Monday, May 12, 2014

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy - May 2014 Subscription

Hi everyone!  I have innocent + twisted alchemy's May subscription box for you today.  This month is special because it's i+t's anniversary and also the owner, Linda's, birthday month :)  To commemorate this special month, she included pressed blushes and samples of her absolutely favorite products.  I was pretty excited because most of her favorite products have been on my to-try list, so this is a great way to dip my toes in.  As usual, I have pictures and swatches of i+t's products first, which include three eyeshadows and two pressed blushes.

Pictures and swatches are taken in daylight over bare skin (click to enlarge)

Into Eternity
Into Eternity:  shimmery champagne.  I've used this all over my lid and it gives a beautiful wash of color.

Unleashed Memories
Unleashed Memories:  shimmery purple with red sheen

Shameless Illusions
Shameless Illusions:  shimmery cool-toned charcoal

Whispering Spells (blush)
Whispering Spells:  salmon with red sheen

Vacant Smile (blush)
Vacant Smile:  orchid with orange sheen

Daylight:  Into Eternity, Unleashed Memories, Shameless Illusions, Whispering Spells, Vacant Smile
Flash:  Into Eternity, Unleashed Memories, Shameless Illusions, Whispering Spells, Vacant Smile

Klaxon:  sparkly silver.  This is a sample from Scaredy Cat Cosmetics which I personally love.  I have several of their Trial Vials already and love their packaging and formula.  This company deserves more love and I'm really glad Linda included a color I didn't already have!

String Bikini
String Bikini:  hot pink with gold sparkles.  This was a sample lip glaze from Kiss My Sass Cosmetics and their gloss formula is very pigmented and not sticky.  I'll be looking forward to using this.

With Eyes Unclouded
With Eyes Unclouded:  super sheer red-brown.  This was a sample of the new tinted lip balms from Shiro Cosmetics.  I had been pretty excited to try them because of their Miyazaki theme and the formula is supposed to be an improvement on their old Intertubes.  However, this was pretty disappointing as it was super sheer and needed a LOT of layers to even show up on my skin.

Red Lotus
Red Lotus:  This is a body butter from Black Violet.  It smells amazing and I'm glad I got this one!  I liked another one of their scents that Linda had sent before - Momotaro, so I'm glad I didn't get that one again.  I'm really bad at describing scents, so just trust me when I say you have to buy this one!  

Black Magic Soap
Black Magic Soap:  This is a black skull shaped soap from OHWTO.  I've heard a lot of great things about it but have not personally tried myself.  I almost don't want to because of the cute shape :x

Daylight:  Klaxon, String Bikini, With Eyes Unclouded
Flash:  Klaxon, String Bikini, With Eyes Unclouded
I+T's eyeshadow formula is amazing as always, but I was very impressed by the pressed blushes.  They delivered enough pigmentation to not look clownish but showed up on skin.  I also love the different color sheen that they gave; it's very subtle but gorgeous at the same time.  I really liked the products that were included from other companies, even if some disappointed me (at least I got to try, right?).  And here's to I+T for many more great years!

- Jolie ♥

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