Friday, April 4, 2014

Notoriously Morbid Slay Me Collection - Review and Swatches

It seems like I'm making a Notoriously Morbid every week now - which wouldn't even be an exaggeration since they have a Free Day Friday deal every Friday.  Anyway, they released a Buffy inspired collection called Slay Me on Friday and it's going to be released in waves; I'm guessing because there are just so many cool characters.  It's an all matte collection and the first two waves were released on a Free Day Friday, so every order got a full-size of Where the Kids and the Vamps Go.  If not for the Friday deal, then you can ONLY get that exclusive color when you buy a full-set wave (it's not listed on the website separately).  

I ended up getting a few colors in each wave (most of the colors actually...) and a few samples that I had been missing.  I'll be splitting this post into two parts to showcase the Slay Me collection by itself.

As usual, pictures are taken in daylight and swatches are done over bare skin (click to enlarge):

Shenanimonkey:  blush with gold sparkles.  I ended up really liking this color!  It's a great neutral, but I'm hesitant about pressing this because of the ultramarine blue in the ingredient.  I find it odd that it contains ultramarine blue since the shadow doesn't seem blue at all...

Poisoned Grapes
Poisoned Grapes:  shimmery light violet.  Now this was a color that had been discontinued long before I discovered the greatness of NM.  I'd always seen it in swatches and was a bit envious because it seemed like a beautiful color.  Carrie (the owner) messaged me and asked if I had this one, when I said no, she said she'll send it to me with this order!  I was so happy and touched and almost cried :')  Apparently a few people had asked her about this color so she was sending it to them and somehow thought of me too.  She mentioned it was a small batch that she had leftover, so I appreciate this gesture greatly.  This really shows how great NM's customer interactions are *_*  Something to note is that this shade contains both ferric ferrocyanide AND ultramarine blue - so I'm not even going to try pressing this.  I'd feel absolutely awful ruining it.

Stake of Holly
Stake of Holly:  medium grass green with blue sparkles

Daylight:  Shenanimonkey, Poisoned Grapes, Stake of Holly
Flash:  Shenanimonkey, Poisoned Grapes, Stake of Holly

Slay Me Collection (Matte)

Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm:  lilac.  It has some unblended red and black pigments in the bag as you can see in the picture below.  It would probably be fixed after pressing.

unblended red pigmented in Quiet Storm

She's Got Gidget Hair
She's Got Gidget Hair:  pastel peach

Comic Relief
Comic Relief:  orange

He's Going Through Changes
He's Going Through Changes:  light coral pink - this might make a good matte blush.

Boca Del Infierno
Boca Del Infierno:  oxblood.  This is beautiful and pigmented, but tends to stain a little bit.

Daylight:  Quiet Storm, She's Got Gidget Hair, Comic Relief, He's Going Through Changes, Boca Del Infierno
Flash:  Quiet Storm, She's Got Gidget Hair, Comic Relief, He's Going Through Changes, Boca Del Infierno

Gypsy Curse
Gypsy Curse:  mauve taupe.  This is very pigmented and just a perfect taupe.

Teacher in Tweed
Teacher in Tweed:  army green

She Names the Stars
She Names the Stars:  blurple.  It reminds me of a matte Morgana.

Hesitant Heroine
Hesitant Heroine:  dark blue.  This one, like Boca Del Infierno, stains.

Bloody Awful Poet
Bloody Awful Poet:  intense black.  This one also stains, but I love the intensity of it and hope I can use it as a liner.

Where the Kids and the Vamps Go
Where the Kids and the Vamps Go:  shimmery dusty pink.  This is gorgeous and reminds me of Carly.

Daylight:  Gypsy Curse, Teacher in Tweed, She Names the Stars, Hesitant Heroine, Bloody Awful Poet, Where the Kids and the Vamps Go
Flash:  Gypsy Curse, Teacher in Tweed, She Names the Stars, Hesitant Heroine, Bloody Awful Poet, Where the Kids and the Vamps Go

Overall, this is a wonderful matte collection - I'm only missing two from the first two waves but I ended up purchasing that in another order.  I'm not an avid fan of Buffy so I don't know how well these colors go with the characters, but seeing how much the ladies at NM love their fandoms, I can assume these colors won't disappoint fans.  NM is also have a 40% sale on their website as a thank you for having reached a thousand Facebook fans.  The code is '1000YAY' and has no minimum, so I ended up pre-ordering their new eyeliners and some blushes that I've been looking at.  Stay tuned for those goodies :)

- Jolie ♥


  1. These are gorgeous! As soon as my spending ban is over, I want all of the new Slay Me collection. I already perused them all on Etsy, but your swatches make my desire even greater! Boca Del Inferno looks especially awesome!

    1. Thank you Kat! Boca Del Infierno is amazing; I saw someone mix it into lip gloss and it was beautiful. I also enjoy Bloody Awful Poet as a liner - it's really intensely pigmented :)