Monday, June 9, 2014

Shiro Cosmetics 4th Anniversary Sale - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!  It's been a long time since I've made a Shiro order and I decided to wait until their 4th anniversary sale to do so.  For that sale, you get 15% off your order and if you spend over a certain amount, you get a free full-sized shadow of their birthday color "The Fourth Be With You".  I just really wanted to pick up the discontinued Intertubes and a tube of lip gloss since everyone raves about Shiro's lip gloss formula.

I asked for a drawing of Catbus licking Totoro.  I love his face here haha and Catbus makes me laugh everytime.
Pictures are taken under daylight bulb

The Fourth Be With You
The Fourth Be With You:  lime green with yellow sparkles.  Honestly, I have no idea how I'll be wearing this shadow, but I couldn't resist a free GWP.

Victory Road
Victory Road:  shimmery taupe with blue sheen.  This is one of the Super Effective colors that is being discontinued.  I believe this used to be named 'Steelix' - that was definitely part of the reason why I bought this...

Not Very Effective
Not Very Effective:  dark purple with red and blue sparkles.  I've wanted this shade for a very long time and it's been recommended to me many times.  I was definitely not disappointed; this shade is gorgeous and the fact that it was named 'Gengar' before made me want it that much more.

Fortress:  matte ash gray.  Shiro is now stocking Detrivore colors and I asked for those as my free samples as I have most of Shiro's shadows already.  Detrivore's mattes are supposed to be amazing and Fortress does not disappoint.

Nymph:  matte brick red.  This was my other free sample from Detrivore; it's an interesting shade and I prefer this over Fortress.

Daylight:  The Fourth Be With You, Victory Road, Not Very Effective, Fortress, Nymph
Flash:  The Fourth Be With You, Victory Road, Not Very Effective, Fortress, Nymph


Three Wolf Moon
Three Wolf Moon
Three Wolf Moon:  vampy berry red.  This is very easy to wear and stains a bit; it has a thin consistency.

Rickrolled:  orange with golden shimmer.  Oh boy, I'm very torn on this Intertube.  I really love the shade and texture (it's very moisturizing and thicker), but I absolutely HATE the ginger smell.  I didn't think it would be such a strong smell.  It lingers on after I apply it and stays until I become sensitized to it.  I want to wear this balm a lot more but I find myself hesitant to reach for it because of the horribly strong smell.

Shoop Da Whoop
Shoop Da Whoop
Shoop Da Whoop:  bright fire engine red.  This color is bright!  I really recommend a lip brush with this, treat is as you would an actual red lipstick.  This was one of my favorites when I received it as a sample during my first Shiro haul ever.  I love the texture of this also, it's similar to Rickrolled where it actually feels like a balm.

Why Not Zoidberg?
Why Not Zoidberg?
Why Not Zoidberg?:  pinky-coral.  I'll be honest and say I only bought this because of the adorable packaging.  I got a sample of this in my first haul but wasn't overly impressed.  However, the texture is much better in tube form.  It pulls more pink on my lips than coral, but I really like how it looks.  It has the same balmy texture as Rickrolled and Shoop Da Whoop, but it has a waxy lipstick taste.

I Tried 
I Tried
I Tried (opaque):  rose gold lip gloss.  I was the one who pitched in the original eyeshadow idea, so I really wanted to get a lip gloss of it even if it didn't look good :x  It's very opaque and frosty, so I'm not sure how I will wear it out.  It also pulls very gold/copper on my lips and I don't really see the rose part.  I also dislike the smell, I stuck with the default "unscented" option, but it has an odd burning plastic scent that I don't like.  The texture of this gloss is light and airy, very mousse-like.
Daylight:  Three Wolf Moon, Rickrolled, Shoop Da Whoop, Why Not Zoidberg?, I Tried
Flash:  Three Wolf Moon, Rickrolled, Shoop Da Whoop, Why Not Zoidberg?, I Tried

Overall, I'm glad that I got the Intertubes and lip gloss even if I wasn't fond of the smell on some.  I'm a little sad that they're being discontinued because I thought their pigmentation and texture was amazing.  After seeing swatches of the new lip balms from Shiro, I was a bit disappointed with the pigmentation - I would choose the Intertubes any day.  

Also, Shiro has put up all the past CotMs up for sale until June 30th.  I know I'll definitely be making a purchase before then and hopefully I can resist picking up a few more Intertubes...

- Jolie ♥


  1. I feel like every time I see one of your Shiro hauls I almost immediately go place a new order.

    'Shoop da Woop' looks gorgeous on you. It's a shame about the scent of 'Rickrolled' as you look lovely in that too. I felt the same with Shiro LE 'This Is Halloween' Lipgloss as it's gorgeous but I can't stand the strong smell.

    I wish Caitlin wouldn't discontinue the Intertubes as I too love how pigmented they are + the Memes make me laugh. My favs are 'Smashing' (+ I LOVE Nigel one of the best cartoon characters ever), 'Over 9000' & 'Team Buffy' - I'm planning on doing a haul soon to pick up all the CotM shades that I don't have so I'll also probably get 'Leeroy Jenkins', 'Forty Cakes' & 'Why Not Zoidberg?' while I'm at it. Oh & I already have one of the new Tinted Lipbalms in 'Who Swallowed A Star' & it is surprisingly quite pigmented - you might like that one.

    Strangely even though I never really wear brights on my eyes 'The Fourth Be With You' is calling to me even though I have no idea how I'd wear it. I'd love to see you do an EOTD with it.

    I'm also planning on picking up an 'I Tried' custom gloss lip gloss but in sheer to use as a layering gloss - I think it'll look great over reds & corals. & I hear that the 'Pink Frosting' scent is quite neutral even though it's sweet but apparently it isn't very strong so maybe next time go for that. But most of all I'm dying to get a custom 'The Plausible Walrus' lipgloss in opaque as I just think that poppy pink with the violet shift will be stunning.


    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely loved Shoop Da Whoop when I got it the first time, but somehow it seems a bit brighter and orangey in the actual tube. Rickrolled was so pretty too and I didn't have the strong ginger smell in the clamshell :( What did 'This is Halloween' smell like?

      I love the Intertubes for their inspiration and texture! I would have gotten Leeroy Jenkins but it's probably not a color I would normally wear... For something that's being discontinued, I kind of wished they were on sale, $5 for each tube still seems a bit steep to me (I'm super frugal T_T). I'm interested in Who Swallowed A Star also; I love Calcifer :)

      I'm still figuring out how to use bright, cool-toned colors. Hopefully I will master it and do an eye look for you!

      Many people have told me I Tried looks nicer over other colors as opposed to by itself. I know a lot of people have gotten Plausible Walrus as a custom gloss and loved it, I just didn't because $10+ for one lip product is a lot for me (as you can tell with me crying over $5 a tube haha).

      Again, thanks so much for commenting! I enjoy reading your comments and having a discussion. I would love to read your reviews and input if you have a blog yourself :)

  2. I can't quite explain the smell to be honest it was sort of a earthy/herby to my nose with a tiny bit of 'real' pumpkin scent which I couldn't stand whereas my sister loved it so I passed it on to her - I think it was meant to smell of chocolate pumpkin cheesecake or something of that sort. It's a shame really as it was such a pretty colour. I know it'd probably be really expensive for Caitlin to do but I wish that there was an option to be able to pick the scent of a gloss from the Shiro collections like their is with the custom glosses but at least now there's options to have them unflavoured.

    I wish they were on sale too since they're being discontinued anyhow but I have a completionist gotta' catch 'em all problem so I'll pick them up regardless. I love Miyazaki's 'Howl's Moving Castle' as well as the book by Diana Wynne Jones & yep, Calicifer (& Billy Crystal) is so awesome!

    I know I felt it was a bit steep for an indie gloss & initially I thought I'd pass it over when I saw most peoples swatches as although it looked pretty when it was in moderate opacity it didn't really draw me in but then I saw A Lion In The Corn's lip swatches of it in opaque formulation & I just fell in love & knew I had to have it & that it'd be the perfect gloss for the summer.

    No probs. Me too! Nope, I don't actually have a blog although I've been thinking for a while to start one up on which I can obsess & ramble about indie beauty stuff with people who actually feel likewise unlike my unfortunate friends & family who have to put up with me. Maybe now that exams are over I might attempt it during the summer hols.

    - Sophie

    1. Oh no, that sounds like I wouldn't like it either. I'm not too fond of pumpkins or herbs.

      Ah, you're getting all the Intertubes? I really love some of the memes, but I know I won't use the blue one or Insanity Wolf at all. I also had to find a dupe for Nyan Cat since it was one of my favorites, but I was already getting two others. I'm glad she's coming out with lipsticks though, I love pigmented lip products. I can't really get on board with slightly tinted balms.

      A lot of people rave about Shiro's gloss formula, and while it is nice, I don't think it's worth that much.. Maybe it's because I haven't had horrible experiences with lip gloss in general, so Shiro's formula doesn't seem to be so amazing to me. I don't have any complaints though.

      I hope you do start one up! It's pretty fun to do swatches, and I know swatching is one of the only ways I'll actually use some of the colors I have. It's a great way to help out the community because we all need more swatches and reviews :) I also don't have many friends who are into indies, so me raving about them feels kind of pointless. Blogging is a pretty great outlet. If you do start one up, please link me!

  3. I was gifted a lot of the more unusual colours by a friend last christmas - all I got this time was Leeroy Jenkins & Why Not Zoidberg to complete my collection. Ooh I didn't know that she was coming out with actual lipsticks (the only indie one I've tried was from Pumpkin & Poppy) I'm really looking forward to that now as well as that Benedict Cumberbatch/Cheekbone contour powder that I keep hearing whispers about. & of course to haul almost the entire new Avengers collection.

    I'm hoping to possibly start one up next month once I have a bit more free time. But I'm a little nervous as I feel like indie beauty bloggers are quite knowledgeable & I'm a complete newb to that sort of thing. But I do have a pretty decent indie collection that is constantly growing. & I love how useful it is though to see several different swatches - I feel like you always end up noticing colours that you probably would have never otherwise gave a second glance to (like all those pretty shades I discovered through your extensive NM swatches). Plus it would be fun to be able to rave about indie beauty to people who feel the same.

    Just yesterday I started up an account on Reddit Indiemakeupandmore (although I'm still trying to get to grips with how to use it) & I got a Insta a little while ago too on which I'm planning to post a a pic or two of a few hauls I have arriving (I got a package earlier this morning which I think may just finally be my Notoriously Morbid order!). I'd like to also post a few arm swatches & some EOTD pics. I see that you've got a insta button at the top too so I'll be sure to check out yours as I'm sure you'll have great FOTDs.

    - Sophie

    1. I really hope you do start up a blog! We all start out somewhere, I still consider myself a noob, but I enjoy spreading whatever little knowledge I have haha. It really is helpful to the community and I always think the more swatches the merrier :)

      It's great that you have a Reddit account now! I hope you introduce yourself there and I would love to browse through your Instagram too. I don't really have a lot of FOTDs, but I love seeing others to get some ideas and inspiration.