Monday, May 12, 2014

Wet n Wild Spring 2014 LE Street Art Nail Polish Collection

Wet n Wild has another limited edition collection out!  It's the Spring 2014 Street Art collection that consists of mainly nail polish.  I believe the collection is supposed to be inspired by graffiti, hence the colorful shades.  As with other Wild Shine nail polishes, these are all just $1/each.  There are two jelly polishes out of the six and the rest are creme formula.

Pictures are taken in daylight (click to enlarge)

Too Hot For You
Too Hot For You:  red with silver sheen.  This is moderate opacity; it takes two coats to be fully opaque.

Temptation:  coral pink creme.  This one was fully opaque with one coat and a very nice color.  This is the standout of the collection.

Cursed:  orange jelly.  This was really sheer and took three coats to be opaque.

Get Lucky
Get Lucky:  yellow creme.  This was also opaque; two coats is enough.  However, this polish bubbles like crazy.

Here Comes Trouble
Here Comes Trouble:  blue creme.  This was also opaque and only needed one coat.

Deception:  purple jelly.  Similar to Cursed, this was super sheer and took three to four coats to be opaque.  It also dries slowly, so it's very easily ruined.

This collection was just okay; I would definitely repurchase Too Hot for You and Temptation.  Both formulas were great and Too Hot for You has that unique silver shimmer that does show up upon application.  Here Comes Trouble is also opaque; I'm just not into sky blue nail polish very much.  Jelly polishes are still a bit hard to work with for me because of how incredibly sheer they are.  I don't like putting on a million layers of nail polish.  Anyway, if these are still in the drugstores, I recommend picking the first two up just because they're great and can't be beat for a dollar each.

- Jolie ♥


  1. Where and when did you find these?

    1. I found these in KMart last month, but I still see them in Duane Reade.