Monday, May 26, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Comprehensive Swatch Post

Hey guys!  I actually have a HUGE, picture heavy post for you today (over 100+ pictures!).  I'm happy to share swatches of all my Notoriously Morbid shadows, pressed and loose.  Right now, I own every single color that's up for sale and some others that were limited edition or discontinued.  I'll also be noting which shadows press well and which do not, so you can avoid ruining them by pressing.  All shadows are pressed unless noted otherwise and are swatched over E.L.F's Essential Eyelid Primer.

Palette #1 - Neutrals to Pinks
Palette #2 - Reds to Browns
Palette #3 - Greens to Blues
Palette #4 (unfinished) - Purples
Swatches after the jump

Pictures are taken under daylight bulb and descriptions are pulled from NM's site
(Click pictures to enlarge)
Snow Queen's Return
Snow Queen's Return:  "To be used as a highlighter, this ice white shimmer is packed with blue, purple, and silver sparkles."

Goodbye Sweetie
Goodbye Sweetie:  "A gorgeous semi matte white with a golden hue and silver sparkles"

Nudist:  "More matte than sparkle, too matte to be called semi.  This is light brown matte with a tiny tiny tiny amount of sparkle."  It matches pretty well with my skintone, which is why it barely shows up.

Lizard on a Window Pane
Lizard on a Window Pane:  "A very light brown shimmer with green duochrome."

Rain on Cold Glass
Rain on Cold Glass:  "A shimmery gold with flashes of blue."

Neno:  "A dark metallic brown with lots of wow factor!"

Kilgarrah:  "A deep rich brown with gold and green sparkles and a green duochrome."

Snow Queen's Return, Goodbye Sweetie, Nudist, Lizard on a Window Pane, Rain on Cold Glass, Neno, Kilgarrah

Kompanion No.9
Kompanion No.9:  "Light gray with a little surprise!  When blended out you see the red/pink sheen."

Gypsy Curse
Gypsy Curse:  "A warm-toned taupe, the exact color of the shadows Angel waits in."

Cry Wolf Cry
Cry Wolf Cry:  "Shimmery taupe with a touch of purple sheen and silver sparkles."

Trench Coat
Trench Coat:  "A taupe brown with silver sparkle and a gorgeous color payoff."

More Weight
More Weight:  "A brown based metallic silver."

25 Years
25 Years:  "A deep taupe with rosy pink shift."

Silence:  "A very dark gray boarding on black except this bad baby has a crap load of sparkles to lighten your eyes!"

Kompanion No.9, Gypsy Curse, Cry Wolf Cry, Trench Coat, More Weight, 25 Years, Silence

Bloody Awful Poet
Bloody Awful Poet:  "A cool-toned matte black, as cool as Spike's leather trench coat."

13 Black Rainbows
13 Black Rainbows:  "A black matte with a crap load of rainbow glitter.  You won't get tired of looking at this one."

Witch With a Wand
Witch With a Wand:  "A neutral light brown with a bit of pink and a surprising sheen.  Sweet and witchy."

Rose:  "Light pink with a slight purple shimmer."

Ebenezer, I Release You
Ebenezer, I Release You:  "Perfect Victorian pink shade with a violet duochrome."

Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm:  "A sweet baby pink with a gray undertone."

Pornographic Priestess
Pornographic Priestess:  "A peach/pink with blue to violet shift."

Bloody Awful Poet, 13 Black Rainbows, Witch With a Wand, Rose, Ebenezer I Release You, Quiet Storm, Pornographic Priestess

She's Full of Secrets
She's Full of Secrets:  "A sweet classic pink, but not for long.  The cool blue shift overpowers the pink the more you build."

Victorian Gypsy
Victorian Gypsy:  "Light pink packed with gold sparkles and a metallic finish."

Bad Juju
Bad Juju:  "A warm, coraly magenta with an airy lavender duochrome."  The duochrome is a lot more prominent in person, pictures couldn't quite capture the shift.

Carly:  "A light burgundy/pomegranate with copper sparkles."

Dita (loose)
Dita:  "Deep wine red with silver sparkles and a metallic sheen."  Do not press.

Lycan's Revenge (loose)
Lycan's Revenge:  "A dark red orange with golden sparkle."  Do not press.

Crimson Horror (loose)
Crimson Horror:  "A gorgeous deep red with a hint of metallic and a little sparkle that is sure to get you noticed!"  Do not press.

She's Full of Secrets, Victorian Gypsy, Bad Juju, Carly, Dita, Lycan's Revenge, Crimson Horror

Shoes to Kill For (loose)
Shoes to Kill For:  "A bright red with lots of red sparkle!"  Do not press.

Boca del Infierno (loose)
Boca del Infierno:  "A rich, deep oxblood."  Do not press.

Hearts of Black Lace (loose)
Hearts of Black Lace:  "A deep blackened maroon."  Would not recommend pressing.

It's the Riche That Counts
It's the Riche That Counts:  "A bright yellow befitting the riche with a perfectly lovely pink duochrome."

Garmonbozia:  "A creamy corn yellow with a chestnut undertone and a frigid blue shift. The more you blend, the more the chestnut undertone appears. If you are really into unique shades, this one is for you."

British Blondes
British Blondes:  "A light yellow with silver and gold sparkles with a metallic finish."

Belle's Bounty
Belle's Bounty:  "A dark metallic gold with gold sparkles."

Shoes to Kill For, Boca del Infierno, Hearts of Black Lace, It's the Riche That Counts, Garmonbozia, British Blondes, Belle's Bounty

Spirit of All Three
Spirit of All Three:  "Gold with green and red sparkles (the green is more prominent)."

Phoenix Flame
Phoenix Flame:  "A light high shimmer orange/peach that will give you an unusual sparkle."

She's Got Gidget Hair
She's Got Gidget Hair:  "A pale orange with a beige undertone."

Comic Relief
Comic Relief:  "A cheerful sunny orange."

Noble:  "Burnt orange semi matte with golden sparkles."

He's Going Through Changes
He's Going Through Changes:  "A warm, gingery peach, as smooth as Oz's fur."

Shenanimonkey:  "A light brown with gold sparkles and a gold sheen."

Spirit of All Three, Phoenix Flame, She's Got Gidget Hair, Comic Relief, Noble, He's Going Through Changes, Shenanimonkey

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back
Sometimes My Arms Bend Back:  "A soft rose copper with a slight blue shift."

Tempest:  "Peach metallic packed with gold sparkles."

Savage:  "Orange with aqua sparkles."

Hallowed Ground
Hallowed Ground:  "Mustard yellow with a purple shift."  This shade was limited edition.

Jack:  "A chocolate metallic bronze."

My Log Saw Something That Night
My Log Saw Something That Night:  "A warm bronze with golden glimmer."

Gretel's Ghost
Gretel's Ghost:  "A warm golden gingerbread brown."

Sometimes My Arms Bend Back, Tempest, Savage, Hallowed Ground, Jack, My Log Saw Something That Night, Gretel's Ghost

Boe:  "Metallic copper brown with golden sparkles."

Doc Brown
Doc Brown:  "A glorious dark brown with copper and gold sparkles, blends out brown with a rose tint."

One November
One November:  "A dark brown with green, orange, and gold sparkles."

Speak to the Devil
Speak to the Devil:  "A brown based golden olive with a green highlight."

I Am Afflicted
I Am Afflicted:  "A metallic rusty red with a dark brown base."

Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust:  "An icy mint green with a gray bone undertone.  Buh-Bye Master."

Give Me $20!
Give Me $20!:  "A green like you've never seen before.  It's like a hallucination from cool mint to subtle coral."

Boe, Doc Brown, One November, Speak to the Devil, I Am Afflicted, Dust to Dust, Give Me $20! 

Tenorman's Tears
Tenorman's Tears:  "A unique and complex color play of blue and sea foam green. A high sheen blue with a slight color shift to green."

Mint to Die For
Mint to Die For:  "A matte mint with a tiny amount of glitter for an added twisted classic look."

Stripper Zombie
Stripper Zombie:  "A sour apple green with a gold duochrome and packed with gold sparkle."

Stake of Holly
Stake of Holly:  "A holly green with aqua sparkles."

Nighttime in Emerald City
Nighttime in Emerald City:  "A grayish green with lots of sparkle for a mysterious nighttime look whether you live in the Emerald City or not."

Spiteful Jas
 Spiteful Jas:  "Emerald green with a slight gold shift and golden sparkles."

Andorian:  "A shiny gray blue with an icy duochrome."  This shade has been discontinued.

Tenorman's Tears, Mint to Die For, Stripper Zombie, Stake of Holly, Nighttime in Emerald City, Spiteful Jas, Andorian

Teacher in Tweed
Teacher in Tweed:  "An olive brown that practically screams librarian."

Captivated:  "A metallic olive green with copper sparkles."  It's much more green and metallic in person.

Welcome to Vinnland
Welcome to Vinnland:  "A semi matte dark green that borders on going black. Still packed with light green sparkles. Wear it as an eyeshadow or foil it for a great liner!"

No More a Witch
No More a Witch:  "A very dark brown based metallic green."  The green pops so much more in person; it's one of the most beautiful duochromes in NM's shop.  Pictures do not do this shade justice at all.

I'm Melting
I'm Melting:  "A dark metallic green with green sparkles."

Melancholy One
Melancholy One:  "Appears like a soft golden beige in the jar, this color, when applied or blended,changes to a light blue with an orange duochrome."

The Dating Slayer
The Dating Slayer:  "A bright sky blue - so Cordelia, so 90's."

Teacher in Tweed, Captivated, Welcome to Vinnland, No More a Witch, I'm Melting, Melancholy One, The Dating Slayer

No Warmth Could Warm
No Warmth Could Warm:  "Ice cold blue with a slight violet shift."

Two Tears in a Bucket
Two Tears in a Bucket:  "A dusty teal with a periwinkle to rose duochrome."

Storm:  "A dark gray with a green sheen and blue and green sparkles."

Cin's Sins
Cin's Sins:  "A unique light bright blue with a slight purple shift and silver sparkle."

Mystique (loose)
Mystique:  "A deep lush blue with a gorgeous silver sparkle."  Do not press.

Snow's Fury
Snow's Fury:  "A dark metallic blue with aqua sparkles."

Hesitant Heroine
Hesitant Heroine:  "A deep sapphire blue with an indigo tone in a matte finish."

No Warmth Could Warm, Two Tears in a Bucket, Storm, Cin's Sins, Mystique, Snow's Fury, Hesitant Heroine

The Doctor's Wife (loose)
The Doctor's Wife:  "Semi matte dark blue with silver and blue sparkle."  Do not press.

Shadow of Things
Shadow of Things:  "Appears as a charcoal gray with aqua green sparkles in jar and on bare skin, this color, when applied over primer changes to a dark metallic teal green."

No One Was Saved
No One Was Saved:  "A dark gray purple with red and violet shift."

Walks in the Moonlight
Walks in the Moonlight:  "A dark gray purple with shifts of green and a small glimpse of pink every now and then."

Young Merlin
Young Merlin:  "A brown that has almost every aspect of magic, I mean, color it can have. It is a dark brown with rainbow sparkles and a blue sheen once applied."

Velvet Hammer
Velvet Hammer:  "Metallic purple with red and blue sparkles."

Hallows Eve
Hallows Eve:  "A dark blue black based delight with an orange to purple shift and sparkles."  This shade was limited edition.  It actually appears more purple on the eyes with a blue to orange shift - my favorite shade from the company.

The Doctor's Wife, Shadow of Things, No One Was Saved, Walks in the Moonlight, Young Merlin, Velvet Hammer, Hallows Eve

Look Upon Me
Look Upon Me:  "Appears like a dusty mauve in the jar, this color, when applied or blended,changes to a metallic purple with a blue duochrome."

She Names the Stars
She Names the Stars:  "A cool, blue-toned purple as deep as Drusilla's evil madness."

Morgana (loose)
Morgana:  "A beautiful purple that is very deceiving, it goes on blue with a purple duochrome. It's the perfect blurple!"  Would not recommend pressing.

Cry Innocent
Cry Innocent:  "A deceptive purple that flashes blue."

Zinthos:  "A dark gray purple with blue and pink sparkles."  This shade has been discontinued.

Vashta Nerada
Vashta Nerada:  "A soft black shadow with a hint of red shimmer and red sparkles."

Look Upon Me, She Names the Stars, Morgana, Cry Innocent, Zinthos, Vashta Nerada

Bunny Hop (loose)
Bunny Hop:  No official site description.  This shade was a gift with purchase (GWP) for April 2014.  It is a shimmery lavender with blue shimmer.

Poisoned Grapes (loose)
Poisoned Grapes:  "A gorgeous shiny purple verging on metallic."  This shade was limited edition.

Forgotten Dreams (loose)
Forgotten Dreams:  "A dusty lilac with a baby pink shift."

Lunatic Shrilling (loose)
Lunatic Shrilling:  " A dark purple gray with copper sparkles and a copper sheen."  This shade is being reformulated.

The Grand Empress (loose)
The Grand Empress:  "More than just a purple, The Grand Empress is a mad dash of red on top. Velvety purple to deep red duochrome."  Do not press.

Bunny Hop, Poisoned Grapes, Forgotten Dreams, Lunatic Shrilling, The Grand Empress

Quiet in the Dark (loose)
Quiet in the Dark:  "A dark rose red with a rose duochrome."  Would not recommend pressing.

Where the Kids and the Vamps Go (loose)
Where the Kids and the Vamps Go:  "A shimmery berry shade."  This shade was a GWP when buying full Waves of the Slay Me collection.

Big Bird Must Die (loose)
Big Bird Must Die:  "Canary yellow with red sparkles."  This shade has been discontinued.

Tea Tosh (loose)
Tea Tosh:  "A soft champagne color with a copper sheen."  This is a GWP for May 2014.

Douglas Firs (loose)

Douglas Firs (patted top; blended bottom)
Douglas Firs:  "Notoriously Morbid's first pressure sensitive shadow. A matte piney green that transitions into a deep blue."

Jupiter Rain
Jupiter Rain:  "A teal with gold sparkles."  All proceeds of this color go to RAINN (Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network).

Quiet in the Dark, Where the Kids and the Vamps Go, Big Bird Must Die, Tea Tosh, Douglas Firs, Jupiter Rain

Lioncourt (loose)
Lioncourt:  "Red/copper highlight."  This shade was part of a limited edition collection.

Bram (loose)
Bram:  "Light silver with light blue sheen."  This shade was part of a limited edition collection.

Orlock (loose)
Orlock:  "Dark gray with a blue sparkle."  This shade was part of a limited edition collection.

Bitten (loose)
Bitten:  "Black semi-matte with burgundy shimmer and sparkle."  This shade was part of a limited edition collection.

Lugosi (loose)
Lugosi:  "Wine red with golden sparkle."  This shade was part of a limited edition collection.

Lioncourt, Bram, Orlock, Bitten, Lugosi
Whew; there you have it!  This is all of the shades that Notoriously Morbid currently carries, along with some discontinued/limited edition shades.  It was an extremely long post so thank you for sticking with it through the end!  I will be updating this post periodically as NM continues to release new collections.  I hope this comprehensive swatch post helps you figure out which shades would be right for you!

- Jolie ♥


  1. I placed my first ever Notoriously Morbid haul yesterday while they had their Friday 13th promo code & your swatches were SO helpful in helping me decide what colours to try out.

    I would've never really thought to look at shades 'Lizard On A Windowpane' or 'Kompanion no. 9' but your pics really show off how beautiful they are & all the subtle tones & shimmers. I also picked up a full size 'Bloody Awful Poet' as I'm in need of a good matte black (& for the Buffy artwork) and minis of 'The Grand Empress' as I love shades like it & 'Goodbye Sweetie' as I need a new highlight shade (& River is one of my favourite DW characters).

    I SO wished you could still get 'Where The Kids & The Vamps Go' as it looks so very pretty.

    I can't believe I got a ton of stuff for literally £10 which is a insane. & their Mini Jars are so generous they have almost as much product as many other brands full size but at half the price.

    I picked up one of their much raved about Coffin Kissers in 'Deans Seductive Strawberries' as I'm a big Supernatural fan - I would've got 'Cas's Enochian Schanpps' but Watermelon Cinnamon just sounded like an odd combo to me but if I like the formula maybe next time I'll try it out.

    Now that I'm looking through your swatches again I'm kicking myself for not ordering a few more shades. The one thing that sucks about being in the UK is that a majority of the best indies are US based & International Shipping can be pricey but next time Carrie has free shipping code I'll definitely be placing another order.

    I can't wait for my order to arrive (& I'm pretty sure I'll end up caving before the first reaches me to place a second order). Btw your pressed palettes are a beaut. Whenever I see yours & Kate of Drivel About Frivol's I get so jealous. Can I ask, what sort of palette do you use to store them? Like a empty Coastal Scents or a Z Palette or something? I seriously need to get my lazy self together & start creating my own pressed palette but I'm just scared I'm going to end up ruining all my loose shadows in the process.


    1. Thank you! I felt a little bad about some swatches because I couldn't accurately show how strong the color shifts were sometimes. I never gave Lizard on a Windowpane a second glance either, but it's been recommended to me SO many times on the subreddit that I had to try it out. Kompanion no.9 also looks rather dull on the site (I ordered it solely for K-9) and was so shocked by the pink sheen! And yay, fellow Whovian! River Song is my favorite DW character ever and Goodbye Sweetie always makes me really sad :(

      Carrie is really nice, maybe you can shoot her an email and see if she has any extra Where the Kids & The Vamps Go?

      I hear ya on Supernatural. I watched it when it first came out almost 10 years ago, I was really young then so I stopped watching because I was really scared... Now that I'm older and NM came out with Supernatural stuff, I decided to marathon it on Netflix. I'm on season 6 now and not looking back - I'm pretty sure Cass is my favorite character hehe.

      Which shades were you interested in but ended up not ordering? There's a deal every single Friday and I see the free shipping deal a good amount. I really like that as she comes out with new collections often so I purchase them then.

      I actually use palettes I bought off eBay here:

      They come with aluminum pans so it's not magnetized. I've heard that you can just put magnetic tape to the bottom of the pan and it'll work just as well. Pressing isn't as hard as it sounds! It takes a tiny bit of trial and error, but it's worth it :)

  2. Yep, a big fellow Whovian over here. 'Goodbye Sweetie' is such a sad name! River is definitely one of my favourite DW characters ever. I know for sure I'll end up with all the Doctor Who themed shadows as well as all the Buffy ones too. I'm a complete sucker for nerdy themed makeup but it's okay since they're all so pretty. I'm not sure if you've bought from them before but there's an indie brand called Madd Style Cosmetics & they have a Doctor Who inspired collection too (but it's all matte shades) with several colours based on River as well as lots of other pretty stuff.

    Carrie is so incredible & just so lovely! I took your advice & asked her is she had any spare of 'Where The Kids & The Vamps Go' & for her to invoice me if she has & she replied super fast saying that she'll just add it on to my order no need for an invoice. Which is so generous & sweet of her. A big part of why I love shopping from indies is that they always have such amazing customer service. I'm always so pleasantly surprised by just how great everyone is.

    Me too - originally I was too young to watch Supernatural when it began & the demons possessing people used to freak me out too much but I started watching it a few years back I think when they were on season 5 or 6 & I caught a few episodes got hooked & then went back & watched it all from S1. I envy you with your American Netflix we don't have half as much on the brit version. Castiel is definitely my fav followed by Bobby.

    Almost all of them. Lol, it'll probably be quicker for me to list the ones I wouldn't pick up - I just don't really wear super bright or warm shades on my eyes usually but anyway the ones I really want at the moment from NM are: 'Rain on Cold Glass', 'Neno', 'Kilgarrah', 'Cry Wolf Cry', 'Trench Coat', '25 Years', 'Rose', 'Ebeneezer I Release You', 'Pornographic Princess', 'Boca del Infierno', 'Crimson Horror', 'Sometimes My Arms Bend Back', 'Gretel's Ghost', 'One November', 'Speak To The Devil', 'I Am Afflicted, Give me $20', 'Spiteful Jas', 'Teacher in Tweed', 'Gypsy Curse', 'No More A Witch', 'No One Was Saved', 'Walks In Moonlight', 'Young Merlin', 'Velvet Hammer', 'Snow's Fury', 'Look Upon Me' & 'Cry Innocent'.

    Thanks so much for the link to the palettes. I ordered 2 of them & saved a a few quid as I thought I'd pick up a Z Palette or something but these are so much better & affordable. I've seen so many people customise theirs beautifully too & I can't wait to do that. I'm starting to pick up actual pressing supplies & accumulating info from several different pressing tutorials (including yours) so that I feel well prepared & hopefully fingers crossed less likely to make mistakes. It'll be the perfect thing to do on our inevitably long rainy London summer days while Netflixing the second season of Orange Is The New Black.

    - Sophie

    1. I actually have looked at Madd Style Cosmetic's Doctor Who collection. However, I'm not too fond of mattes, and some of the colors didn't seem too accurate to me (I don't remember which ones off the top of my head). I opted for Geek Chic and Victorian Disco's Doctor Who inspired shades instead. You should check those out if you haven't already; they're stunning!

      I'm so glad she had that extra shadow for you :) Carrie is an amazing person and I love interacting with her on the Customer's Crypt. You should also join the group if you enjoy sneak peeks and getting to voice your opinion about their business/colors/collection/swatches.

      I JUST started season 7 of Supernatural and I'm kind of sad about what happens to Castiel. At least I know he'll be back for other seasons. I didn't even get as far as demonic possession; I skipped out on the Bloody Mary episode! Boy, I was such a scaredy cat haha. I hope NM comes out with a Supernatural eyeshadow collection too, that would be so great.

      You listed a lot of my favorites! I love 'Kilgarrah', 'Trench Coat', '25 Years', 'Sometimes My Arms Bend Back', 'No More a Witch', and 'Young Merlin'. If I were to really recommend some must-haves for your next order, I have to say 'Kilgarrah', '25 Years', and 'Young Merlin'. The Camelot shades go great together and they're beautiful :)

      You're welcome for the links! Just remember that they are unmagnetized, so you will have to either magnetize them yourself, or leave them as is and not travel with the palettes. I don't travel with my palettes so I leave them unmagnetized. Pressing is not as daunting as it seems, and now you know which NM shades to avoid pressing :) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!