Friday, May 2, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Shadow, Blush, and Liners Haul - Swatches and Review

I'm so sorry, this review is horribly long overdue.  I had a lot of things going on in my life and work has been a little hectic.  This review will be a little long and overwhelming because it's actually several orders put together.  I'll be splitting this review in two parts - part one will be the shadows and part two will be blushes and liners.

If you guys haven't heard yet, my favorite indie company, Notoriously Morbid, came out with a trio of gel liners.  Gel liners are very rare in the indie cosmetics world and many people jumped at the chance to try it out.  Now I'm a liquid liner girl (and have been for years), but I love this company so much that I just want to keep buying stuff even though I now have all the shadows (which is why you're starting to see blushes and liners)...

Pictures are taken in daylight with no flash (click to enlarge):

A sweet note from Carrie as usual :)  Yes, I basically have all the shadows now, but I'll be turning my duplicates into lip glosses!
Here's all the duplicate samples I got which I will not be swatching since I have done so in other posts.  

Each full size jar comes sealed to prevent leakage!

These were from a Free Friday deal which gave two free mini-jars with your order.  I got Nudist and Bloody Awful Poet (also swatched in previous posts).

Dust to Dust
Dust to Dust:  matte light greenish gray

Mint to Die For
Mint to Die For:  matte mint with green sparkles

Tenorman's Tears
Tenorman's Tears:  shimmery light blue with green sheen.  This one is really pretty!

The Dating Slayer
The Dating Slayer:  pigmented matte blue

No Warmth Could Warm
No Warmth Could Warm:  shimmery cornflower blue with violet sheen

British Blondes
British Blondes:  shimmery yellow

Spirit of All Three
Spirit of All Three:  gold with red sheen and white sparkles

Belle's Bounty
Belle's Bounty:  metallic gold.  This one has an incredible sheen and is very beautiful.  I know I definitely said, "Wow" when I swatched it.

Noble:  matte burnt orange with gold sparkles.  A pretty good match for Donna Noble's hair.

Daylight:  Dust to Dust, Mint to Die For, Tenorman's Tears, The Dating Slayer, No Warmth Could Warm, British Blondes, Spirit of All Three, Belle's Bounty, Noble
Flash:  Dust to Dust, Mint to Die For, Tenorman's Tears, The Dating Slayer, No Warmth Could Warm, British Blondes, Spirit of All Three, Belle's Bounty, Noble

Victorian Gypsy
Victorian Gypsy:  shimmery pink with red sheen.  This is beautiful.  Pink is one of my least favorite colors and this shade is one of my favorites from the haul, that really says a lot.  The red sheen and buttery texture just makes it so amazing.

Shoes to Kill For
Shoes to Kill For:  pinky red with TONS of silver and red sparkles.  This is very pigmented, but be careful because it can stain!

Trench Coat
Trench Coat:  shimmery taupe.  This is another one with a buttery texture and I absolutely love using it.

More Weight
More Weight:  dark purple-toned taupe with silver sheen.  It's like a sexier Trench Coat haha.

Nighttime in Emerald City
Nighttime in Emerald City:  shimmery emerald with white sparkles

Welcome to Vinnland
Welcome to Vinnland:  matte dark forest green with green sparkles.  It's so pigmented and I seriously fall in love with all of Notoriously Morbid's greens.

No More a Witch
No More a Witch:  dark brown with green duochrome.  This one is absolutely breathtaking.  This one is my other favorite and actually beats out Victorian Gypsy.  The duochrome is just ridiculous - this has a green sheen instead of just green sparkles over a dark brown base.  I know that's how it looks like in the swatch picture, but trust me, it isn't.  I love this one so much!

Silence:  charcoal with intense silver shimmer - so much so that it gives it a silver sheen!

Daylight:  Victorian Gypsy, Shoes to Kill For, Trench Coat, More Weight, Nighttime in Emerald City, Welcome to Vinnland, No More a Witch, Silence
Flash:  Victorian Gypsy, Shoes to Kill For, Trench Coat, More Weight, Nighttime in Emerald City, Welcome to Vinnland, No More a Witch, Silence


Sweet note again :)

Elizabeth's Burden
Elizabeth's Burden:  shimmery cream with gold sheen.  I've actually been lemming after this for a long time, but stopped myself because the blushes are $8.50 each.  However, after hitting 1K likes on Facebook, NM had a 40% sale, so I picked up these blushes and liners.  I use this highlighter every day and thoroughly enjoy it.

Mary Ann's Misery
Mary Ann's Misery:  lilac-lavender with red sheen

Catherine's Woe
Catherine's Woe:  matte burnt orange.  This is extremely pigmented and a little bit hard to blend.  I advise you to pick up the tiniest amount!

Daylight:  Elizabeth's Burden, Mary Ann's Misery, Catherine's Woe
Flash:  Elizabeth's Burden, Mary Ann's Misery, Catherine's Woe

Clotho:  dark almost-black green.  This is super soft and takes multiple layers to build up.  This is the only one I've used in a makeup look so far and it was pretty frustrating.  For one, it takes a long time to dry (which I didn't realize), so it would apply very sheer and I would try to layer more; the new layer would end up erasing the old one.  I figured that I had to apply the first layer, wait for it to dry, and then pat on more product in increments (and wait for those to dry too if I wanted more layers).  It took a pretty long time for me to do a simple smoky eye but I did like the end result and I did see the green color.

Lachesis:  dark silver with red sheen.  Doesn't it look absolutely beautiful in the jar?  This also swatched the same as Clotho, so I'm assuming it applies the same as well.  I'll also try to make this one work because the red sparkles are so beautiful.

Atropos:  pigmented black.  This one performed the best out of the three; it had medium opacity.

Flash:  Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos
The swatches were done before I figured out the method of drying and layering, so it looks very sheer (which is essentially how it applies initially).  It turns out I wasn't the only one who had problems, several other reviews in the subreddit had the same results.  Carrie immediately got on top of things, posted an apology on NM's FB page, the FB fanpage, the subreddit, and pulled the liners off the sites.  She offered everyone a refund or voucher for the store.  I obviously chose the voucher because I know I'll be purchasing from them again.  

Apparently, the first batch came out really well and everyone loved it, but the second batch was the one that caused problems.  She's pulled the liners off the site until she can figure out what went wrong.  I love how quickly she responded to the issue and she's very sad to have disappointed customers.  I mean, I found them annoying to work with, but once I figured out how to use them, they were great.  They are absolutely budge-proof; dry rubbing did NOTHING to these babies and they only came off with makeup wipes.  I have no doubt that the first batch of liners were amazing, because I know Carrie wouldn't put out something she considers sub-par.  Either way, I'll still play around with these to see if I can come up with a more efficient way to use them.

Again, sorry for this super late post and all this rambling.  I don't want to stress again how great her products and customer service are.  She recently released a new collection inspired by "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".  I bought it as soon as it was released and it arrived this morning :)  Hopefully I'll have the review up shortly; thanks for reading!

- Jolie ♥


  1. I saw the whole thing about the liners and was really impressed by how she handled it. Hopefully the liners come back in their full gloriousness!

    1. I agree; I knew Carrie would do something about it immediately, you can tell she really cares about her products. I have no doubt that they'd come back better than ever :) Meanwhile, I used Lachesis today and it didn't take nearly as long as my first time since I wasn't making the mistake of trying to layer while it was still wet. It still took a bit of time between drying and layering, but I'm glad they are still usable. I'd hate to just waste such beautiful and generously filled products!