fan of).  I placed an order as soon as it was released; it was also eligible for Free Day Friday, which included free samples of the whole Sealed Judgement Set that was released during Black Friday last year.  I had regretfully missed out on the set when it released so it was wonderful that Carrie decided to bring it back for a bit :)

Lastly, a permanent collection was released on Friday the 13th.  It's called "Superstitio" and the eyeshadows were influenced by various superstitions!  I really loved everything and can't wait to show you the swatches!

My order came in this cute and durable paper bag this time.  I love the new packaging!

This tiny bag (with cute glittery skull sticker) stored my free samples :D  I love it!

Cool box which housed my Vanishing Cabinet

Awesome note introducing the Vanishing Cabinet
Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and swatches are done over ELF $1 Essential Primer
(Click to enlarge)
Calling Corners
Air & Invention
Air & Invention:  pale blue with gold shimmer

Water & Intuition
Water & Intuition:  aqua with green shimmer

Fire & Feeling
Fire & Feeling:  orange with red shimmer

Mother & Earth
Mother & Earth:  mossy brown with TONS of gold sparkles.  This shade is no joke; complete glitter bomb!

Relax...It's Only Magic
Relax...It's Only Magic:  blood red gloss.  I received this as a surprise sample in a clamshell a few weeks before and I really loved it.  Now that I have it in mini-tube form complete with a doe-foot applicator, I love it even more!  It's not a full coverage gloss, but definitely gives a pretty red tint.  The texture is thin and non-sticky.

Chalice:  This is a body butter sample from Black Violet.  Now I'm really horrible at describing scents, but the first thing that came to my mind was baby wipes/lotion?  I wasn't entirely sure so I looked up the official description.  The official site description of Chalice is, "Intuitive & spiritual. She's the element of water. Serene waters, cyclamen, white lilies, smooth musk and a harmonizing touch of sandalwood."  I have no idea what any of those things are supposed to smell like, but it's definitely not a bad smell.  It smells very clean to me and I love clean scents.  I really urge you to check out Black Violet because everything I've received from them so far smell amazing (I'm looking at you, Red Lotus!). 

Daylight:  Air & Invention, Water & Intuition, Fire & Feeling, Mother & Earth, Relax...It's Only Magic
Flash:  Air & Invention, Water & Intuition, Fire & Feeling, Mother & Earth, Relax...It's Only Magic

Sealed Judgment Set

Conquest:  matte ivory

Pale Rider
Pale Rider:  matte dusty lavender

War:  matte brick red.  This one impressed me the most; it's just something I don't see very often and it's gorgeous.

Famine:  matte black

Daylight:  Conquest, Pale Rider, War, Famine
Flash:  Conquest, Pale Rider, War, Famine


7 Years Shattered
7 Years Shattered:  silvery white with blue sparkles

It's Not Raining
It's Not Raining:  lavender with gold shimmer.  This shade is gorgeous and the gold shimmer actually shows up a lot more in person.

Evil Eye
Evil Eye:  coral pink with gold shimmer

Ladder to Hell
Ladder to Hell:  shimmery mustard brown with red sheen.  This is one of my favorites; the texture is silky and the color shift is noticeable. 

Your Total is $6.66
Your Total is $6.66:  dollar bill green with copper and gold shimmer.  The swatch looks more grass green, but it's definitely dollar green in person.  It's an interesting color and the copper shimmer gives it a great twist.

Black Cat Crossing
Black Cat Crossing:  charcoal with green sheen.  This shade is absolutely beautiful!  The green sheen is a lot more prominent than the swatch is showing.  It's simply gorgeous and a must-have from this collection.

Bad Trinity
Bad Trinity:  dark navy with purple sparkles.  This is another stunning shade - it's super pigmented as well.  

Cracks in the Pavement
Cracks in the Pavement:  cement gray with slight copper sheen.  This is an amazing color with a silky texture.  It was actually pulled from the collection because of the similarities with 25 Years (from Lost in the Lodge collection).  However, we had a chance to get a sample of it if we wanted to and I really wanted this.  I really like this color and don't think it's too similar to 25 Years.  I hope it comes back because the texture and color is amazing.

Daylight:  7 Years Shattered, It's Not Raining, Evil Eye, Ladder to Hell, Your Total is $6.66, Black Cat Crossing, Bad Trinity, Cracks in the Pavement
Flash:  7 Years Shattered, It's Not Raining, Evil Eye, Ladder to Hell, Your Total is $6.66, Black Cat Crossing, Bad Trinity, Cracks in the Pavement

Looking at the overall swatches now, I would say Superstitio actually makes a pretty nice summer collection.  The lighter shades are pretty cheerful while you still have the darker shades for your crease.  I really like Superstitio and I'm so glad it's permanent.  However, I did notice some of the labels weren't positioned correctly so the names ended up being cut off.  You can probably notice that in Black Cat Crossing.  Other than that, I'm so happy with both my orders and can't wait for more Vanishing Cabinet collections.  Coming out with new collections every month must be tiring, but it makes me so excited and happy to see them :D  I mean, I'm so obsessed with NM that it gets harder to wait so long for collections to come out.  

Also, regarding swatches, I did both individual arm swatches and collection swatches this time.  Let me know if you want them both or prefer no individual arm swatches.  I used to do the individuals, but found that it took up too much space in the blog post.  If you find it redundant then let me know.  However, if the additional swatches are helpful to you, I would gladly keep doing it!

- Jolie ♥


  1. I'm even more excited now & can't wait for my first order from NM to arrive after seeing all your lovely stuff!

    The concept of the Vanishing Cabinet sound so cool I wasn't really aware of it this month. But hopefully I'll check out next months version.

    Now there are so many more pretty things on my to buy list. I love the look of the following shades; 'Mother & Earth', 'Pale Rider', 'War', 'Ladder To Hell', 'Black Cat Crossing' 'Bad Trinity' & 'Cracks In The Pavement'.

    The lipgloss looks really interesting to me. I really want to try other things aside from eye shadows from NM - I wish they still had their blushers & highlighters.

    I find it super helpful to have both the individuals (so that you can seem all the little details & complexities) & the collections (easy to compare all the shades & see what stands out to you straight off that bat plus see how sheer/pigmented shades are) - so I personally like to have both but do whatever is good for you. I'm sure it's uber time consuming so just do which ever you prefer.

    - Sophie

    1. Thank you, Sophie! The Vanishing Cabinet really appeases my NM-obsessed side haha. Next month's version is coming out on July 4th and will be inspired by the cult-favorite show, Firefly. I'm really excited for that one, as I love it a lot more than I did The Craft.

      Ah, lucky for you, I think their blushes might be coming back this month! If you look on their "Upcoming Collections" calendar, I believe "Divinations Rouge" should be next. It sounds like blushes to me! Also, July's Vanishing Cabinet should have a nail polish included as well. I really can't wait till they come out with colored lip products since I'm a total lip junkie.

      And thanks for that input! I like them both for the same reasons as you do and I really like doing them together. I was just afraid that it made the post too long and cluttered. The individual swatches have been getting a lot of love though, so I'll bring those back. I'm also going to redo my swatches from previous posts because some of them were god awful...

      I can't wait until you get your order; I hope you love everything!