Thursday, May 22, 2014

E.L.F. EX-tra Lip Gloss - Swatches and Review

Hi everyone!  I'm actually really excited to review this product from ELF Cosmetics.  It's one of their new lip glosses from their Essential line.  The Ex-tra Lip Gloss is $2/each and has six colors in the collection.  They are supposed to be inspired by ex-boyfriends, thus are all named after men.  I initially bought one color from my local Target to try out and fell in love with the pigmentation; I ended up ordering the rest of the collection.

As a person who isn't fond of lip glosses, I really like these!  They all have great pigmentation (which you will see in the swatches below) and are not sticky at all.

Pictures and swatches after the jump

Face pictures are taken in daylight with no flash: 

Scott on lips
Scott:  dark dusty-rose nude.  This is one of my absolutely favorites because it's a great full-coverage nude.

Joe on lips
Joe:  orange-leaning coral.  This one has medium opacity and can be a little streaky, so I suggest you apply it in thin layers.

Brian on lips
Brian:  light pink.  This also has a medium opacity.

Marc on lips
Marc:  medium pink.  I do like this one; I feel like I can pull off medium to darker colors better because of my skintone.  Marc has a medium opacity.

Michael on lips
Michael:  plum/wine.  This was another favorite because of how full-coverage it went on and is one of my go-to lip glosses.

Brett on lips
Brett:  pinky red with pink shimmer.  This is also full-coverage and because of the intensity, I would highly recommend a lip brush.  Treat this one like a lipstick, ladies!

Swatches are done with one swipe on skin! (click to enlarge)

Daylight:  Scott, Joe, Brian, Marc, Michael, Brett
Flash:  Scott, Joe, Brian, Marc, Michael, Brett
Seriously guys, do you see how insanely pigmented these glosses were?  I'm not lying at all when I say these swatches were done with ONE swipe!  Also, in the flash picture, you can see the shimmers in Michael.  I absolutely love these glosses and think they are a steal for their quality.  The only con I can think of is how easily the text rubs off of the tube.  That's not really an issue for me, but if you're someone who cares about that, you can probably paint over it with clear nail polish.

Have you tried ELF's Ex-tra Lip Glosses yet?  If so, who's your favorite? :)

- Jolie ♥


  1. Very nice review thanks ! Michael and Brett suit you very well ;)