Friday, April 11, 2014

Glamour Doll Eyes Swatches and Review

Hi everyone, I have a review of Glamour Doll Eyes today!  The owner, Vanessa, had put up a status on Facebook asking if there were any bloggers interested in reviewing her products.  Obviously I jumped at the chance; I've purchased from GDE before and enjoyed it.  I shot her an email and she responded really quickly asking which shadows I already had so she wouldn't send me duplicates.  I received my goodies soon after and was pretty stoked that she sent me something from her Super Shadows! collection (I love comics).

She wrote me a cute thank you on my baggie :D

The jars all come individually shrink wrapped to prevent leakage.
Pictures taken under daylight bulb and swatches done over ELF Essential Primer (click to enlarge)

Soul Sisters
Soul Sisters:  shimmery champagne with blue sparkles

Unveil:  matte cranberry with purple and red shimmer

Junkie:  bright red with TONS of pink and orange sparkles

Bella Donna
Bella Donna:  shimmery seafoam green

Bird? Plane?
Bird? Plane?:  blue with gold sparkles.  The name really made me chuckle haha.  This color actually reminded me of Shiro Cosmetic's TARDIS; I have a comparison swatch below.

All Nighter
All Nighter:  beautiful purple with blue shimmer.  This was my favorite one and I thought it was similar to Notoriously Morbid's Poisoned Grapes.  I also swatched them side by side below.

Daylight:  Soul Sisters, Unveil, Junkie, Bella Donna, Bird? Plane?, All Nighter
Flash:  Soul Sisters, Unveil, Junkie, Bella Donna, Bird? Plane?, All Nighter

Daylight:  Shiro's TARDIS, Bird? Plane?, All Nighter, NM's Poisoned Grapes
Flash:  Shiro's TARDIS, Bird? Plane?, All Nighter, NM's Poisoned Grapes
Flash:  TARDIS, Bird? Plane?, All Nighter, Poisoned Grapes
As you can see from the comparison swatches, TARDIS is a bit cooler, bluer, and more sparkly.  Since TARDIS is supposed to be a limited edition color, Bird? Plane? still might make a good enough dupe.  They're both very pigmented and sparkly.  With All Nighter and Poisoned Grapes, I found that Poisoned Grapes is slightly bluer/cooler and shimmery.  They both seem to have the same base purple color , Poisoned Grapes just has a LOT more blue shimmer (as you can see in the third picture) which gives it a bluer sheen.  Since Poisoned Grapes has been discontinued for awhile, All Nighter is a great dupe if you're itching for that beautiful cool purple.  

I'm really glad I was given this opportunity to try this company again.  I love all the different colors that were sent to me and they were all nicely pigmented.  The sample sizes were also very generous and I can get so many uses out of them.  If you haven't checked out Glamour Doll Eyes yet, I strongly urge you to.  There are a lot of color and size options.  Vanessa is also very quick to respond to emails which is a great thing for a company owner.  I hope my review and swatches helped you!

- Jolie ♥

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